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Ilyumzhinov plays chess with Gaddafi (UPDATED)

Ilyumzhinov plays chess with GaddafiFIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov announced he held a two-hour meeting on Sunday in Tripoli with the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Libya is currently in a state of civil war, with NATO and allies engaged in bombing raids, and Gaddafi himself accused of war crimes by the International Criminal Court. Three updates.

By Colin McGourty

We'll start with what appears to be the footage of Ilyumzhinov’s game against Gaddafi on Libyan TV, posted on YouTube:

Deborah Lutterbeck of Reuters reported on this video footage:

The news of the meeting between Gaddafi and Ilyumzhinov was reported by the Russian news agency, Interfax, which spoke by telephone with Kirsan Ilyumzhinov:

The meeting lasted around two hours. Gaddafi and I played chess. The meeting didn’t take place in some sort of bunker, but in one of the administrative buildings in the Libyan capital.

Gaddafi declared he’s not intending to leave Libya, emphasising that it’s his home and the land where his children and grandchildren have died. He also said he doesn’t understand what post he’s supposed to leave.

Ilyumzhinov quotes Gaddafi:

“I’m not a prime minister, a president or a king. I don’t hold any post in Libya, and therefore there’s no position that I should leave”. adds that Ilyumzhinov said:

I expressed my condolences on behalf of my family in connection with the death of his 20-year-old son, two grandsons and 4-month-old granddaughter. And then he showed me the house on which five bombs fell and where his relatives died.

Ilyumzhinov visited Gaddafi together with his personal assistant Berik Balgabayev. In the YouTube video the FIDE President says: 'It's a great honor for me to be here, to see that you are very well, healthy, because many people might have wrong information.'

Ilyumzhinov visited Gaddafi together with his personal assistant Berik Balgabayev. In the YouTube video the FIDE President says: 'It's a great honor for me to be here, to see that you are very well, healthy, because many people might have wrong information.'

The meeting with the Libyan leader is all the more remarkable as Russia has recently joined the chorus of protest against Muammar Gaddafi remaining in power. At the recent G8 summit, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accepted the following joint statement (one of the arrest warrants mentioned was for Gaddafi himself):

Gaddafi and the Libyan government have failed to fulfil their responsibility to protect the Libyan population and have lost all legitimacy. He has no future in a free, democratic Libya. He must go.

We welcome the work of the international criminal court in investigating crimes in Libya and note the chief prosecutor’s request on 16 May for three arrest warrants.

Gaddafi making his first move

Gaddafi making his first move

It appears Russia may be trying to play a mediating role in the conflict, with Medvedev’s envoy, Mikhail Margelov, having visited the opposition leaders in Benghazi last week. It’s unlikely Ilyumzhinov could travel to Libya without Russian approval, so there’s some speculation he might be on a political mission. notes:

Known for his extravagant actions and statements, Ilyumzhinov doesn’t particularly suit such a responsible mission. He does, however, have an excellent relationship with the Libyan leader, which started seven years ago.

That refers, of course, to the FIDE World Chess Championship in Tripoli in 2004. Although there were promising signs from Libya at the time – the BBC called the event “the latest plank of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s strategy to end years of international isolation” – it was extremely controversial. Apart from general concerns about Libya’s alleged support for terrorism, Israeli players were effectively barred from attending. Despite invitations being sent out, Grandmaster Boris Gulko noted in his open letter to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov:

Yet on May 5, the son of Moammar Qadafy, Mohammad, who is also the president of the Libyan Organizing Committee, announced (according to the Associated Press) that “We did not and will not invite the Zionist enemies to this championship…We know the Zionists will seize such occasions to enter the Arab society… but we will not give up our principles even if that leads to canceling holding the tournament in Libya.”

The chess set used by Ilyumzhinov and Gaddafi

The chess set used by Ilyumzhinov and Gaddafi

It probably comes as little surprise to learn that this time round Ilyumzhinov also met with Gaddafi’s son. quotes Ilyumzhinov:

I had a meeting with Gaddafi’s eldest son, Mohammed, who heads the National Olympic Committee. We also had a game of chess, playing the Sicilian Defence.

Some more details have emerged about the “chess content” of Ilyumzhinov’s unannounced visit to Libya. He called it part of FIDE’s “Year of Africa”, recently announced on trips to Nigeria and Zambia, while cites a Kommersant FM radio interview in which Ilyumzhinov stated the visit was planned a year ago, and connected to a tournament to take place on 1 October. The FIDE President stated his belief that it would be a success, despite the Libyan capital being under constant bombardment. The only quote that’s likely to be remembered from that article, however, is Ilyumzhinov’s comment on the military conflict: “the world doesn’t hear and doesn’t want to hear the voice of the Libyan people”.

All that’s left for chess fans is to watch, perhaps in horror, as chess finds itself the focus of a media circus - for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with chess.

Update 12:14 CET
Now has the following article:

Chess is not left behind in Libya

On 11 June FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov met with Dr. Mustafa Zaidi, Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Tripoli. Dr. Mustafa Zaidi came back from China where he had been on an official visit.

One may recall that the World Chess Championship 2004 took place in Tripoli, the Libyan Jamahiriya. 128 chess players from 64 countries participated in the competition, including the Russian Federation, China, the United States of America and Great Britain. GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov of Uzbekistan became the World Champion 2004 defeating Michael Adams of England in the finals.

During a warm conversation FIDE President thanked the Libyan Minister for his assistance in the FIDE activity. The Parties discussed the opportunities of their future mutual cooperation in the official international tournaments organization, FIDE Seminars for Arbiters and Trainers and the International FIDE Academy establishment to introduce FIDE programme "Chess in Schools". They also exchanged their opinions on the nowadays issues which interest both Parties.

On 12 June Kirsan Ilyumzhinov also met with Mr. Muammar Gaddafi's son Mr. Muhammad Gaddafi. He is the leader of the the Libyan Olympic Committee. Other meetings have been also planned by the FIDE President.

Visit of the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov to Libya is held in the frameworks of the Africa Year 2011 which has been declared by the World Chess Federation.

Update 15:41 CET
Monday morning, while being driven through Libya, Ilyumzhinov gave a live interview to the Echo of Moscow radio station. He expressed no regret over yesterday’s meeting with Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi, saying “it’s nonsense when people demand he goes”. The Russian interview can be listened to on the Echo of Moscow website, which also provides a transcript. It was conducted by Alexei Osin and Irina Vorobieva. I’ve translated it in full below:

I. Vorobieva: 10:35 am in the capital and you’re listening to the “Echo of Moscow” radio station. As promised, we’ve got something of a surprise: a topic that was talked about in sports, but which we’ve now decided to cover in more detail. Live on the air by telephone to the Echo of Moscow radio studio, we’ve got FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. Kirsan Nikolayevich, good morning.

A. Osin: Hello.

K. Ilyumzhinov: Good morning.

I. Vorobieva: Could you tell us where you’re live from?

A. Osin: If it’s not a secret.

K. Ilyumzhinov: I’m traveling just now. I’m being driven around Libya and we’re passing through the town of El Azizia, where the Italian company Eni once built a gas-processing plant – right now we’re passing that plant.

I. Vorobieva: Could you tell us where you met and if it’s true that you met with Mr. Gaddafi?

K. Ilyumzhinov: Yesterday morning I met with his eldest son, Muhammed Gaddafi, the President of the National Olympic Committee – he was the one who invited me to visit Tripoli, Libya. And after lunch we met with Colonel Gaddafi in his residence in Libya. Well, we played chess there, and drank tea.

A. Osin: And could you tell us what was the purpose of travelling to that country where a war’s going on just now?

K. Ilyumzhinov
: It was a working visit. In October last year at the FIDE General Assembly we declared 2011 the Year of Africa and of the support and development of chess, particularly through the “Chess in Schools” programme. So in the last few months I’ve already visited South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya and now Libya. Today I’ll be in Tunisia, then Egypt, Morocco, Yemen.

I. Vorobieva: Kirsan Nikolayevich, could you tell us – well, as far as I can see, it wasn’t difficult for you to meet Gaddafi?

K. Ilyumzhinov: Well, I’ve known him for a long time. We’ve been acquainted for more than 10 years, and every time I come to Libya… We held the World Chess Championship here in 2004, where there were 128 chess players from 56 countries around the world. Gaddafi took part in that. More than that, he allocated one of his residences for receptions. And therefore I’ve got long-standing ties with him. Therefore when I arrived now, not planning to meet with him – I had meetings and negotiations with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Sport. But then his son suggested, his son said that his father would like to meet and spend some time together.

I. Vorobieva: Well, could you tell us what Gaddafi said to you. After all, he probably said something about what’s happening, about some sort of plans for the future?

K. Ilyumzhinov: Well, of course it was a friendly conversation. He asked me about my impressions. The first question was: “Weren’t you afraid to come here?” Everywhere on television they report that it’s being bombed. It’s true, when we arrived we heard bomb blasts to the west of Tripoli. Every day there’s bombing here. Well, of course, it’s a little worrying, but I told him that of course it’s not the same Tripoli, not the same Libya, as it was a few years ago. But then he said: “Everyone wants me to go. But where can I go? I don’t hold any post”. Well, it really is true that it’s nonsense when people demand he goes. He’s not the president, not a minister, not the speaker of parliament. He’s simply the leader.

I. Vorobieva: So he’s not intending to leave Libya?

K. Ilyumzhinov: Well, he asked me to take a look at the houses which were bombed, and I visited the house where his family lived, and the children’s bedroom. A month ago in the bombardment his son, granddaughter (who was 4 months old) and 2 grandsons died. He also lost his adopted daughter. He told me: “Well, if I’ve lost my children and grandchildren, where will I go? I’ll remain here.”

A. Osin: Tell us, Kirsan Nikolaevich, before your trip and learning of your intentions – did people try to forestall you or talk you out of it, at a Russian or international level? And if so, who?

K. Ilyumzhinov: Not at all, it was a working trip, normal. I was in Afghanistan recently. Now my next trip in the middle of July will be to Baghdad – we’re holding a chess seminar there. And then I’ve got the “Chess in Schools” programme. I’m also grateful to Gaddafi who in his time has also aided the development of chess in this country. And yesterday as a result of my meeting with the Minister of Education we agreed that from 1 September chess will be introduced as a compulsory subject. No-one tried to dissuade me as these are my normal working visits. Well, some FIDE colleagues asked me, of course. One of the FIDE Vice Presidents was supposed to fly with me, but he claimed that his wife wouldn’t allow him.

A. Osin: No, but don’t you see what the issue is? After all, world society, or to be more precise, a significant part of it, considers the official authority now not to be Gaddafi at all, and Gaddafi seems to have been declared persona non grata. But nevertheless, you met him.

K. Ilyumzhinov: Well, I’d be happy to meet with anyone. I was also a politician in the past. If there was a parliament, elected by the people, or a government, chosen by parliament. Currently all the embassies of the Russian Federation are located in Tripoli, and the ministers – they’re chosen by parliament, which was elected by the people. So then, I met with the Minister of Education, the Minister of Foreign Affairs i.e. the legitimate authorities. If there’s going to be a new authority, then of course I’ll also meet with that. But FIDE is a public sporting organisation, outside of politics, and we meet whoever appears to be legitimate.

At the moment the government located in Tripoli is legitimate for the international community. If that wasn’t the case, then the embassies of the foreign countries would no doubt have switched to another city. But well, I don’t know, that’s simply my opinion. I’m not a politician. I came here as a sportsman.

I. Vorobieva: I see. Kirsan Nikolaevich, all the same, chess is a game, a type of sport, in which people play calmly i.e. they’re focussed. Didn’t you get the impression that Gaddafi was somehow frightened, that he was panicking? Did I understand correctly?

K. Ilyumzhinov: No, very calmly. My Vice President Georgios Makropoulos from Greece says: “But on television here they’ve been broadcasting that he’s ill, that he’s lying in hospital, that there’s something wrong with his head”. He’s normal, adequate. We played chess and talked.

I. Vorobieva: Who won?

K. Ilyumzhinov: Well, he’s of course weaker, much weaker than me, but overall it was interesting. His son, his elder son, Muhammed Gaddafi – he’s a serious player who knows chess theory. The leader, however, is simply an amateur who knows how the pieces move. Well, and he knows how to give fool’s mate.

I. Vorobieva: So you came and beat him?

K. Ilyumzhinov: Well, in terms of diplomacy you can’t win. We agreed to a draw – I offered him a draw.

I. Vorobieva: Of course. That’s clear. Thank you very much, Kirsan Nikolaevich, for finding the time to talk to us live. I repeat that on the telephone to us from Libya was FIDE President Kirsan Nikolaevich, who recently met with Muammar Gaddafi and even played chess against him.

Update 17:38 CET
The English Chess Federation published the following press release:

PRESS RELEASE 13 June 2011

The English Chess Federation wish to express, in the strongest possible terms, its condemnation of the recent visit by the President of FIDE (The World Chess Federation) to Libya on 11 and 12 June. Meeting with Colonel Gaddafi, at a time when there is virtually universal condemnation of his actions in his own country, brings chess into disrepute.

Contacts: ECF President CJ De Mooi via The ECF Office 01424 775222
or : ECF Marketing Director Stewart Reuben 0208 89 6660

This article was cross-posted from Chess in Translation with permission.

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Author: Anonymous


luzin's picture

Libya is in civil war. Both sides are murdering people.
Rest of the world does not have the slightest excuse to intervene. Gaddafi may be what he is, but this time he is the victim of the international community "justice".

Media avoid to mention that only specific regions of Libya are against Gaddafi. it is a war between ethnic groups, not a war for democracy. And despite NATO bombing, the forces opposing Gaddafi still cannot win. This is because many libyans support him (or maybe are more afraid of the other side).

parthenorius's picture
Wilbert Kieboom's picture

I forgot to mention in my prior reaction that the rule of bringing the chess game in discredit needs to be applied to the current president ! It is in the meantime on all news channels. It makes our chess community look like ignorent people. This is definitely not what we need for our game.

guncha's picture

Now I understand why people from Western countries don't sponsor FIDE events. London, Grand Prix series in West failed. Majority of FIDE Would Championship cycle events take place in Russia.
I don't understand what Kirsan's advisers think.

Sergio's picture

I think the rule for bringing the chess sport in discredit applies here.

S3's picture

Live stream will be provided from cameras on the bottom of F15 strike eagles and some helmet cams of the SEALS. This controversial and promising match might be the first match ever with two losers. Looking forward to it.

Bert de Bruut's picture

Because FIDE is an impotent organisation, that has no ability to cure itself from its defects.

j's picture

well it is on every newsstation

cip's picture

Are you suggesting that Krisan's visiting Libya is the worst thing he ever did, or is this one visit the straw that broke your camel's back?

In the end I don't quite get your complaint. Libya is a chess playing country and appearently the Gaddafi family can play chess also. Since when should chess, or institutions representing chess care about international politics? We play a game older than all modern political systems. If FIDE wants to visit Libya (appropriate since chess players in Libya need help now more than ever) whom should it visit? The rebel forces? The UN? The NATO headquarters? The USA government?

Now granted, I'm sure this visit could not have helped chess in Libya much, but I will base an opinion on what a Libian national thinks about the visit, rarther than on your disgust.

Thomas's picture

I guess Libyans currently have other things to worry about than a little game called chess ... .

Trying to be neutral (not that I share luzin's point of view above):
- Intentionally or not, Ilyumzhinov is taking sides in an ongoing conflict, figuring in state TV propaganda and offering condolences for victims from Gaddafi's family (while not mentioning victims from the other side). It would be about as questionable if he - instead - had visited the rebel headquarters in Benghazi.
- He negotiates with the current government about forthcoming chess events, but this government might be gone next week or next month.
At best, Ilyumzhinov is extremely naive and the visit is just a waste of time. But attached is a political message: as a private person Kirsan is entitled to his opinion, but he speaks and acts on behalf of FIDE and all chess players.

P.S.: "what a Libyan national thinks about the visit ..." - somehow I don't think that Libyan nationals (at least those from the part of the country controlled by Gaddafi) can freely "speak their mind". And even if they still have Internet access, they probably have more urgent things to do than visiting Chessvibes and joining the discussion.

Paul V's picture

Will Chessvibes cover this event?
Will there be live streaming?
Where can I find pgn for game #1?

This must be the biggest chess event on this side of the millennium!
Go Ilyumzhinov!

Septimus's picture

I understand that promoting chess in Africa is important, but FFS did he have to pick the guy who murdered his own people? Please tell me this is some kind of a hoax or a bad joke?

Jesus Christ hamster on a bicycle, this dude has lost it....

KingTal's picture

Which African leader didn´t murder his people?

Septimus's picture

Botswana, Malawi, Gabon, Ghana, Mozambique?

unikum's picture

Ilyumzhinov needs to be removed. Now!

Anastasia's picture


Patrick Rasenberg's picture

Just the kind of publicity chess needs. I suppose this is a joke too, just like when he wanted to hold the match for the WC in Baghdad under Saddam.

The Golden Knight's picture

Which company will support the WC-match after this!!!

Simon's picture

Birds of a feather stick together

calvin amari's picture

Not to minimize the plight of Libyans,but I can't help but noting that institutional democratic processes are no more effective at ousting Ilyumzhinov than they are at ousting Gaddafi. A rogue state, a rogue organization.

MArlowe's picture

There should be little surprise about this. Vintage Kirsan. It takes a (former) dictator to recognize one. Find the ugliest controversies around the world (may it be a manufactured toilet scandal, invented alien stories, the Muslim gym center near 9-11 twin towers, Gaddafi's crimes against humanity, you name it...) and insert yourself in the mix with the most idiotic marketing principle in mind: any publicity is good publicity. The damage this idiot singlehandedly has done to the image of chess needs at least 200 years of repair work. Absolutely disgusting stuff. Ashamed to call myself a chess player to the rest of the world.

syzygy's picture

erm - do a toilet scandal, alien story and gym centre (whatever its religious orientation) really qualify as 'the ugliest controversies around the world'?

and are they in any way equivalent to 'gaddafi's crimes against humanity'?

i take your point about kirsan's publicity-hunger, but this is a bit out of whack...

calvin amari's picture

Vintage indeed. Periodically, perhaps even weekly, it would be useful to revisit the open letter that Yasser Seirawan wrote to Iljumzhinov over a decade ago. Here is a very truncated version, which to say the least, continues to resonate:

Dear Mr. Iljumzhinov,

The purpose of the present open letter is to register my despair and disgust over the current plight of FIDE and to highlight the urgent need for wholesale changes and a fresh start.

No international organization can ever hope to satisfy all of the people all of the time, but the key problem today is infinitely more serious: FIDE is no longer satisfying any of the people any of the time. When did FIDE last take an imaginative, workable initiative that received even a modicum of support from the chess world? When did it last deal with a major issue or event without shooting itself in the foot? Why has it stood by impotently as support and respect for it have evaporated, even amongst its traditional supporters? When did it last show any respect for the prestige of a game which is many centuries old? Above all, why has it allowed itself to become a laughing-stock through its serial incompetence?

It surely hasn’t escaped your attention that the reality today is that FIDE is cheapening and destroying almost everything it touches. Its credibility in its titles, its rating system, its electioneering, its methods of governance, its public announcements, its own statutes is now perilously close to zero. ...

Your legacy is all too clear. Never has FIDE been in such chaos. Never has its reputation sunk so low. Never has it been so isolated from reality. Never, in short, has there been a greater or more urgent need for a fresh start. The disasters over which you have presided have not happened by accident. We cannot simply wipe the slate clean and pretend that none of it ever occurred. All those responsible within FIDE must assume the consequences of their conduct and pay the price for the state in which organized – or disorganized – chess now finds itself. After all these years of mistakes piling upon one another, it is time to say enough is enough. The time has come when the interests of chessplayers can be furthered only if the full present FIDE leadership – and you first and foremost as President – resign your posts. I urge you to do so with immediate effect. It will then be the mammoth task of your democratically elected successors to begin work on re-establishing FIDE as a respectable, and respected, organization, one which helps rather than hinders the development of chess and seeks to restore the game’s dignity worldwide.

On behalf of chess,

IGM Yasser Seirawan
Seattle, Washington, United States of America
June 12th 2000.

Burnett's picture

Yes, if this president resigns.......there is hope for FIDE.........great and brave letter.

Bob's picture

....And they chose this man Kirsan for the president of FIDE? I mean, this is completely absurd. Bizarre.

The Golden Knight's picture

Still anyone that wonder why Carlsen wouldn´t be assosiated with this?

bhabatosh's picture

Wrong place at wrong time .
This guy is a complete Idiot .
Look FIDE president met Gaddafi !! I thought it was a prank at first .
Huge embarassment for chess world . Since majority of us would not approve FIDE president being there.
How is it possible that a guy like him wins FIDE election every time ???
Are we nuts ?

gg's picture

Bad PR for Gaddafi to play chess with that guy! :-)

The Golden Knight's picture

F atalic
I nsane
D irty
E goes

Wilbert Kieboom's picture

My vote goes to Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk to become the next Fide president. A woman that loves chess, is out there promoting it, works with children, is adored by all chess players. She has the charisma, the looks and probably the most positive radiation on chess of all players ou there. She is young but has matured quickly and uses modern social media to reach the chess community and is an active blogger. I am not even going to comment on this article as chess and politics should not be mixed.

Anastasia's picture

I totally agree - we need charisma true love for chess and a real Chess Queen Come on Alexandra.

theun's picture

A day to be ashamed of being in love with the game.

Kirsan having social time with the dictator who gives viagra to his soldiers to rape women.
Completely totally disgusting
Makes me sick

arkan's picture

Maybe Ilyumzhinov can play chess in The Hague next, with Mladic and Karadzic?

Or maybe he should have waited until Ghadaffi is arrested and extradicted, he could organise a War Crimes Memorial double round robin to promote global chess !

Ilyumzhinov is THE best promotor of chess we could have people!

Nic's picture

I hope that War Crimes Memorial includes current and former US presidents, as well as european colleagues from every country...

ejh's picture

It takes a (former) dictator to recognize one

Does it? Just within the last couple of years Gaddafi was being fawned all over , and pursued for contracts, by many of the same governments and leaders who are now telling us that he has to be removed because he's a dictator with a long charge sheet of human rights violations against him. Which he is, and has been for years, and was when photos like this

were being taken.

Now I don't think for a moment that Kirsan should be doing things like this. Come to that, I don't think Kirsan should be there in the first place. But I remember that he got there in the first place because he had a load of money and so nobody cared what his record was like: it was convenient to forget, for the sake of the cash, just like it was convenient to forget what Gaddafi was like, for the sake of the cash.

Dictators and violators of human rights are dictators and violators of human rights: not just when it happens to be in the interests of the West to make war with them and bomb their cities. It's likely that the bombing campaign isn't too popular outside the West, and that Kirsan, in his cynical way, is playing up to that. Well, screw him, but screw, too, the humbugs and hypocrites who shake hands with dictators one day and bomb them the next.

By the way, all the time these days we read articles in the chess press about chess in China. When did you last see one that mentioned the state of democracy and human rights in that country?

Funny, that.

Arne Moll's picture

Truly disgusting, but indeed hardly surprising. Why do we keep tolerating this clown?

blueofnoon's picture

Not a good publicity for chess to put it mildly.

However, my bet is nobody outside the chess community would care about it.

well's picture

this is sick

jmws's picture

Sorry this isn't in English. Look at the names, mentioned however. Kadhafi had his bunch of fellow travelers too: Fukuyama, Putnam, Giddens etc.

KK's picture

Did Kirsan get the King's initial square correct atleast this time?

Septimus's picture

He is a dictator, he can do whatever he wants. Did you see that Q jump over all those pieces and deliver mate? :)

KingTal's picture

Beautiful chess set they have. I want it too!!!
At 1:55 in the youtube video Gaddafi touches piece and moves another... should have lost.

Gilgamesh's picture

When ever we think that you must see evrything in life,...and now this: In few times we may be called to International Court too!!!!

ebutaljib's picture

I blame the aliens, not Kirsan personally. He takes orders from them ;)

Rodzjer's picture

Does ANYBODY still wonder why Chess finds it so hard to attract sponsors?

I guess aliens told the guy to go to Libya...

Anastasia's picture

Not good for our beautiful sport of chess. Very sad.

steven's picture

Ah the NATO puppets ready to pick up a fight, attacking Kirsan as they play chess : lousily.
An international sports federation and its prseident should always be politically neutral, following its own regulations.
Rogge, Blatter,... make no distinction and shake hands with democratic and autocratic leaders alike.
At least Kirsan has the courage to continue what he has done in the past, unlike many western leaders and geopolitical puppeteers who (re)started licking Gaddafi's boots after Blair declared Gaddafi a partner of the West and are now cheering for the International Invading Coalition of Busybodies and Jacobins as if they always knew...
As for Viagra : how cynical it may sound : these troops ,mercenaries and thugs of war are not a bunch of retired and don't need Viagra to rape.
A senior UN official casted serious doubts on the Viagra story.

Celso's picture

Chessvibes, you don't need that and we don't need that as well! So why?

Fireblade's picture

I mean come on.....this guy is just nuts i thought at the beginning. But now i think he is evil too !

Aesculap's picture

Such an opportunity to hit two flies with one bomb... wasted. :-(


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