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Giri and Peng win Dutch Championships

Giri and Peng Dutch ChampionsAnish Giri won the Dutch Championship convincingly, scoring 7.5/9 and a 2850 perfomance. The Dutch rising star won 16 rating points to reach a virtual 2717. In the women's section Zhaoqin Peng, as always, reigned supreme and clinched her 13th title with 9/10.

Anish Giri and Zhaoqin Peng, winners at the Dutch Championship

General info

The Dutch Championships took place June 25 - July 5 in Boxtel, The Netherlands. Venue was the SintLucas College in Boxtel for both the Open and Women's sections. The Open was a 10-player, single round robin with a first prize of 7,500 Euro; the Women's section was a 6-player, double round robin with a first prize of 1,800 Euro. For both groups the rate of play was 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with the addition of 30 seconds per move from move 1. More info here.

Report on the second half

GM Wouter Spoelman, who started so strongly, couldn't keep up his good form in the second half of the tournament, and against stronger opponents. In the 6th and 7th round he suffered losses against the highly experienced GMs Ivan Sokolov and Friso Nijboer. He did beat reigning champion Jan Smeets, who played a disappointing championship, but in the last round Spoelman also lost to the new champion, Anish Giri.

Giri, who turned 17 during the tournament, played strongly, and immediately showed that his new 2700+ rating is not a coincidence. Admittedly, he didn't meet the highest rated opponents in the last four rounds, but his 4/4 against Brandenburg, Swinkels, Janssen and Spoelman was impressive. The Dutch Champion finished two full points ahead of runner-up Sokolov.

Besides Smeets, Erwin l'Ami also had quite a disappointing tournament, scoring a performance two hundred points below his rating. Robin Swinkels (2483) can be satisfied with a shared third place and a 2632 performance.

It was never seriously questioned who would win the women's section, and it doesn't look like it will be in the next few years. Zhaoqin Peng won her 12th consecutive and 13th title in total, scoring nine wins and one loss (and even in that game she blundered in a winning position).

Games rounds 6-9 (men) and 6-10 (women)

Game viewer by ChessTempo

Dutch Championship 2011 | Round 9 (Final) Standings

Dutch Championship 2011 | Women | Round 10 (Final) Standings

GM Anish Giri, the new champion, giving a speech at the closing ceremony

GM Anish Giri, the new champion, giving a speech at the closing ceremony

GM Zhaoqin Peng clinched her 13th Dutch title

GM Zhaoqin Peng clinched her 13th Dutch title

The two winners together

The two winners together

Photos © Frans Peeters for the Dutch Championships, more here (recommended!)


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Peter Doggers's picture
Author: Peter Doggers


Thomas's picture

Zhaoqin Peng still has a Chinese name (and look), but the simple fact that this is her 13th Dutch title indicates that she has arrived and settled in the Netherlands. As such things also apply to other countries (Israel may be an even better example than the USA), it just indicates that the world has become global, migration is widespread, ancestry and place of birth are rather irrelevant.

While I agree that politics should rather not be discussed on a chess site: the current Dutch government has cut down a lot on cultural subsidies, so I wonder if they actually care about chess ... .

Arjo's picture

I visited the last round of the Dutch Championship. Both Giri and Peng prefer to communicate in English. Though i heard Giri giving an interview in perfect Dutch. the game analysis and chatter was all in English by both Giri and Peng.

Marcel's picture

What does chess have to do with cutbacks on cultural spending? Does Rutte hates Chess? Talking about stupid insinuations.

Al's picture

Giri is definitely showing impressive results and his improvement trend is scary but has anybody actually taken a good look at his games? Very dull and positional by my standards, this Boy Wonder must attend the Botvinnik school. :-)

Personally I prefer a sharp on the edge aggressive style, a KO rather than prancing around the ring, though I do get tired of losing lots of games!

He obviously has the talent so I sure hope he shows us more exciting chess in the future, unless you're Anand you'll have to to get into the 2800 club.

blueofnoon's picture

I would classify Giri as a very balanced player, who is essentially a positional player but has no problem with tactical slugfest either, just like Karpov when he was young.

Which games did you refer when you said his games were dull?

S's picture

And perhaps it is. By the way, cabinet member F. Teeven was director of the Max Eeuwe chess centre and in that position he did much to promote both chess and chess players like Giri and Peng. That doesn't sound xenophobic to me.

Sander's picture

Racist? Really?

Is that what it it? I suggest you google the word racist, it fails to apply in this context.

Bardamu's picture

Giri for president!

realitycheck's picture

Carlsen for vice president!

Player's picture

New World Champ is coming! ps. and is not a capricious starlett like...

adam's picture

congrats! great to see this boy cementing his place among the best

Sander's picture

No, no, they are Dutch!
They would only be considered foreigners if they were criminals, but now that they are doing well they are true Dutch.

If I sound a bit cynical, its this damned right-wing Dutch cabinet of ours.

Well, to quote a famous Dutch comedian: "It doesnt matter what color skin you have, we are all white from the inside. "

Marcel's picture

Yes exactly. That's why we demand equal rights for the black pieces! It's a crime black loses more than those racist white pieces!

And it's rather racist to call your political opponents "damned"

Marcel's picture

Official statement of Mr Fred Teeven : Anish Giri is a criminal chess player. (and visit Arne Moll's wiki page!, what a guy)

Thomas's picture

Of course Giri and Peng are "good foreigners" - so is Giri's father who is an engineer. All are successful, moreover none of them are Muslims ... . Likewise, Dutch athletics has some good foreigners (originally from Kenya).

BTW, such feelings or "issues" also play a role in some other countries but the Netherlands.

Thierry's picture

Amazing performances . Congratulations !

LMedemblik's picture

Excellent work of Giri but what t.h. went wrong with L'Ami and Smeets?

realitycheck's picture

They seem to be walking in Topalov's foot-steps. Still trying to recover from last years world championship match defeat against Anand Inc.

excalibur's picture

Great performance from the little genius. 2717!

Marcel's picture

And I am ridiculing your opinion. Leave politics out!

Bert de Bruut's picture

Tell me then Marcel, how the present government's attitude toward immigration will reflect on innovating the economy as well as on Dutch society in general, now that our brightest chess minds are from abroad.

Marcel's picture

That's not relevant to discuss on a chess site.

S3's picture

Marcel is completely right, Bert's comment are both not relevant and untrue.
It's a pity he has to vent his frustration over politics on a chess site.

Sander's picture

Perhaps (probably), that is not for you to decide...

Arne Moll's picture

I thought Bert's comment was pretty funny and spot-on. Both Giri and Peng were originally immigrants. Anyone who follows Dutch politics knows that the leading parties, including Mr. Teeven's party, are at best suspicious of anything foreign. isn't that ironic?

S3's picture

Arne, you sound like Alanis Morisette now. It's obviously not ironic.
(and not true!)

Marcel's picture

Of course, we can't decide. The party decides what's good for you.

btw : Webmaster : don't let politics in!!!!!

Marcel's picture

Can you show me the policy of our government to frustrate Nepalese chess prodigies?

Marcel's picture

Mr Fred Teeven only showed up to support the white players / pieces!

Marcel's picture

Well, I have to think about such a strange connection you make. (isn't it fun to watch dutch people arguing in English?)

realitycheck's picture

@ Bert De Bruut

Since Euwe you had Timman, Piket, Van Wely. The Dutch had some success, but the post Euwe natives never reached the summit. Now you got Giri. An import. Give him a chance.

Be thankful your country is still attractive to talented minorities. Peng and Giri could just as easily take up residence in any modern western democracy. Germany, Spain, France, Austria. Switzerland to name a few.

wallace's picture

Well, next year Anne will be a bit stronger and if Lisa (Schut) will participate, Peng will find it a lot harder to win it,

Septimus's picture

In the first game 0-0 by white seems kind of weird. I thought pushing g5 was the common move?

Bert de Bruut's picture

The winners are ridiculing Wilders' and the Dutch cabinet's xenophobia. :-)

unknown's picture

Good luck in Dortmund, Anish!

Arvin's picture

A great performance by Giri! Congratulations. His 16 points gain catapulted him to the 2700+ rating. Looking forward to a great future for him.

szoker's picture

both players very Dutch ;P

Juan's picture

The same aplies to a lot of countries, for example in U.S. neither Nakamura, Kamsky, Onischuk, YuryShulman, Zatonskih, Krush are US Born. Even Russia highest rated player (Sergey Karjakin) isn't Russian Born.

szoker's picture

Yes yes I know it applies to lots of other countries

USA being the best example I think ;)

Russia, a bad example tho.

Im only saying that this is a funny thing. nothing more.

S3's picture

The best "Dutch"/"indigenous" player would probably still be van Wely, but he didn't participate.
I think he is busy winning the world open, Incidentally he did already win against the American Kamsky there.

jmd85146's picture

The question is not if Giri will ever be a top player, the question is when it will happen.
Great performance froma nice and friendly guy. Hope to see him do well in the future.
Good luck Giri !

ebutaljib's picture

It already happened. He is a top player.

Excalibur's picture

@ S3. Actually Gata Kamsky one that tournament.

blueofnoon's picture

Anand once said something like "if you are 15 and not a GM yet, forget about it".

Now we could renew this statement "if you are 18 and not 2700 yet..."

These young geniuses are scary. Go Giri!!

polemios's picture

is this chinese championship?

known1's picture

Why does chessvibes still keep the "TCEC, 3rd season" in the CURRENT tournament list on the front page? That project is dead now, unless you are
doing some advertisement.

Anyway, back on subject, congrats to Giri for his beautiful performance, he will rise up to a higher level among the elites very soon, :)

jussu's picture

Sick stuff. The other Dutch grandmasters are by no means weakies, but Giri simply trampled over this tournament. He finished closer to 100% than to the second place!

Ebomuche Cardinal's picture

GM Giri has been pretty impressive. I enjoy his playing style.
I would like to see him play more often with the super GMs.
Wins in such affairs will earn him more elo points...but of course the super-GMs are walking crocodiles!

S3's picture

No need to fear them:

At his first supertournament (tata 2011) he already scored 50 percent against 4 of the worlds top players, having black in 3 games, winning against Carlsen and drawing against Anand and Nakamura.

Ebomuche Cardinal's picture

Yeah...that was at Tata steel...and a lot has since changed since Tata steel...I'm looking forward to the Dortmund event coming up in 2weeks time.
I hope he keeps his guts...


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