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Kasparov in de gevangenis, Fischer in het ziekenhuisKasparov in jail, Fischer in hospital

[lang_nl]De twee grootste schakers uit de geschiedenis zijn in het nieuws. Garry Kasparov is bij een protest in Moskou gearresteerd, vanwege 'het organiseren van een niet-toegelaten demonstratie en omdat hij geen gehoor heeft gegeven aan politieopdrachten'. Update: twee video's toegevoegd.Bobby Fischer ligt in het ziekenhuis en het gaat niet goed met hem. Update: Fischer ligt al twee maanden in het ziekenhuis. Hij heeft problemen met zijn nieren en schijnt in slechte staat te zijn.[/lang_nl][lang_en]The two greatest chess players ever are in the news this weekend. Garry Kasparov has been detained during a protest in Moscow, because of "organizing an illegal demonstration and not obeying police orders". Update: two videos added. Bobby Fischer is hospitalized and he's not doing well. Update: Fischer has been in a hospital for two months already. He suffers from kidney problems and his situation is said to be critical.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Kasparov, die maandagavond nog lekker een simultaantje zat te spelen in Belgi?ɬ´, was op zaterdag weer met zijn vak bezig, namelijk protesteren namens zijn beweging Ander Rusland. Ditmaal was Poetin en de zijnen het blijkbaar zat want Kasparov is gearresteerd en zit vijf dagen vast.

Dit is de persconferentie waar Jean-Luc het in de comments over heeft:

Een andere wereldkampioen, Bobby Fischer, schijnt al een tijdje in het ziekenhuis te liggen en behalve geestelijk nu ook fysiek in slechte conditie te zijn. Volgens een Argentijnse krant kampt hij behalve met paranoia ook met 'ernstige fysieke problemen', wat door een IJslandse schaker die ik ken bevestigd werd Een IJslandse schaker die ik ken, bevestigde dat Fischer in slechte staat is. Hij probeert aan meer informatie te komen.

We proberen je zo veel mogelijk op de hoogte te houden.

Steve (zie de comments) bedoelt dit artikel, waarin Vincent Martucci schrijft dat Fischer medische behandeling weigert. Verder wilden zijn vrienden het stil houden, om Fischers privacy te beschermen maar ook omdat Fischer, indien ze met journalisten praten, onmiddellijk de vriendschap be?ɬ´indigt.

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Garry Kasparov, who was enjoying a simul last Monday in Belgium, was getting back to his real profession on Saturday, which is protesting for the Other Russia. This time Putin and co appartenly had enough of it, because Garry was detained and has to stay in jail for five days.

This is the press conference Jean-Luc (in the comments) is talking about:

Another world champion, Bobby Fischer, was hospitalized and he's not doing OK. According to an Argentine paper he suffers from paranoia and "serious physical problems", which was confirmed It was confirmed by a chess player from Iceland I know that Fischer's condition is serious. He's trying to get more information.

We'll try to keep you updated.

Steve (in the comments) is referring to this article, in which Vincent Martucci writes that Fischer refuses medical treatment. Furthermore, his friends wanted to keep it silent, to keep Fischer's privacy but also because if they talk to journalists, Fischer will end their friendship immediately.[/lang_en]

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Chess and boxing is the only sports that have their World Champions being jailed-twice. Boxing has Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali and chess- Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov!

read my article at

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Updated, with a link to the Italian article.

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In Moscow it's not so surprising
that a man uprisen ends in a prison
and his goal is stopped in gaol

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I'm sorry they are in trouble.

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BCM editor John Saunders tells me that Kasparov has decided to add an 8th (or is it 9th? or 99th?) volume to his "Great Predecessors" series. This one will be called either "I was tortured in the Moscow jailhouse", or "Clink like a Grandmaster"!

(for the benefit of non-native English speakers, I should explain that "clink" is a slag term for prison).

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I mean "slang", of course.

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NIeren, ai. een andere gigant, schrijver Norman Mailer, overleed onlangs ook aan nierproblemen..

Goed idee trouwens Peter, kasparov aanspreken. Probeerde het ook een keer... en het antwoord was nee, zo gaat dat..

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Thx J-L, video added.

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Gary Kasparov was in Paris the 21 th novembre. On this video, you can see what he said about the dangers of his situation. It was just 3 days before his arrestation in Moscow. Gary Kasparov : The "King" in Danger

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Kremlin-criticus Kasparov weer vrij

gepubliceerd op 29 november 2007 14:33 , bijgewerkt om 29 november 2007 14:36

MOSKOU - Kremlin-criticus Garry Kasparov is de gevangenis uit. Na zijn vrijlating donderdag zei hij tegen journalisten dat er een dictatuur dreigt te ontstaan in Rusland.

De voormalige wereldkampioen schaken Kasparov was afgelopen weekeinde opgepakt tijdens een betoging voor het gebouw van de centrale kiescommissie. Hij werd vervolgens tot vijf dagen cel veroordeeld wegens het organiseren van een illegale demonstratie.

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hoe is het nu met fischer peter? graag een follow up , ik reken op je! ;-)

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I understand that an Italian website says he is suffering from renal (ie kidney) problems.

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maria, I would never be associated with bull, do your research. There were many zionist hit squads roaming Europe in the aftermath of WWII murdering innocents. One must know history. I must admit though, I only recently discovered the Alekhine was murdered. History is a conspiracy.
Because of Morphy's lack of competition I am unable to accurately assess his true talent.But in Bobby Fischer we have the entire history of chess embodied in an enigma that we shall never witness again. He spoke truth to power: the American genocide against the indigenous inhabitants of Turtle Island, the Jewish genocide against the brave Palestinian people to steal their land.If you say anything negative against the latter group you will not be allowed to post anywhere. I found this out at Susan Polgar's forum and many others.

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dear Capa, what about Morphy?? I didnt know Alekhine was that bull?? Did you see Sarah Beth Cohen's wonderful, large website about Morphy?? sing search engines like Google, pull up her site to thank her. Maria

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friends, do we realize....TRULY rare a mind Bobby had??Someone like him is born once every 120 years or so!! Think of the millions and millions of male American

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You are free to not forgive whomever you want, but, like most geniuses, Bobby Fischer brought scorn upon himself with his self-serving, arrogant, insensitive and anti-social behavior. I was a product of the "Fischer boom" when he rose to Championship greatness, but I (just like everyone else) eventually tired of his antics.

He wasn't "driven away" from chess, he left in an angry huff when the chess world didn't bow down to his every whim. And his comments after September 11th, 2001 were the final straw for me, and practically everyone else in America. I could care less what happens to him now.

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Maria, If Bobby dies in exile I will never forgive the american government and we will have lost the greatest chess genius to have ever lived. Capa & Alekhine were the other two chess geniuses we lost, the latter being ostracized and murdered, shot in the back while studying at his chess board.

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Can someone casually email me to discuss Bobby Fischer?? To discuss and exchange information...thanx

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Putin is an evil, moronic dictator who doesn't deserve to address an intellectual god like Kasparov, let alone put him in prison. I hope Kasparov can help turn the tide in Russia from evil, stagnation and corruption towards enlightened democratic thinking. If Kasparov is executed, Putin WILL be!

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