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Kasparov in Brazil, interviewed by Jô Soares

Garry Kasparov recently visited Brazil, where he gave a lecture, a simul and was guest in a TV show.

Kasparov had accepted an invitation to open the 1st ADX festival. ADX is a non-profit organization that sees the game of chess as a powerful tool for intellectual development and character formation of children and young people, and advocates greater dissemination, promotion and appreciation of the game of chess.

The festival took place August 29th-30th in the Sheraton WTC hotel in Sau Paulo. On Monday the 29th he gave a simul which was announced by the website Vida Em Miniatura (which has lots of material about Kasparov's visit) as follows:

President Rousseff will have three of her key ministers step down next Monday. But this time it is not corruption allegations or exchange of parliamentary seats in the government. The loss of the ministers Mercadante (Technology), Fernando Haddad (Education) and Paul Bernardo (Communication) will be in front of a chessboard, where they will face the legendary former world champion Garry Kasparov (48).

In the morning and the beginning of the afternoon there were some lectures by people specialized on scholastic chess and chess management in general. The main lecture was by Kasparov - he talked about his 'Kasparov Chess Foundation' (which he plans to launch in Brazil as well, next year) and also gave a press conference for local journalists.

Kasparov, who returned to Brazil after seven years, was welcomed by the organizers and grandmasters Sunye Jaime Neto and Giovanni Vescovi. According to Vida Em Miniatura, when International Master Herman van Riemsdijk announced "the best chess player of all time," he smiled slightly, as if such a claim was exaggerated.

On August 30th Kasparov was the guest in a TV show of Jô Soares, which was broadcast om September 2nd. Jô Soares is a Brazilian comedian, talk show host, author, theatrical producer, director, actor, painter and musician. His talk show is very similar to David Letterman's and the host is known for his knowledge of culture and literature, and for speaking English, Spanish, Italian and French besides his native Portuguese. In the following video you can watch the interview (it starts at 02:16).

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Kasparov refuses to play anybody with a current or previous 2000+ rating in simuls now. His paranoia about losing has really gotten worse since he retired lol

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It is not about paranoia but reputation ; he is trying to maintain an image of semi-god player through his almost invincibility because that is (among other reasons) what make him legendary and therefore popular among chess players & fans.

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I recorded my visit to the Grand Slam Masters Final in Ibirapuera Park (São Paulo), in a post at my blog 'Celebrate Chess'.

"As well as wanting to see the superstars in person, I was also pretty desperate to play some OTB games as my chess these days is exclusively played online. So I enrolled for a couple of tournaments (21 min games) which were organised alongside the main event ..."

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