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Jakovenko still first in Poikovsky

Jakovenko in his game against Onischuk

Dmitry Jakovenko is still topping the standings at the Karpov Tournamemnt in Poikovsky. The 29-year-old Russian grandmaster scored 4/5 and is a point ahead of Viktor Bologan and Ruslan Ponomariov. Wednesday is a rest day in Poikovsky and then four more rounds are scheduled.

Jakovenko in his game against Onischuk | Photo courtesy of the Russian Chess Federation

Event 13th Karpov tournament | PGN via TWIC
Dates September 28-October 7, 2012
Location Poikovsky, Russia
System 10-player round robin
Players Ruslan Ponomariov, Dmitry Jakovenko, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Lazaro Bruzon, Viktor Bologan, Nigel Short, Sergei Rublevsky, Wang Yue, Alexander Onischuk and Alexander Motylev

We left the Karpov tournament tournament after the second round, when Dmitry Jakovenko was the only player on 2/2. Just when we wrote about the high number of decisive games in those first two rounds, of course all games in round 3 were drawn! :-)

On Monday Jakovenko improved his score to 3.5/4 with a win over Onischuk. The Soviet-born American grandmaster didn't manage to equalize in the 5.Bf4 Queen's Gambit Declined and then missed a tactical stroke.

PGN string

Bologan played the Benko/Volga Gambit three times in Biel this year, and now he got a chance to show his knowledge from the White side as Ponomariov played it against him! The Moldovan grandmaster went for the fianchetto variation, and after some manoeuvring followed by a repetition of moves, Bologan decided to play for a win. A sharp, tactical phase followed and eventually White ended up with an extra pawn.

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On Tuesday Ponomariov recoved from his loss by beating Short in a Catalan. White had only a tiny edge, until at move 27 there was suddenly a little trick that won a healthy pawn.

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Bologan won his second game in a row against Bruzon. It was one of those GM games that are really hard to understand!

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Karpov Tournament (Poikovsky) 2012 | Schedule & results

Round 1 28.09.12 11:00 CET   Round 2 29.09.12 11:00 CET
Short 1-0 Rublevsky   Rublevsky 1-0 Bruzon
Jakovenko 1-0 Bologan   Wojtaszek 0-1 Ponomariov
Onischuk ½-½ Wang Yue   Wang Yue 0-1 Motylev
Motylev 0-1 Wojtaszek   Bologan ½-½ Onischuk
Ponomariov ½-½ Bruzon   Short 0-1 Jakovenko
Round 3 30.09.12 11:00 CET   Round 4 01.10.12 11:00 CET
Jakovenko ½-½ Rublevsky   Rublevsky ½-½ Wojtaszek
Onischuk ½-½ Short   Wang Yue ½-½ Bruzon
Motylev ½-½ Bologan   Bologan 1-0 Ponomariov
Ponomariov ½-½ Wang Yue   Short ½-½ Motylev
Bruzon ½-½ Wojtaszek   Jakovenko 1-0 Onischuk
Round 5 02.10.12 11:00 CET   Round 6 04.10.12 11:00 CET
Onischuk ½-½ Rublevsky   Rublevsky - Wang Yue
Motylev ½-½ Jakovenko   Bologan - Wojtaszek
Ponomariov 1-0 Short   Short - Bruzon
Bruzon 0-1 Bologan   Jakovenko - Ponomariov
Wojtaszek ½-½ Wang Yue   Onischuk - Motylev
Round 7 05.10.12 11:00 CET   Round 8 06.10.12 11:00 CET
Motylev - Rublevsky   Rublevsky - Bologan
Ponomariov - Onischuk   Short - Wang Yue
Bruzon - Jakovenko   Jakovenko - Wojtaszek
Wojtaszek - Short   Onischuk - Bruzon
Wang Yue - Bologan   Motylev - Ponomariov
Round 9 07.10.12 11:00 CET        
Ponomariov - Rublevsky        
Bruzon - Motylev        
Wojtaszek - Onischuk        
Wang Yue - Jakovenko        
Bologan - Short        

Karpov Tournament (Poikovsky) 2012 | Round 5 standings


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Bronkenstein's picture

Pono + Jako both won their games due to Nxf6! sacrifice(s), in Jakovenko´s case 26.Nd2!! is, in fact, the key move (knight sac being only the final point some six (!) moves later - with some tasty sidelines on the way - I recommend you to turn your engines off and enjoy solving it =)

S3's picture

Thanks for pointing out. Jako on fire since the olympiad??

Bronkenstein's picture

Jako is on fire since he won the European CH.He was top 10 in 2009, and he kept his Elo in the 2720-40 ish area for years (but, often being unnoticed/uninvited due to just-another-2700-from-Russia syndrome...), so nothing unexpected is happening, just another peak - hopefully we will see him in top 10 again soonish.

Thomas's picture

That's not entirely true. After reaching the top10, Jakovenko did get supertournament invitations (Dortmund and Nanjing). Later, no invitations despite a respectable rating is a fate he shares with others - for example Dominguez (who was invited to Biel but we know what happened ...) and the slightly lower-rated Almasi.

This year 2012, Jakovenko alternated fire and water: after the European Championship he had a 'modest' result at the Russian Team Championship and a downright bad result at the Russian Championship semifinal (lots of draws and a loss against players rated 2500-2650). Then a good result in the Russia-China match which put him on the Olympic team. So whether he will re-enter the top10 (17 points missing as of today) is an open question. On the other hand he is a force to reckon with: his current neighbors in the live rating list are Svidler, Gelfand, Leko and Ponomariov.

Bronkenstein's picture

But, nobody denied his Dortmund&Nanjing invitations... ? BTW ´Not entirely true´ label fits better with statements such as ´The fate he shares with others´(though there is some truth in it).

Coco Loco's picture

Nice games by Bologan!

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