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If you play chess online, be careful what you shout

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On Monday local police in Lorräch, Germany rang the door bell of a chess player who was making a lot of noise while playing chess online. This was reported by several Germany media today.

Around 14:20 local time on Monday, the police in Lorräch, Germany was alarmed about loud noise coming from a house. Apparently someone shouted repeatedly: "You won't get out of here!"

A patrol went off in search of the origin of the screams. After a tip from the neighborhood, they finally found the right apartment. There they met the visibly surprised householder. He told the officers that he wasn't keeping a prisoner but that he was a passionate chess player, involved in a game online.

Because he didn't have a direct opponent in front of him, the 60-year-old had his emotions run wild and commented loudly on his moves. Not aware of his loud cries, the chess player had triggered a police operation. He promised to behave more quietly in the future.

This pretty hilarious news item could be read today for instance at Südkurier, Neckar-Chronik, Op-Online and TV-Südbaden. It was also picked up by e.g. the major Dutch news site and the biggest Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, and probably many other (international) media. Do you manage to keep quiet during a game online? Or do you prefer to listen to music perhaps?

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Hugh Jass's picture

weirdo, cops should have beaten him for the fun of it.

Septimus's picture

Germany is not Somalia or Syria.

Anonymous's picture

Deutschland is not the U.S.

Kronsteen's picture

I wish we could see the game!

R.Mutt's picture

The same thing reportedly happened to Nimzovich after he shouted "I will tie you up!" to Sämisch...

RuralRob's picture

Could have been worse - at least he was not screaming "Your queen is going DOWN!!!" while playing online chess in a London hotel room during the Jubilee.

Thomas's picture

What about "You are doomed, a bomb is going to explode!" ? :)

BennyT's picture

:D :D :D My gwad! LMAO right now...

SoundWave's picture

@ R. Mutt LOL!

Niima's picture

@ R.Mutt and RuralRob,

Good ones guys! Very funny :-)

Anthony Migchels's picture

lol, he's lucky he was not in the US, or he'd been SWAT teamed............

And this guy is 60, not just some tosterone driven young turk!

John Montgomery's picture

I wish I could laugh at this guy, but the air has turned blue during some of my online losing streaks.

noyb's picture

Kudos to the shouter! I love to shout at my oppponents online, whether I'm winning or losing. :)

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