Reports | May 15, 2008 21:52

Interview GM Erwin l'Ami

[lang_nl]GM Erwin l'Ami, die onlangs nog gedeeld tweede eindigde op het EK in Plovdiv, is nog niet terug in Nederland. Integendeel: in Sofia is hij secondant van Ivan Cheparinov. Een kort interview met een harde werker.[/lang_nl][lang_en]GM Erwin l'Ami, who recently finished shared second at the European Ch in Plovdiv, hasn't returned home yet. Here in Sofia he's the second of Ivan Cheparinov. A short interview with someone who works very hard...[/lang_en]

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I wonder how the payment works for a second. if they get more if the player wins or if it is a fixed sum. dont remember if this was answered before...

another question, how much do the dutch players "stick together"? it seems to differ from country to country, some have a group of players that looks team-like, and some just have many individuals who dont have much to do with each other. and some have a little of both.

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We had a short discussion recently on financial conditions for seconds. My conclusion was that I'm not going to ask such questions.

GMs Jan Smeets, Daniel Stellwagen and Erwin l'Ami are of the same age and play in the same team. Logically they sometimes work together. l'Ami is currently the only professional.

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