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GM Julian Radulski dies at 40

GM Julian Radulski

Bulgarian grandmaster Julian Radulski passed away on February 16th after a long illness. This was reported by Chessdom. Radulski won the Bulgarian Championship in 2011. His last rated tournament was the Bulgarian Championship in 2012, where he finishes 6th.

GM Julian Radulski (photo Wikipedia)

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RIP...sad to hear that such a young person left

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Well said. We have lost a young brother.

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Rest in peace.

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My condolancies...What was his ilness anyaway?

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blood cancer I believe.

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I think we should reduce our intake of carbondioxide soda drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi.

Hearing too many cancer stories among non-smokers in USA or Europe where these drinks are popular.

Haven't heard about cancer in Africa or third world countries.

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sorry to hear of this young man's passing. Not really the right platform for an individual to espouse unsubstantiated delusions about the carcinogenic properties of soft drinks. Then again, I am sure he is not garnering a big following irl, so he figures he might as well give it a try here.

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I played him once in a blitz or rapid event (I can't remember), ages ago. He played so aggressively I didn't met similar since. It was one of my most beautiful losses in my entire life.

In a very boring Nimzoindian with black he managed to do two queen sacrifices from the blue sky in 5 moves, seemingly for nothing. I never had a position to collapse so hard!

Rest in Peace, Julian!

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My condolences! Моите съболезнования!

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