Reports | September 09, 2011 23:41

Karpov goes politics, to enter Russian parliament

It was briefly mentioned in a press release from Saint Louis, and today the confirmation came: Anatoly Karpov is going politics. WhyChess quotes a number of Russian language sources that brought the news today: The 12th World Chess Champion is

running to stand for election to the Russian parliament, where he would represent Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party.

More at WhyChess.

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James Maskell's picture

Not another Karpov-Kasparov match...

noyb's picture

Gotta know Garry Kimovich has a frown on his face after hearing that...

Duncan's picture

Am dying to hear what Garry has to say about this? Surely not another u-turn with Karpov becoming his new enemy!

mishanp's picture

To be fair, they made it perfectly clear during the FIDE elections that they didn't agree with each other politically.

anonymous's picture

Karpov usually plays it conservatively - both at the chess board and in politics. During Soviet times he was quite comfortable with the ruling elite and now that he has decided to go into politics - of course he is going to align himself with Putin.

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its a bigger strategy - let's get the enemy from withing.

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typo - within i meant

Nitin's picture

Karpov is steadily preparing breakthrough in the center!.

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