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[lang_nl]FIDE beschuldigt Nigel Short[/lang_nl][lang_en]FIDE accuses Nigel Short[/lang_en]


"Er zijn de laatste jaren aardig wat lachwekkende episodes rondom de FIDE geweest maar ik dacht dat Nigel Short een grap maakte toen hij vertelde dat hij voor FIDE's Ethische Commissie is gesleept, beschuldigd van het zwartmaken van FIDE vice-president Zurab Azmaiparashvili en waarnemend president Georgios Makropoulos. Gezien het verleden van het tweetal de afgelopen jaren leek me dat vrij onmogelijk."

Zo begon Malcolm Pein zijn column van gisteren in de Telegraph. In een brief van de FIDE wordt Nigel Short beschuldigd van het overtreden van artikel 2.2.10 en 2.2.11 van FIDE's Ethische Code.[/lang_nl][lang_en]

"There have been some laughable episodes in FIDE over the years but I thought Nigel Short was joking when he told me that he has been hauled before the Fide Ethics Committee accused of defaming Fide Vice President Zurab Azmaiparashvili and Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos. Given the antics of this pair over the years I cannot see how this is possible."

This is how Malcolm Pein started his column of yesterday in the Telegraph. In a letter by FIDE Nigel Short is accused of violating articles 2.2.10 and 2.2.11 Fide Code of Ethics.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het gaat om het interview dat de voormalige finalist om het wereldkampioenschap op 30 januari 2007 gaf aan de Indiase krant DNA. In het interview was Short zeer kritisch over Azmaiparashvili en Makropoulos die allebei lid waren van de Commissie van Beroep in San Luis en Elista.

Shorts reactie op de beschuldiging: ''Ik neem niks terug en kijk ernaar uit om ze te vernederen in welk verhoor of rechtbank dan ook.''[/lang_nl][lang_en]At issue is an interview the former world title finalist gave on 30th January 2007 to the Indian newspaper DNA. In his interview Short was highly critical of Azmaiparashvili and Makropoulos who were both on the Appeals Committee in San Luis and Elista.

Short reaction to the accusation: ''I have nothing to retract and I look forward to humiliating them in any hearing or court.''[/lang_en]


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Centercounter's picture

Don't forget 1993 was also about politics and the failure of FIDE to adequately provide for the professional players (remember, Kasparov's organization was called the PCA and was about those at the top, playing for a living).

I can see how feelings regarding Topalov have changed from San Luis to Elista to the present. Danailov has done quite a bit of harm to his man's reputation.

Short does "tell it like he sees it" probably largely because that was the method he used to sell his articles in the Telegraph. To quote Kamsky's article in Chessbase on how Elista affected chess in describing Short's view on self promotion, "any publicity is good publicity" in Short's mind.

However, we cannot let Azmai off with a pass, either. His record and reputation both in Georgian chess and FIDE is not without blemish.

I think rather than censure, there would be a demand for a 10-game match, played outside of FIDE's jurisdiction, between the two... perhaps even the chess-boxing idea would be appropriate.

Oh, and no headbutting...

great mo's picture

What could FIDE possibly do to Short???

BRUZ_LEE's picture

It's definitely not time to support Mr.Short.
In fact, he is one of the responsible ones to bring about all the misery in world chess by not playing his match against GK in 1993 under FIDE but instead choosing to put all the money in his own pocket.
Since then chess has completely lost attraction world-wide (if you have two or more chess champions, in fact you have none at all) and we are deprived of the world championship highlight every three years as it was before 1993.
Mr. Short should therefore keep his mouth shut.
I wonder why he has so many supporters in the chess-world.
He is obviously a bad character.

Dominicanchess's picture

Everything political sucks! ELISTA is a big bluff, and I agree this is all about harming Topalov?Ǭ¥s reputation, arguably the best active chess player right now. Short SHOULD KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT. He is an arrogant by saying : "I look forward to humiliating them in court". That is just crap! See you on playchess, guys!

BRUZ_LEE's picture

As I said: Mr.Short is obviously a bad character (don't forget 1993!!!) , and he should keep quiet about world chess affairs.
And by the way....I have never read something really interesting from Mr.Short. He is all just about polemics.

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

BRUZ_LEE probably Short is taking still some money to keep talking:))) I don't like him also because in San Luis they were eating with Vesko Topalov on one table every day and after that all this bullshit they can watch tv or whatever but will never find cables in the toilet sorry but this is
obviously a counter attack from the russian goverment against Topalov reputation and they are
paying money to this Short

BRUZ_LEE's picture

Of course FIDE can't do something to Short. But hopefully they don't make him official correspondent for the World Championship and pay him a luxury holiday again (as in 2005 in Argentina).
Mr. Short should keep his 1993 money or what's left of it and be quiet about world chess forever.

Bartleby's picture

There was a lot of talk about the Ethics Committee's inaction lately.
It could have done something about unfounded cheating accusations. (While FIDE could have investigated substantive cheating issues.)

That they chose to move against Short instead is a clear sign they do care about their functionary egos more than they care about chess. Criticizing FIDE officials is the ultimate breach of ethics.

peter's picture

Thanks Goran!

Goran's picture

Peter, I see you play in Tarragona. Good luck!

ikalel's picture

I support Short, he's funny. He should have a regular column at New In Chess or some other popular publication. He doesn't hold anything back and just tells it like it is.

Joris van Vuure's picture

Koningsgambietje in de rechtbank. Altijd leuk :)

arne's picture

Obviously, this strange and of censure smelling parts of the 'code of ethics' will not hold in any democratic court of law. But Short could still be in a lot of practical trouble if FIDE really wants to annoy him. Is it time for a 'Support Nigel Short' website yet? ;-)

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