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From Around the World!

Readers from around the globe, welcome!?Ǭ†I'm delighted that my interview with John?Ǭ†Nunn has been mentioned by the international chess media. Not surprisingly, this has a nice effect on my visitors statistics.?Ǭ†Unfortunately for you guys, (at least for the moment) I'm not planning to continue this blog in the English language...

Mijn interview werd vanmorgen genoemd in Alexander Baburins e-mailschaakkrant Chess Today?Ǭ†en Mark Crowther noemde het al op?Ǭ†zijn The Week in Chess:

"Most of the rest don't compete that much these days and John Nunn (See interview at: in fact went as far as to announce his retirement a few years ago and in the end the 6 point gap was to be expected (...)"

Daarna?Ǭ†werd het, neem ik aan,?Ǭ†overgenomen?Ǭ†door?Ǭ†het Zweedse Schackforum:

"30/8 Sv?ɬ•rt att skriva en bra ?ɬ?ppningsbok...
GM John Nunn fr?ɬ•n England som deltog i matchen 'Rising Stars' versus 'Experience' i Holland har efter turneringen intervjuats p?ɬ• Peter Doggers Blog om sin syn p?ɬ• matchen och sin egen framtid inom schacket."

En ook het Noorse Molde Sjakklub:

"Les ogs?ɬ• det interessante intervjuet med John Nunn hos Doggers schaak."

Ben benieuwd wat volgt. Doggy goes international! :)

Update:?Ǭ†inmiddels prijkt mijn interview ook op de site van Chessbase!




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En nu ook een heel artikel op chessbase

Goran's picture

Well done :)

forest's picture

lekker ouwe :) Ik spring morgen op de boot vanuit Ijsland, en dan heb ik het interview met Fischer voor je . Eens kijken wat dat met de statistieken doet :)

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I dont `mind your chess blog in Vlaaming but it would be utilitarian if you would include on the edge ten or twenty of the most common words in Dutch with English translation besides and a hundred of the most common similarly. Or French or German but most people would prefer English I suppose. I can almost read Nederladish from English and French and some German. I have a lot of fun tryong tp read languages I've never studied such as Portugese Italian Sapnish just from Latin French and English. Rarely Hungarian,
Chess would be teh ideal reason to learn Dutch if not teh movies of Van Gogh.

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eindelijk gerechtigeheid,
deze fantastische site krijgt de internationale erkenning die het verdiend!!

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