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IM Salome Melia hopes to raise funds for her baby

On the website of the Women's World Team Championship, currently under way in Astana, it was reported that IM Salome Melia is playing under special circumstances.

I don’t want people to exaggerate and make a tragedy but the situation is quite difficult for me. I have a daughter (4 months old) who has got health problem – heart disease. I’m not playing only for the team here, I also play for money because I want her alive. The operation cost big money.

The operation is very complex and, unfortunately, it’s impossible do make it in Georgia. We need to go to Germany, where the operation costs 60,000 euros. We received a response from the USA, but there it costs about a million. Operation should be done before the end of March, but it is difficult to find such amount of money. I really hope that the operation will help, as no one guarantees the result, because it is very difficult to do heart surgery on a child.

You can send money to these account:

Beneficiary:   Salome Melia
Number of account: GE57PC0193600100007067
Bank code (SWIFT): MIBGGE22
Name of  bank: ProCredit Bank, Tbilisi, Georgia
address of  bank: 21 Al. Kazbegi Ave., 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia.


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elgransenor1's picture

good luck to her. if 6000 people contribute 10 euros each she won't have a problem.

Anthony Migchels's picture

Yes, it's very important the heart surgeons can continue saving for their big yachts, not to mention the obscene profits of the Pharmaceutical cartel and the suppliers of medical tools.

Of course, if we care about a little baby, we will not begrudge the Saints in White their lavish lifestyles?

elgransenor1's picture

what are you babbling on about? a lot of people in life are overpaid, footballers for example. who cares about money when theres a child's life on the line.

Anthony Migchels's picture

Why don't you ask that to those raking it all in??

valg321's picture

why does the surgery cost 60k in Germany, and a mil. across the pond?

Kean Kaufmann's picture

There is now a PayPal account set up for donations:


Syed's picture

In India (Bangalore, Delhi) it would have done in half the cost and equally high standard.

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