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Kravtsiv & Tiviakov win first LBV tournament

Sergei Tiviakov, Martyn Kravtsiv and the cup

Martyn Kravtsiv and Sergei Tiviakov became the joint winners of the first LBV Chess Tournament in Roosendaal, Netherlands. The two players scored 5/6 and had exactly the same tie-break score. The tournament was not FIDE rated but the conditions were excellent, and no doubt that's why no less than twelve grandmasters showed up.

Martyn Kravtsiv (.), Sergei Tiviakov and the cup | Photos courtesy of the organizers, more here

Event LBV tournament | PGN | Chess-Results
Dates August 16-19, 2012
Location Roosendaal, Netherlands
System 6-round Swiss
Players The strongest players in the A group were Sergei Tiviakov, Erwin l'Ami, Dimitri Reinderman, Martyn Kravtsiv, Erik van den Doel, Luc Winants, Jan Werle, Stewart Haslinger and Roeland Pruijssers  
Rate of play

90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes to finish the game + 30 seconds increment from move 1

The first LBV Chess Tournament was held August 16th-19th, 2012 in Roosendaal, Netherlands. It was organized by Stichting Schaak Promotie ("Chess Promotion Foundation") together with local chess club SV de Pion, one of the biggest Dutch clubs. The A group was at the same time the Championship of the Brabant Province. Main sponsor was the Landelijke Belangen Vereniging ("National Interests Association"), an independent union for employees and unemployed people. The first round was played on Thursday evening, then rounds 2-3 on Friday and 4-5 on Saturday and the final round started Sunday morning.

We don't report about 6-round events on a regular basis, but this was a really strong one. In terms of GMs participating it was in fact the strongest summer tournament in the Netherlands: 12, compared to 10 at the Hogeschool Zeeland tournament in Vlissingen earlier this month. (However, with 20 IMs in Vlissingen and 9 rounds to play, that tournament was obviously tougher to win. Dutchman GM Dimitri Reinderman finished first there, having a better tie-break than IM Gil Popilski of Israel.)

The playing hall in Roosendaal

Besides the 6,500 Euro prize fund and excellent conditions (hotel, guaranteed prize money and drinks) there might have been another reason why the LBV tournament attracted so many strong players: it was not FIDE rated. The organizers tried all kinds of things to stimulate fighting chess, including "spectacle prizes". Even a not so typical problem for Dutch tournaments was solved easily. Over the weekend the country experienced tropical temperatures (well into the 30s Celsius) but there happened to be air-conditioning at the relatively new venue, the Jan Tinbergen College (named after the 1969 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences).

It's not unusual for a 6-rounder to have joint winners, but it doesn't happen every day that they also finish on the same Buchholz and Sonneborn-Berger score! Therefore both 21-year-old GM Martyn Kravtsiv (Ukraine) and 39-year-old Sergei Tiviakov (Netherlands) were declared winners of the first LBV tournament, and they shared the 2500 Euro first prize.

Here's a nice win by Tiviakov in typical style, slowly outplaying his opponent from a slightly better ending.

PGN string

Kravtsiv isn't a bad endgame player either:

PGN string

Here's one of the games that won a spectacle prize (shared by the players this time), from the first round:

PGN string

The prize giving was done by none other than Dutch GM Loek van Wely – he congratulates Sergei Tiviakov (who
still doesn't play for the Dutch team due to a conflict with the federation); Martyn Kravtsiv on the left

During the tournament Van Wely and the other members of the Dutch Olympiad team were training at the same venue.
Here we see the coach, GM Vladimir Chuchelov, with Anish Giri, Loek van Wely and Jan Smeets

Where the football players failed at the World Cup, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong
with the atmosphere in the national chess team! (Daniel Stellwagen on the right)

1st LBV Chess Tournament 2012 | Final standings (top 30)

Rk. Title Name Fed Rtg Pts. TB1 TB2 n rtg+/-
1 GM Tiviakov Sergei NED 2674 5.0 24.5 19.75 6 4.9
x GM Kravtsiv Martyn UKR 2582 5.0 24.5 19.75 6 11.2
3 GM Van Den Doel Erik NED 2571 4.5 23.5 17.00 6 2.0
4 GM Winants Luc BEL 2543 4.5 23.0 16.50 6 4.1
5 GM Pruijssers Roeland NED 2514 4.5 22.5 15.50 6 7.2
6 IM Bosboom Manuel NED 2383 4.5 19.5 13.25 6 11.1
7 FM Broekmeulen Jasper NED 2410 4.5 19.5 13.00 6 7.7
8 GM Kasparov Sergey BLR 2490 4.5 19.5 12.75 6 3.7
9 WGM Muhren Bianca NED 2307 4.5 18.5 13.25 6 14.9
10 GM L'Ami Erwin NED 2628 4.5 17.5 12.75 6 -7.5
11 IM Martens Martin NED 2431 4.0 23.5 15.25 6 6.2
12 GM Haslinger Stewart G ENG 2524 4.0 23.5 14.50 6 2.8
13 GM Reinderman Dimitri NED 2583 4.0 22.5 14.50 6 -3.9
14 GM Swinkels Robin NED 2482 4.0 20.0 12.00 5 -1.3
15 IM Van Der Stricht Geert BEL 2403 4.0 19.0 12.00 6 -4.8
16 WGM L'Ami Alina ROU 2372 4.0 19.0 10.25 6 9.4
17 FM Erwich Frank NED 2359 4.0 18.5 10.50 6 9.0
18 WGM Paulet Iozefina ROU 2234 4.0 17.5 10.00 6 0.6
19 GM Van Der Wiel John T.H. NED 2419 4.0 17.0 11.00 6 -0.9
20   Admiraal Miguoel NED 2293 4.0 16.0 10.00 6 3.6
21 IM De Jong Jan-Willem NED 2441 3.5 22.5 12.50 6 -3.6
22 IM Leenhouts Koen NED 2390 3.5 22.0 10.75 6 -1.6
23 FM Wantola Ivo NED 2330 3.5 21.5 11.25 6 7.3
24 IM Van Oosterom Chiel NED 2384 3.5 21.5 10.75 6 6.9
25 GM Werle Jan NED 2533 3.5 20.5 11.50 6 -12.6
26 FM Tan Matthew NED 2428 3.5 20.5 9.75 6 -7.1
27 IM Sprenger Jan Michael GER 2498 3.5 20.0 10.50 6 -14.8
28 IM Kleijn Christov NED 2418 3.5 20.0 9.00 6 1.9
29   Van Den Berg Bram NED 2249 3.5 19.0 9.00 5 4.8
30   Van Osch Mees NED 2071 3.5 18.5 9.00 5 25.4

Source: Chess-Results

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Stephen's picture

Is that Anish Giri analysing how to mate with queen and rook against a lone king ?

Thomas's picture

On the last photo, it looks like this ... because part of the board isn't visible. But check the previous photo or the boards of his teammates van Wely and Smeets - apparently they had to solve an endgame study.

Anthony Migchels's picture

yes. But black's rook and queen are at f4 and f8

Vandros's picture

Maybe Giri got the easier version of the puzzle to solve. :)

G.M.Visser's picture

What happened to Kasparov? It seems he is the "jojo" of Poetin, but according to Kasparov: Poetin is the All Capone of Russia! But Poetin is treating him as a little boy.

G.M.Visser's picture

What happened to Kasparov? It seems he is the "jojo" of Poetin, but according to Kasparov: Poetin is the All Capone of Russia! But Poetin is treating him as a little boy.

Csaba's picture

Actually, the football players did quite well at the World Cup (they got to the final).

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