June 17, 2011 4:43

Video interview with Anish Giri

Interview with Anish GiriMany chess fans are keeping an eye on Hans Arild Runde's live rating list this week, as Magnus Carlsen has taken over the world's number one position from World Champion Vishy Anand. Another super talented chess player has just entered the list with a virtual rating of 2701: Anish Giri. While in Malmö, we had a chat with the Dutch GM.

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Author: Peter Doggers


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PS. anybody knows the name of the song ? ;)

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yeah, the song is awesome :)

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You like this song?????................


ps.. How funny indian people wiggle their heads. Like Anand does too.

Charming. :-)

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Not sure to whom you're referring, but Anish is not Indian.

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See Wikipedia: "The head bobble, head wobble, or Indian head shake refers to a common gesture found in South Asian cultures, most notably in India. This form of nonverbal communication is sometimes referred to as 'Indian head shake' [...] It is often performed by the listener in agreement with what is being said by the speaker, such that the speaker perceives there is 'no problem' with the message currently being conveyed. In India the gesture is common in the southern parts, but may not be used consistently all around the country."

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Well, Peter, Anish is not Indian but his father is from Nepal which is very close, so probably this comes from him, but Anish definitely has the Indian head nod thing, which I've always found pretty nice.
I'm talking about this one: http://youtu.be/uRWu8cy2s0E

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Yeah, that's the real thing! I'll leave it to anyone's interpretation whether Anish does the same. The second paragraph of my other comment wasn't directed at you, I just got a little fed up in general with the agressive tone that's getting ever more common with the comments on this site.

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yeah its catchy !!!

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Anish is born from a Nepalise dad and Russian mom. They lived in Russia for a while before moving to Netherlands. Anish is a super super talented kid who speaks Nepalese, Russian, English, Dutch languages fluently. Extremely bright kid with great chess skills and just have that natural positive energy coming out from him. He is truly a global person.
So, do not worry about how he wobbles his head or how Indians shake their heads. That way every culture and region have their own unique things which one may find funny while for others its quite ok. Take it easy, enjoy chess, don't judge people.

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He also lived in Japan for many years.

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The thing is, I knew the gesture and felt the urge to explain it. I mean, shrugging your shoulders won't be universal either. What struck me is that, as far as I know, Anish never lived in Nepal, so he could only have inherited this from his father, which would have been remarkable. Only then I viewed the video and to my surprise, I never saw it happen, at least not the real thing. So maybe Kcuf and Janis Nisii just see something they expected to see...
Now I hope at least this comment won't lead to any overheated reactions, because, although I can stand a little 'heat in the kitchen', taking part in discussions here isn't as fun anymore as it used to be. The dishes from this kitchen are getting a bit sour and burned, lately.

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Frits, did you see the video I've posted the link to? I don't know if this is the 'real thing' but Anish does it 5 times in the first minute :) And I never meant it as an insult or anything, it's actually one of his cute things (along with less cute ones :P).

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Nice kid, but he could spice up his interviews a little.

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I really like this kid ;)

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Cool to see that other top-guns are inspired by Grischuk's refusal to lose in bad positions :)

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He is probably like Anand , everyone seems to like him ........

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Speak for yourself :D I wrote a very sarcastic article about him. But yes, of course he's a babygm so has his natural cuteness :D

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Can I have that article, Janis?

Biggy (Delft)

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Sure you can, write to me at name.lastname@gmail.com (of course with my name and last name...doh! LOL)

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As regards the provisional LiveRating, Giri is the youngest player, just ten and seven years old, listed above 2700!! Congrat's!!

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I predict this gypsy boy is going to be the future world champ.

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Last 10 or so years:

Radjabov is going to be the future World Champion...
Karjakin is going to be the future World Champion...
Aronian is going to be the future World Champion...
Carlsen is going to be the future world Champion...
Giri is going to be the future World Champion...

and I'm sure I missed someone.

Thats much too many future World Champions for such a short period of time.

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not if they do Annual World Championships

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