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Grenke Classic starts tomorrow in Baden-Baden - full pairings

Grenke Classic starts tomorrow in Baden-Baden - full pairings

Tomorrow the first edition of the Grenke Chess Classic starts in Baden-Baden, Germany. It's a six-player double round robin with Vishy Anand, Fabiano Caruana, Michael Adams, Arkadij Naiditsch, Daniel Fridman and Georg Meier. The full pairings are already known.

Early January we announced the tournament, and now it's there: the Grenke Chess Classic in Baden-Baden. The double round-robin runs from 7th to 17th February and will pit three of the world’s top grandmasters, including World Champion Viswanathan Anand, against three members of the German national team, including Germany's no. 1 Arkadij Naiditsch. The first round will have the games Naiditsch-Fridman, Adams-Anand and Caruana-Meier starting at 15:00 CET. In a press release sent out yesterday, the organizers already informed us of the full pairings:

Grenke Chess Classic 2013 | Pairings

Round 1 07.02.13 15:00 CET   Round 6 13.02.13 15:00 CET
Naiditsch - Fridman   Fridman - Naiditsch
Adams - Anand   Anand - Adams
Caruana - Meier   Meier - Caruana
Round 2 08.02.13 15:00 CET   Round 7 14.02.13 15:00 CET
Fridman - Meier   Meier - Fridman
Anand - Caruana   Caruana - Anand
Naiditsch - Adams   Adams - Naiditsch
Round 3 09.02.13 15:00 CET   Round 8 15.02.13 15:00 CET
Adams - Fridman   Fridman - Adams
Caruana - Naiditsch   Naiditsch - Caruana
Meier - Anand   Anand - Meier
Round 4 10.02.13 15:00 CET   Round 9 16.02.13 15:00 CET
Fridman - Anand   Anand - Fridman
Naiditsch - Meier   Meier - Naiditsch
Adams - Caruana   Caruana - Adams
Round 5 11.02.13 15:00 CET   Round 10 17.02.13 13:00 CET
Caruana - Fridman   Fridman - Caruana
Meier - Adams   Adams - Meier
Anand - Naiditsch   Naiditsch - Anand

(In these pairings Naiditsch has three blacks in a row in rounds 5, 6 and 7 while Meier has three whites in these rounds. As it's quite common for 6-player round robins to avoid this by switching e.g. rounds 4 & 5, we've contacted the organizers about this and we're awaiting a reply.)

The event, which features an extensive accompanying program, is sponsored and supported by Grenkeleasing AG, Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, the German Chess Federation and Sparkasse Baden-Baden Gaggenau.

As the press release notes, spectators will get their money’s worth both at the venue and in the comfort of their own homes. The games will be accompanied by live commentary from German grandmasters Klaus Bischoff and Sebastian Siebrecht. For English-speaking chess fans the live video stream from the venue will feature commentary from English IM Lawrence Trent, who is perhaps best known for his commentary on the London Chess Classic. The video stream will also be used to broadcast the comments of the players during post-game interviews.

Chess fans can expect exciting games, as the players’ fighting spirit will be boosted by the fact that no draws can be offered before the 40th move. More information about the event can be found at the official website.

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barry's picture

This more earthboud competition is closer to Anand's league these days. On the other hand, it will be a continued bad sign if he does not truly excel.

PP (nl)'s picture

Will Anand be able to win this one?

Morley's picture

I think Anand has a good chance to win. Other than Anand, I really like Adams' chances. He has been playing well over the past year or so, and if Anand doesn't show up like he did at Tata and Caruana plays even remotely the same, solid might win. Naiditsch is an outside favorite, I think. He wins a lot of games, but loses a bunch too, to much lower rated folks.

Taljekhine's picture

Anand would lose sometimes against much lower rated players too if he would have to play them, but as a pampered goldfish he does not. Naiditsch won 6 games in a row before he lost against Mons with black.

Taljekhine's picture

Anand would lose sometimes against much lower rated players too if he would have to play them, but as a pampered goldfish he does not. Naiditsch won 6 games in a row before he lost against Mons with black.

noyb's picture

Caruana will bounce back and dominate this event, start to finish.

Anonymous's picture

you forgot to mention that Thomas Oliver will play Carlsen

Andreas's picture

;)) where is this unbelieveable poster, some might miss him already. Maybe his internet connection is broken ...

Mort's picture

Good thing Magnus does not play this event, everyone would complain about how "low" elo all his oponents have.

On a sidenote, finally an event Anand might win!

Anonymous's picture

na he won't, he is hiding his preparation for the 2048 WC

Thomas Oliver's picture

Actually a German newspaper article on the event (mentioned at the tournament webpage) says that sponsor Grenke wanted to have Carlsen and Aronian, both also members of the Baden-Baden Bundesliga team, "but the candidate event interfered".

Hmm, Carlsen is currently "preparing for the candidates event" in the USA and - while always part of the lineup - hasn't played a Bundesliga game in about four years. Maybe (with respect to team events) he didn't recover from a loss against Socko in the 2008/2009 season?

redivivo's picture

Yes, and Carlsen also saw to it that Socko wasn't invited to Stavanger.

Anonymous's picture

Or maybe Carlsen had to give up playing in the Bundesliga because he was attacked by wolves on his way to the airport? You know, with the snow and all. Maybe...

S3's picture

No "maybe's" or wolves. Carlsen avoids team events and competition against underrated up and comers. It's to dangerous to risk his rating like that - he used to do pretty bad in such events.

Anonymous's picture

Ah, those were the days...

No. 0ne's picture

Maybe Carlsen should want to have a talk with his fan base. The biggest bunch of dimwits ever seen on the chess scene. Burp. Wet fart. Hic cup.

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