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Ivanchuk beats Navara 5.5-2.5

CEZ 2009In the Cez Chess Trophy rapid match Ivanchuk beat Navara 5.5-2.5. The Czech grandmaster started the second half with a win, but then lost two more games. The last ended in a draw.

From May 27 to 31 Ivanchuk and Navara played an eight-game rapid match at the Best Western Kampa hotel in Prague. The match was the main attraction of the chess festival CEZ CHESS TROPHY 2009, organized by the Prague Chess Society. The festival was held in a partnership with the capital city Prague.

At half time Ivanchuk was leading with 3-1 but then Navara, who had already been close to winning in game 4, won his first game with White in a g3 Gr?ºnfeld - quite an impressive victory! In game 6 Ivanchuk went for an Exchange Ruy Lopez and in the 5...Qf6 line White got a small plus after exchanging on d6, leaving Black with a backward d-pawn. Combining pressure on the d-file and attacking on the kingside, Ivanchuk decided the game in his favour. Improving upon game 5, Ivanchuk then quite easily won his last Black game in another g3 Gr?ºnfeld and the last game was quite an interesting draw in a Sicilian.


Game viewer

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Vassily Ivanchuk, back to his usual standard of play


David Navara gaining some more experience, and saving his honour with one nice victory in the match


The spectators enjoying the games and commentary by GM Kavalek in a beautiful venue


Czech President Vaclav Klaus overlooks the boards of his sons Jan and Vaclav, who both drew their games in a simul against Kavalek

Photos © Vladimir Jagr, more here.


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"but then lost to more games."
to should be two

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Thnx, updated

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Does Chessvibes have a contract with Microsoft for their use of Silverlight? Why using yet another piece of closed, proprietary software that sets aside even more users than Flash?


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@TheOtherOne and other ones ,:) : Maybe it is time now to end the "discussion" on Silverlight: Chessvibes has made this choice and explained the reasons behind it. They also know that some people aren't happy with this decision. "Me too", me 3, me 4, ... doesn't really add anything new..

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The SilverLight choice is still "silly"; now only M$ users have a chance to watch the games.

Other than this, the website is still great!

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Too true. Thank god chessbase still have a modicum of respect for visitors...

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"Maybe it is time now to end the “discussion” on Silverlight".
So: Sorry!

I can't remember seein "explained the reasons behind it", other than something like "it's easier for us to introduce the games (or moves?)". (Pls forgive me if I'm being too simplifier)
I can respect such a reason, and I must (obviously) accept the result, though very sad for me. I keep going to other sites to view the games, you see?

But can you indicate the article where it was explained, or other where even more "stronger" reasons were given? (For instance, any logic about atracting people to the site?)

There are two types of problems: Compatibility and(or) no more instalations required. These problems didn't exist when I met CV, and I think they were key in the "friendly" status of the site.
Were they adressed on the site yet? Where?

Related: It was writen that Peter had told they were working "on a solution".
Where did Peter say that? Is it true?
If you don't mind answering. Thx.

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Concerning compatibility, this game viewer works perfectly on my Mac+Firefox combination.

-- Mindaugas

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Castro, obviously I cannot speak on behalf of Peter Doggers and colleagues, so my response will be rather brief:

"I can’t remember seein “explained the reasons behind it”, other than something like “it’s easier for us to introduce the games (or moves?)”.
Yep, that's about it, and I consider this understandable given that the site is available for free - as you said yourself: "I can respect such a reason"

" Related: It was writen that Peter had told they were working “on a solution”.
Where did Peter say that? Is it true?"
Yes he said so (at various moments in the discussion, but I won't search for the exact references and quotes).

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Silverlight ... beurk !!!
What a pity i can't see anything under firefox ...

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Amazing that you guys keep on complaining about the Silverlight game viewer, even claim that it's "lack of respect" (yeah right) and "not working under Firefox" (nonsense). I'm closing the comments for the moment, pfffffff.

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