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Kasparov‚'s 13.Nd4 has lost its venom

ChessVibes Openings no. 7ChessVibes Openings #7 is out!
Our latest issue of ChessVibes Openings brings you the most important opening developments from last week, focusing on the German Championship and covering the Semi-Slav Meran Variation in our Game of the Week. Our IMs also present you updates on the Nimzo-Indian (4.Qc2 0-0 5.e4!?) and the Open Catalan. Furthermore, issue #7 gives you a solid antidote against the King's Indian Attack and discusses a rare line from the Semi-Slav that was played by Alekhine and Euwe back in 1935!

Which openings are hot in top level chess? Which are not? Receive the latest opening novelties right in your mailbox with ChessVibes Openings, a weekly PDF magazine (+ PGN!) covering the latest openings news, co-authored by International Masters Merijn van Delft and Robert Ris and published by ChessVibes.

What's hot and what's not?

Latest issue: #7, February 18, 2009

ChessVibes Openings no. 7Our editors are quite active themselves: IM Merijn van Delft is currently playing in the brand new Batavia 1920 round-robin tournament in Amsterdam (live games here) while IM Robert Ris is playing in the Aeroflot Open. Still, they managed to create another great issue of ChessVibes Openings yesterday, wrapping up the latest opening developments from the third week of February.

Learn all about the Meran Variation of the Semi-Slav which features in the Game of the week, and get your self updated on the following lines:

  • Nimzo-Indian, 4.Qc2 0-0 5.e4!?
  • Open Catalan (4....dxc4, 5...c5)
  • Semi-Slav (rare variations)
  • English (King's Indian Attack), 1...c6

This week's opening is expert is Indian GM Pentala Harikrishna.

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What is ChessVibes Openings?

ChessVibes Openings - What's hot and what's not?Every issue consists of a ZIP archive file, including both the PDF Magazine and the accompanying PGN file. The PDF consists of three pages (A4 size) with the following contents:

  • What's hot? A round-up of this week's important opening developments, with statistics about the frequence and score of the week's most important opening novelty (page 1)
  • What's not? Which openings are not recommended at the moment, according to the top players? And why not? (page 1)
  • Game of the week Each week you'll find the theoretically most important game analysed by our two IMs, with a detailed survey of the opening phase. (page 2)
  • This week's harvest Four more new important opening ideas from this week (page 3) revealed and described. (page 3)
  • Opening expert Every week an opening expert is covered. Examples from the first two issues: Teimour Radjabov (King's Indian with Black), Alexey Dreev (White: Nimzo-Indian; Black: Caro-Kann and Slav). (page 3)

Ehm... can I have a look?

Yes you can! Below are the first two issues which you can download for free!

ChessVibes Openings #0 - click to download!

  • ChessVibes Openings 0What's hot? A round-up of the most important opening developments in 2008, with statistics about the frequence and score of Topalov's amazing novelty 12.Nxf7 against Vladimir Kramnik, at Corus 2008
  • What's not? What changed in the Sveshnikov Sicilian? Why were the Nimzo- and Queen's Indian less played in 2008?
  • Game of the week As arguably the most spectacular game of 2008, our two IMs cover the game Topalov-Kramnik, Wijk aan Zee 2008, with extensive annotations.
  • This week's harvest What were the four most important opening ideas from 2008? The 0 issue answer this question!
  • Opening expert Teimour Radjabov and the King's Indian.

ChessVibes Openings #1 - click to download!

  • ChessVibes Openings 0What's hot? A round-up of the first week of January 2009, describing the most important opening developments, statistics about the frequence and score of Almasi's 13.Nxb5!? against Ni Hua, in Reggio Emilia.
  • What's not? This week many Maroczy's were played, but did they change the theoretical verdict?
  • Game of the week Our two IMs cover the game Almasi-Ni Hua, which turned out to be decisive for this year's Reggio Emilia tournament.
  • This week's harvest Coverage of the four most important opening ideas from the first week of 2009, including the Najdorf with 6.Be3/8...h5 and the Symmetrical English.
  • Opening expert Alexey Dreev (White: Nimzo-Indian; Black: Caro-Kann and Slav)

What does it cost?

Singles issues cost € 1.00. After paying in our online shop (click the button below), you'll receive a secure download link of the ZIP file.

You can subscribe too! This way you'll receive the PDF Magazine and accompanying PGN files in your mailbox every week.

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