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WWCh G2: Humpy Koneru draws comfortably

WWCh G2: Humpy Koneru draws comfortably

Humpy Koneru drew the second game in her World Championship match against Hou Yifan most comfortably. If anyone was better in the game it was the Indian grandmaster. The match is played over 10 classical games and if necessary there will be a rapid (and possible blitz) tie-break. The event takes place in Tirana, Albania.

The second game under way in Tirana | All photos © FIDE by Anastasiya Karlovich

Event Women's World Championship | PGN via TWIC
Dates November 13th-30th, 2011
Location Tirana, Albania
System 10-game match, tie-break if necessary
Players Reigning World Champion Hou Yifan (China) and Challenger Humpy Koneru (India)
Rate of play 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move one
In the second game of the match for the women's chess crown Hou Yifan had the white pieces, but could not get anything from the opening.
Humpy Koneru chose the Petroff Defence comfortably equalized using an early Qd8-e8-a4 manoeuvre after White had castled queenside.
The opening came as a surprise to the World Champion. At the press-conference the Chinese confessed that she didn't expect it and hadn't prepared against it.
The game entered the endgame stage quite early where Black stood slightly more active on the queenside. However, this was not enough for a real advantage. After the time control was passed, the players agreed to a draw.
After two games the score is equal (1-1). On Wednesday, November 16th the players enjoy their first rest day. The organizers prepared an excursion to the Albanian mountains.

Game 2

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Bardamu's picture

Koneru is the psychological winner so far.

Septimus's picture

How so? She looked a bit under pressure with white.

steve's picture

under pressure with white?? she was pressing the whole game

Septimus's picture

She was playing black. I misread the colors.

Chess_FM's picture

IF Koneru Humpy wins this, then it will be the first time in the history of Chess that an Indian man and a woman both World Champions at the same time!

Komski's picture

Koneru is being helped by Vishy Anand.

Chess_FM's picture

Is it because she played Catalan in G1? Just as Vishy employed it against Topalov in his WC title?

Komski's picture

Hikaru Nakamura is going to win Tal Memorial. Nobody stands a chance agianst Nakamura with Kasparov coaching him. They both have dynamic chess style of play, thus making the two a perfect team; even better than Calsen/Kasparov.

steve's picture

try to find the correct place to comment you troll

Komski's picture

steve, your insult was clearly uncalled for. As such...steve, your daddy looks like Mr. Troll and your mommy is Mrs. Troll. Thus, making steve a son of a Troll. Lol!

Anonymous's picture

i agree with Steve, you're on the wrong page ! Plus your comment is NON SENSE.

guest01's picture

missing the dislike button.

PP (NL)'s picture

This is not the place to place a comment like this. This article is not about the Tal Memorial.

Besides that. What do you know about it? A stupid statement to make anyway. I bet you never met any of the players you mentioned.

Sumit Balan's picture

Some people have such hallucination..Dream on !! Anand,Aronian or Carlson is going to win it.And next WC who will succeed Anand will be either Carlson or Aronian.Brilliant but eccentric Robert James(Bobby) Fischer will be USA's one and only World Champion for next 100 years !

Stephen's picture

Who are Humpy's seconds/trainers ?

Chess Fan's picture

Looks like her father Ravi is coaching her as usual, along with being her manager and personal care taker.
I was worried for Humpy but she has shown tremendous will to win in the first two games against the undisputed World Champion (not counting the incomparable Judith of course).
I hope Humpy wins or at least keeps it close. Hou Yifan, as we all know is formidable, that too with the mighty Chinese government machine and its resources supporting her.

Chess_FM's picture

Too bad, Tal memorial is overlapping Women's championship title. FIDE should have given some respect and kept this Women's event non overlapping with any other event in the world.

Septimus's picture

Since when did logic and FIDE go together?

bridge troll's picture

I enjoyed Steve's commentary. He is entitled to his opinions. Humpy's game looked pretty good with black, but there is chess to discuss on the men's side too, and so what if the article is about the women. It is about chess and I enjoy seeing someone stir up some commentary by having an opinion. Bravo Steve. Go Humpy.

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