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"I honestly thought he had gone nuts" - interview with the World Champion

Interview with the World ChampionOn Tuesday, World Champion Viswanathan Anand from India retained his title by defeating Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria 6.5-5.5, thereby also creating an all-time record of unique visitors on one day at this website. A day later he sat down for a lengthy interview with ChessVibes - enjoy a 28.5 (!) minute video interview with the World Champ.

"I honestly thought he had gone nuts", Viswanathan Anand told us about the mistake by his opponent Veselin Topalov in the decisive game of the World Championship. "Either he had missed Qe8, or I had missed something." We spoke with Anand about all games, about the Sofia rule, about playing slow ("I never thought anyone would advise me to play faster"), his favourite curry, about which historical world champion he'd like to play, and several other things. In other words: a mixture of my questions and questions from the ChessVibes readers. Enjoy!

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Yeah, Topalov has right. He is weaker than Anand and Kramnik if you look at their playing strenght and not at the computer made preparations. He couldn´t find the right moves as sharp as Anand did.

I would´t compare topalov with Keres.
Keres >>>>> topalov. :)

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Carlsen, Kramnik, Giri, and Kasparov, oh my. This must be the most impressive list of helpers that any chessplayers has ever had. Maybe if Topalov were a little bit nicer person, he would have won the match after all.

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And the interview by Bulgarian Chess Federation president Stefan Sergiev was even worse (same thread at Dailydirt):
“Anand showed absolutely nothing. He showed that he’s far from his best years … He simply waited for our player to go wrong and then struck. “

What is Mr Sergiev talking about here? " Anand showed absolutely nothing"...dis he expect Anand to pull down his pant zipper and show something??

Anand was th

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Anand mentions that a way of making chess more watchable would be to provide some kind of instant assessment after each move: a + or - for example. WAS actually done in the 2008 world championship live broadcasts by FOIDOS. They provide a line graph showing the fortunes of the live game over time - a horizontal "=" line with the progress line moving above or below that depending on whether white or black had the advantage at each move. I think the assessments were done by Shredder.
I thought it did add a lot of watchability to the live broacast. I wonder why it wasn't repeated for 2010 - maybe it was FOIDOS' intellectual property?


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Topalov probably missed the last train. And he is frustrated. And we all know that he is a notorious sore loser. He and Danailov invented Toilet Scandal and forced Kramnik to use common lavatory. Anand and Topalov - they are poles apart - both over the board and outside the board. Happy that we have the right man at the helm.


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