Reports | August 31, 2008 1:45

Ivanchuk does it again

After winning the Tal Memorial in classical chess, Ivanchuk also proved to be the stongest blitz player in Moscow at the moment. Today he won the Tal Memorial Blitz 2008 ahead of Kramnik and Carlsen.

After the first 17 rounds, played yesterday, Kramnik was leading with 11 out of 17, followed by Carlsen and Ivanchuk who were on 10.5.

Today Ivanchuk defeated both Carlsen and Kramnik (and these two actually drew their mutual game). Anatoly Karpov ended 14th; he defeated Grischuk and Grachev 1.5-0.5 and Alekseev, Movsesian and Tkachiev 2-0.


Below you can replay all games of the second half, played today:


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What was the time control? Fischer?

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