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[lang_nl]2e persconferentie Anand[/lang_nl][lang_en]2nd Press conference Anand[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het was even de vraag wie de persconferentie zou doen vandaag: Aronian of Anand. Het is de laatste geworden, met de belofte aan Levon dat hij zeker nog een keer aan de beurt komt als hij het toernooi wint.[/lang_nl][lang_en]For a moment it wasn't sure who was going to do the press conference: Aronian or Anand. It turned to be Vishy and Levon was promised that if he'll win the tournament, he'll certainly be the one.[/lang_en]




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Anyway, Anand played a very nice and complicated defence with the black pieces. GM Marin wrote that Ng3! is winning instead of Bf3?!

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"it would be unethical, because it is the evening and she is a married woman?¢‚Ǩ¬¶"

Lol... hilarious!!

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Anand is God!

Great analysis! This guy knows what chess is about, for sure!!

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Regarding comments by Vosuram and chessCarnival,: with no disrespect to Ivanchuk but this question keeps coming up here, about why Ivanchuk does not do the press conferences: 'The Mark of Genius: Memory, Autism, and Chess' he is simply put, not an ordinary person, but a very special and unique individual.

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it would be unethical, because it is the evening and she is a married woman...

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That's not J. Polgar at the press conference. She's a player from the Netherlands.

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Bravo por Anand.
?Ǭ°que partida!
la veo en mi visor y alucino

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Dear ChessCarnival,
a simplified psychological model is as follows : I'm entirely focused oh something, say, chess (it may be half-true..). I don't want any avalanches where single word leads to multiply discussions and takes too much time, which is a limited resource.

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A living legend.

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how do i get to the indian icc?


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"Well?¢‚Ǩ¬¶.for Judit Polgar to be at Anand?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s press conference analysis would be unethical since she is playing the same tournament."

What are you talking about???'s picture

Well....for Judit Polgar to be at Anand's press conference analysis would be unethical since she is playing the same tournament.
As for bernd's assesment of Anand being a "very intuitive" player.......he is the World Champion !!! what do u expect??

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Vosuram: Do you mean Polg?ɬ°r Judit?
Very high leveled analysis by the World Champ. Thank you Chessvibes, for showing us the videos.

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It is the voice of Durch WGM Bianca Muhren

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Anand is a really nice guy, great analysis, he seems to be a very intuitive player.

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believe you or not, but girls are beyond of normal rules and logic

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Extremely clear and comprehensive analysis by Anand, very few "maybe", in a contrast with legends :). BTW, "In this kind of Sicilian's, if White is pushing too much...", who's voice was it?

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Thank you Chessvibes for the great work! The videos are high-quality as always. Keep it up! I wonder whats the possibility of having Ivanchuck or Leko speaking their chess mind?

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Dear ChessCarnival,
I think the only way to convince Ivanchuck to give a presentation is to promise him not to ask general questions, all must be about the game he'd convinced to analyze :( That's it

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Thank you, Jeans. At first I thought that this was Judi. Stupid :)

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Its very sad.. He seems to be a nice guy.. Do you know the reasons behind it? Thanks for the reply!

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