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Hoogeveen: Friedel's Flashing Finale

A lot of highly interesting fights can be witnessed every day in the open group of the Univé Chess Tournament. In the fourth round, American GM Josh Friedel got a promising position agains Dutchman FM Migchiel de Jong and then found a beautiful, flashing finale, ending the game in great style. Enjoy!

Friedel-De Jong
Univé Open (04) 2009

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Author: Peter Doggers

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Pity the game wasn't played out until checkmate: 23. ..., Rxf7 24. Qh8‡

Good mates deserve to happen.

Dan's picture

The music was obnoxious and the game was mediocre. Sorry to be so negative, but this article was kind of a waste of time.

Eduardo's picture

very nice game.I liked 19.e5! the most

dlugosz's picture

Friedel,Joshua E - De Jong,Migchiel

[B43] Obrona sycylijska

Unive Schaaktoernooi Hoogeveen (4 runda) 19.10.2009
1.e4 c5 2.Sf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Sxd4 a6 5.Sc3 b5 6.Gd3 Gb7 7.0-0 Sc6 8.Sxc6 Gxc6 9.He2 Gc5 10.Ge3 d6 11.a4 Gxe3? 12.axb5 axb5 13.Gxb5 [13.Hxe3 Wb8 14.e5 dxe5 15.Hc5 Hb6 16.Hxe5 Se7 17.Wa6 Hxa6 18.Hxb8+ Hc8 19.Hxc8+ Sxc8 20.Sxb5 Gxb5 21.Gxb5+ Ke7 22.Wa1 Wd8 23.Gd3 f5 24.f4 1.46/19 ] 13...Gxb5? 14.Hxb5+ Kf8 15.fxe3 Wb8 16.Wa7 Sf6? 17.Wxf6!! gxf6 18.Hh5 He8 19.e5! h6 20.exf6? [lepsze 20.Se4 Wa8 21.Sxf6 Wxa7 22.Sxe8 Kxe8 23.exd6 Wg8 24.Hb5+ Wd7 25.c4 Wg5 26.c5 Wd5 27.Kf2 f6 28.Hc6 Wf5+ 29.Kg3 Wg5+ 30.Kf3 4.79/22 ] 20...Wh7 21.Se4 Hd8?? [pozwala?o jeszcze gra? 21...Hc6 22.Sg5 Hxc2 23.Sxh7+ Hxh7] 22.Sg5 hxg5 23.Wxf7+!! 1-0
Obaj zawodnicy wykorzystali na t? parti? po 40 minut. Friedelowi si? nie dziwi?, ale co na to jego przeciwnik?

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Great attacking game!

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Maybe I could agree it didn't deserve an article of its own, in comparison with lots of other beautiful games that doesn't get such an attencion (though this game is realy REALY very nice!).
As for the rest, you're wrong. The music, far from being original in style, at least has "it"!
As for "mediocre", maybe you only apreciate games with no flaws (or only minor ones), but that shows me it is you who are losing something here.


Completely disagree with you, in one of two different ways:

Either literaly, because I'm completely satisfied with that resignation before that two trivial moves be played (and I think chess is much about imagination --- barely needed here!). If they were actualy played, I'd also be satisfied.

Or, precisely, because, for a chess lover, the checkmate did happen!
(If we have to explain it to a beginer, that's another issue. And even then it makes no difference if the players indeed moved that final beginer's moves or not. The ideal teaching would even conceled them, in order to ask the beginer to find them).


Yes, I think 19.e5 justifies every beauty of it (previous and forward).

CAL|Daniel's picture

I agree with Castro.

What a game!

vooruitgang's picture

I liked the report. The music is exciting. A nice attacking game. Fast and furious. It seems in this opening Black can only equalize if White pussy foots around which did not happen here.

As with all the reports on this site...a very nice presentation. Keep up the good work! Much appreciated.

Glenn Bady's picture

Great attacking game. This is a good game to show students of chess.

Willem's picture

21...Qc6 instead of Qd8 gives black some chances for survival.
22.Ng5 Qxc2
23.Nxh7+ Qxh7

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