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Kasparov stars in Nicaragua

Garry Kasparov stars in NicaraguaWhile FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Presidential Candidate Anatoly Karpov are involved in a political skirmish that will last until the day of election, the latter has a famous and active supporter. Garry Kasparov visited Nicaragua, one of the early supporters of the Karpov bid, and was welcomed as a superstar.

Kasparov visited Nicaragua together with Richard A. Conn, Jr., a prominent international attorney and Managing Director of Conn International Group LLC, a Moscow/NY-based financial and legal advisory firm. Conn runs for the post of Deputy President of FIDE.

The two responded to the early support, by the Chess Federation of Nicaragua, to the bid for the FIDE presidency by World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov.

“I am working to make sure that in a few months Anatoly is elected president of the World Chess Federation”, said Kasparov, and added that together with Karpov he is “interested in improving the status of chess worldwide”.

On his first trip through Central America, Kasparov held meetings with national chess authorities and took part in a series of events to share his experience with the Nicaraguan players.

“We are going to work together to aid chess development, especially for the children and the upcoming generations from Central and South America”, the 13th former World Champion said.

“It is an historical event”, said Jean-Pierre Chamorro, President of the Chess Federation of Nicaragua. “In the federation we have established the goal to develop the first Grand Master in Nicaragua’s chess history. We have plenty of talent, but we lack planning.”

The video below shows hundreds of fans welcoming Kasparov.


A video of the press conference in Managua:


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efourefive's picture

I understand there's a clash between Karpov and Ilyumzhinov.

But apart from all of that what's happening in Nepal: Behind the barriers, --people show their love to Kasparov by shaking his hand--. This seems a bit strange to me, and i felt sorry for the people and Kasparov. Anyway, they may say say, i think a bit wrong, and may be i can not show my support to Karpov by saying ridiculous things, and there is nothing special in the video... and so on...

I always admire Kasparov, since my childhood. And i want to see Karpov as president. But the video shown above completely make me think different "humanish" subjects. Is it only me?

Calvin Amari's picture

What type of reception would Ilyumzhinov’s receive relative to a former great world champion?

Let's assume, like many, you love chess and care deeply about supporting and fostering it. So, who would you want as the principal international ambassador and public face for the game? Karpov? Or Ilyumzhinov, who the entire legitimate world media unanimously regards as a dangerous crooked, cutthroat, dishonest, unethical, unprincipled, and delusional nutjob?

Chessfan98's picture

@Calvin Amari

Truth is, the President of FIDE does not need to be a celebrity and does not need celebrity-like receptions and thousands of admiring fans- it is an administrative post. Kasparov and other great players can enjoy this celebrity status and continue to make trips all around the world as ambassadors for chess, meeting his fans regardless of who the President is. In fact, we are probably better off with a President who doesn't have a big ego. Of course, Kirsan's horrendous piublic image is a problem for chess- sponsors and otherwise, and this is why I support Karpov, BUT he need not be a celebrity, that is not his role.


I also wondered why the people are behind barriers- it seems a bit disrespectful, but I'm sure Kasparov didn't ask for it to be that way.

creed's picture

I would like Karpov as that international ambassador. Karpov and Kasparov are great World Champions and easily attract good (and most welcome in these times) publicity for chess anyweher they go in the world. This is very good for chess! However it seems there has just been a new assault on them in a letter published on Susan Polgar's bogspot. Not good for chess. It is easy to understand why non-chess players and potential sponsors have little respect for chess, when the world's great chess ambassadors are dragged through the dirt in this way! Is this a great demonstration of "Gens Una Sumus" and does it fulfill FIDE's ambition of making chess popular all over the world? No. It causes immense damage instead. I can understand why Karpov isn't lashing out much. It doesn't help chess. And if he does "snap" and say something then it is not surprising given how every effort is being made to undermine him standing for president.

Zeblakov's picture

Qhy people are behind the barrier? Why are they treated as animals ?
Do not understand the behaviour of local authorities.

Faraday's picture

It seems clear that they have arrived and a lot of people were waiting in front of the gates. No one is treated like an animal...

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