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[lang_nl]De speech van Nakamura[/lang_nl][lang_en]Nakamura's speech[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]De winnaar was al bekend terwijl de rest van het toernooi nog zat te spelen. Daarom hierbij een eindverslag van Gibraltar 2008, inclusief de speech van winnaar Nakamura op video (nu compleet).[/lang_nl][lang_en]The winner was known already when the rest of the tournament was still playing. Therefore a final report of Gibraltar 2008, including Nakamura's speech on video (now complete).[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het toernooi is afgelopen en er zijn vele successen te noemen. Enkele ervaren deelnemers hadden heel goede resultaten (zo scoorde Robert Bellin op late leeftijd nog een GM-norm en won Jon Speelman 27 ratingpunten).

De andere twee GM-normen werden gescoord door Zong-Yuan Zhao (dat wist je al) en Viktorija Cmylite. Max Devereaux, Shen Yang, Zhao Xue, Joachim Thomassen en Ismael Karim scoorden IM-normen.

Mis niet John Saunders' uitgebreide laatste verslag op de toernooiwebsite.

Persoonlijk heb ik er geen spijt van dat ik ben afgereisd voor slechts de laatste vier ronden van Gibraltar. Het is een bijzonder toernooi; vrij persoonlijk, sociaal en relaxed eigenlijk.

Weer thuis in Amsterdam maakte ik de video van de prijsuitreiking, inclusief Nakamura's volledige speech:


In de video zie je dat Mikhalevski en Ly samen de schoonheidsprijs wonnen voor hun onderlinge partij:


Volledige eindstand hier.

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[/lang_nl][lang_en]The tournament has finished and there are many successes to mention. Some older participants, like Robert Bellin (scoring a GM norm!) and Jon Speelman (winning 27 rating points!) had fine tournaments.

The other two GM norms were scored by Zong-Yuan Zhao (this you already knew) and Viktorija Cmylite. Max Devereaux, Shen Yang, Zhao Xue, Joachim Thomassen and Ismael Karim scored IM norms.

Don't miss John Saunders's wonderful last report on the tournament website.

On a personal note, I must say I have really enjoyed to be present during the final four rounds of the Gibraltar. It's a special tournament, a personal, social one, where it seems to be easier than normal to meet new friends. I can recommend it to every chess player who is of the opinion that a fine atmosphere is a tournament's biggest asset.

After returning to Amsterdam, I created the final video on the prize giving ceremony, which includes Nakamura's full speech:


In the video you can see that Mikhalevsky and Ly together won the brilliancy prize for this game:


Full final standings here.

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I?Ǭ¥m sorry if this is a stupid question, but I can?Ǭ¥t find it on yahoo.
Thanks (for your pacience too...).
Cool - Chess Lover.

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What is "BH" criterium above?
Who knows?
Cool - Chess Lover.

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@ Amos

I did write that I respect his taste and his complaint, I just didn't like the tone/vocabulary of it. I just thought there could be a bit more politeness&respect for the work of Superhero Peter. "Ugh not worth it!" is not nice.
But anyway, wasn't a big deal (maybe I'm also being overly sensitive about words and I also guess Peter is grown up enough to defend himself ;) ), so let's move on, otherwise I'm spamming (you're right, this is a chess site)...

So let's move to more important topics:
Is there already a Superhero-Name for Peter? ;)

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Just so you know i agree with everything you said. Nothing wrong with your posts. Fighting a noble cause and doing it well!!! That's what makes these sites fun. Various viewpoints and contrasting opinions, it's pure entertainment. (I'll stop preaching now and being annoying.) But Michel keep you're comments coming, I like your point of views!!!

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Don't ask me what 'point of views' is, perhaps i should have said points of view. Regardless, I'm allergic to grammer. It's never been my thing.

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Hehe, that's far as I know you're not dying from it. It's a minor illness. ;)

But we should be careful- even if I'm playing the "White Knight" (noble cause...) sometimes, Peter is a superhero, so if we go on having private discussions on his website he'll strike us down with his superpowers!

So...back to chess. ;)
It's actually been a long time I haven't played a tournament (and I'm not in a club anymore), the great coverage of Chessvibe actually really makes wanna play more actively again. Good achievement, Peter!

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makes ME wanna play more

was the sentence. I think I got your allergy.

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Peter- Naka's very impressive with that camera in his hand! Cool Video, Thanks

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Thanks a lot!
Cool - Chess Lover

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I can't even watch the above video, because whoever put it together defaced it with that AWFUL MUSIC!!! Ugh, not worth it!

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Once again, thanks Peter for all the work.

@ semipatz

I do understand if you don't like the music (which is by Abba by the way), but, besides the fact that we don't even know if the music wasn't simply being played during the ceremony, you could anyway show some politeness and respect for all the work Chessvibes is doing and not simply write "Ugh, not worth it!". If you wanna complain, do it with respect.
What a bad "freeloading"-attitude.

By the way the music is just when the players go on stage, the speech of Naka is of course without music, so just go forward to that point.

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Michel83 and semipatz:

I just think it comes down to there are some songs a person is going to like and some songs a person isn't going to like. Everybody has their own tastes. Personally, I've liked the music of all these videos, but even if I didn't, i think it's fair to say the music makes the videos more entertaining and it's a much needed addition to the value of the presentation. But in the long run, this isn't a music site, it's a chess site, and a great one at that. And if you are a chess fan the music is a second concern to the great chess coverage of Peter the Great! And due to the fact ,that Peter is a superhero, he takes the critisicm he recieves and flies higher yet, which makes this site even better in the long run. Great job Peter!!! Keep the music flowing for there are many who dance to it!!!!

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