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Kramnik shows his win against l'Ami

Kramnik shows his win against l'AmiA quick and smooth, attacking win was awarded the daily "Piet Zwart" prize of 500 Euros. The winner, Vladimir Kramnik, beat Erwin l'Ami, who castled too early and saw his king getting under fire quickly. Another instructive press conference from the Tata Steel Chess Tournament in Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands. Enjoy!


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Author: Peter Doggers

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Kramnik is one of those guys who presents the chess game to his audience on a level that is understandable and articulate, but also spins these terrific side variations out of his mind like magic "Just for fun." Good stuff.

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He sure always leaves me with the feeling that I understand chess, until my next attempt to play it myself :)

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Some errors in analysis:-

firstly Black is just winning after 15.a4-Nxa4! 16.Qf4-Qb6 17.Qh4-Rd8 18.Bc1 -Bxc3+ 19.Kf1-Bxa1! 20.d4-Qf6 21.Qh7+ Kf8 22. Bg5 (now Kramnik said they both have analysed that it's winning for white) but 22...Rxd4!! 23.Bxf6 Rd1+ 24.Ne1 - Bxf6 -+ Black wins

Secondly, he fails to find that 15.a4 Nxa4! 16.Qf4 Bxc3+?? is lost immediately
17.Kf1 - Bxb2 18.Qh4- Rd8 19.d4! (immediately rather than the Rxa4 -Qc3 that he gave) with unavoidable mate

However I too enjoyed his commentary, assessments and expression of thoughts etc! - that was a treat ofcourse to see a Worldchampion showing us what he thought over the board!

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Congratulations to your computer and software!! As you say, this is what world champions see over the board., and it is great when these guys are honest enough to admit that they just stopped calculating, and went on a general assessment . as keres said many years ago, it would go hard on the attacking player if the defender could always find perfect defence over the board with the clock running. Kramnik's post mortems are wonderful to watch. Much the best of all the top players. He is a very human man, and a very great player.
I agree totally with all jonald_fenecios's comments above.

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Thanks a lot to Chessvibes- expecting a video from Vachier-Lagrave and Naka too!

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It was a good experience to see how Kramnik thinks during his games and his frankness is so pleasant and personal - he seems to be an excellent human being - no wonder Anand has such a good relationship with him. His confidence in his ability seems to be the key to his success and he would truly be a worthy contender for the next World Championship against Anand. He still has Nakamura and Magnus to play and with his current confidence level, I feel he can beat them both and tie for first place with Anand.

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Very well said Kramnik! Not only that he is a very brilliant player but also a very potential teacher. He was able to simplify and show ideas which average players always fail to see. Personally, I felt that the chess community needs someone like Vladimir Kramnik. More power Kramnik! :)

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"King g7, like a man. Play like a man, because there's no other option already"

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I sure do, even before this reply. They associate the tactician concept with the attacker or dynamic one. Certain players are more boring than others (think of Wang Yue for example, who has the most boring line in his rep against everything with white and black), but in the dynamic and tactical department, it is well known that Kramnik is no less than anyone. He simply has a style which is not prone to show what he can do (Petrov, Berlin, etc), but we shouldn’t get fooled by someone’s rep. The other great example in this regard is Aronian, which I remember Vishy once defined him (back when he wasn’t what he is now), as a very tactical and dangerous player even though judging by his openings he seems positional oriented. Personally, I find these types of players the most annoying to play against. Perhaps Mamedyarov is another good example of the idea.

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Kramnik always leaves you not only with chess wisdom but also life wisdom! As says while it is cool to be on top of the table, it is more important you feel that you have played a good tournament from your own perspective!

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This should silence anyone who thinks Kramnik is not a good tactician. Thanks for this, I truly enjoyed watching!

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Who, on the face of the earth, thinks that Kramnik is not a good tactician?

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You are fortunate if you have never experienced these people. They think all Kramnik can do is draw or wait for a win to drop in his lap. (I exaggerate, but you get my point, I think.)

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You can check his chesbase DVD "my path to the top". there he analysis his first professional games and it is obvious that he was very sharp at that times. So after loosing to Anand, he said, "maybe I need to reconsider my playing style!"... So it is clear that he has changed his style a little...

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Thanks chessvibes. Funny to hear Kramnik saying he needs some cash ! Well the € 500,- goes to the right person.
I understood that the B-group had no winner because professor Sokolov thouhgt the were all patzers (a term Tata quickly removed from their round-report) Well, well well..patzers maybe, but not so friendly if not to say disloyal to his colleagues who could have done with €250,-
I think Sokolovs pedantic and presumptuous behaviour can only be forgiven if he pays € 250,- out of HIS own fee to a random B-group grandmaster. I don't think the players in the B-group are patzers...just quess who i find a PATZER??

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This is why I love Chessvibes! Those videos are invaluable. And Kramnik makes me feel like I understand chess :)

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The analyses of Kramnik are always a treat. Thanks!

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When Kramnik is in good shape and mood chess is like fine arts. Brilliant and very impressive!

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Yea.. Gotta say that of the top players I've started to really like Kramnik and it seems losing to Anand has been the best thing for him. He's started to show good form in blitz tourneys and played fighting chess in classical games. I hope Anand holds onto the title for like 8 years or something and breaks records but if he loses it to Kramnik I wouldn't really mind. We've lost Morozevich out of the top tier of players but Kramnik seems sorta reborn.

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