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[lang_nl]Gezamenlijke persconferentie Radjabov & Topalov[lang_nl][lang_en]Joint press conference Radjabov & Topalov[lang_en]

[lang_nl]Omdat de heren met hun remise gedeeld eerste eindigden, werd aan Teimour Radjabov en Veselin Topalov gevraagd of ze misschien samen hun remise wilden toelichten. Daar waren ze toe bereid en wij kunnen dit schouwspel gelukkig weer tonen. Radjabov staat helaas wat veel voor het demonstratiebord, maar de cameraman (bovengetekende) kon geen kant op want zat vastgeklemd tussen leden van een Bulgaarse en een Armeense televisieploeg. Maar drie keer raden wie het materiaal als eerste publiceert. ;-)[/lang_nl][lang_en]Because the two gentlemen ended first by drawing their game, both Teimour Radjabov and Veselin Topalov were asked to explain their game. They accepted and so we're glad that we can broadcast this little show as well. Unfortunately Radjabov is standing before the demo board a lot, but the cameraman (yours truly) couldn't move being stuck between members of a Bulgarian and an Armenian televison crew. But guess who's publishing the material first. ;-)[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Deel I

Deel II

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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


vasko's picture

Finally ! Thank you, Chessvibes!!! You are the best! Great job covering the tournament!

Eelco de Vries's picture

Thank you, Peter!

These videos certainly added pleasure to following the tournament.

luis's picture

congratulations Radjavob

vasko's picture

Nice sense of humor by Topalov about the notorious article in the German newspaper :)

luis's picture

Radjabov next world champion

In?ɬ°cio de Freitas's picture

Dear friends, it was a great, great tournament! Topalov and Radjabov were realy above others, since Kramnik seems had played just "to pass his time" and neiteher Anand or Aronian don't find their better center.

About the final round, the 13?Ǭ? move by Topalov was a incredible moment! I don't remember - in early months and tournaments ago - a so impressive, clever and unusual move! Realy an act of corage and accuracy (maybe remembering Capablanca's cold analises!).

Congratulations to both champions.

The question, now, can be that: who of then will chalenge Karmnik, at the WC cicle, on september/october 2007?...

Abraces to all, from Brasil.

Alfil Blanco's picture

The true standings of Corus:
1. Aronian
2. Topalov
3. Radjabov
4. Kramnik
5. Anand

Congratulations to ARONIAN the 2007 Corus CHampion!!!

philippe's picture

super super .le jeu d echecs est humain pas d ordinateur.est il possible de se procurer les videos?

kenan's picture

RADJABOV is the best1

NJT's picture

Bravo, Radjabov! We should thank Teymour for his star performance particularly given that he is relatively young. He has brilliantly proved that he is a promising chess player. Teymour has dispelled all doubts that he is the Next Champion!!!

Pedro's picture

Thank you very much!
All videos transmited by Chessvibes were excellent!!

Hayri Kaya's picture

""About the final round, the 13?Ǭ? move by Topalov was a incredible moment! I don?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t remember - in early months and tournaments ago - a so impressive, clever and unusual move""

Inacio it seems you missed this game was a copy of 10th game of Elista match. In which that Kramnik won the game with that so called genious 13th move :D This is not a new foundation Topalov did before and lost, because other time his opponent was great Kramnik the Champion!!

Hayri Kaya's picture

And Inacio as Topalov today said he studied this whole at home :D This is not his own move, may be the software that he uses at home or may be his trainer friends topalov is a home-prepared star not a genious don't forget this!

Ben van Vlierden's picture

Is there any possibility to eliminate (discretely) the person that goes "SssssT" (thereby making inaudible ANYTHING else) for half a dozen times each recording?

I realize it's a bit late this time, but perhaps he could get an accident, or some crippling disease, or get poisoned before the next edition?

Henry Brown's picture

Great Tournament

Thank you to all, making this one of the best chess tournaments in the world.
My congratulations go to all winners, especially to Aronian, the only player who didn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t loose a single game during the entire tournament.

Bravo Levon!!!

God Bless you All!

thenewone's picture

Hayri Kaya you're so competent
are you a GM?

Nice job, Chessvibes!!! It was great to watch your videos just minutes after the events!

Tashak's picture

H?Ѭ±yar Kaya , your chess understanding and interpretations are limmitted to being in love with Sralnik and nothing more. Please do not mention Topi at all in your comments ,since you are far away from the game he plays.

David's picture

The game Topalov played was exact replica of the 10th game with Kramnik in Elisa as said above.
Plus I heard some things about Radja's and Topa's managers connections to each other. I hope this is not the case, but hey, these days.... everything can happen. Even in chess....
I don't know.
My full credit goes to Levon Aronian, which could have easily get the full 1 point in round 12 and become true champion without sharing his 1st place with Topalov and Radjabov.

Roberto from Mexico's picture

Concerning the joint press conference Radjabov & Topalov, we have to say to Radjabov: the body isn?Ǭ¥t transparent!!

Anar's picture

It was an excellent tournament
The best player of the tournament without any reservation is Teimour Radjabov taking into condsideration his age and experience. I can say with complete determination that he is the next world champion
Kramnik and Topalov-1975
Kasparov-1963-All four are from the same year circle
Adding this Radja is next world champion!!!

Ugur's picture

Topalov and Radjabov had great play in this championship. But Teymour could be in better position. and yeh, Aronian was lucky that Both Finalists tied.

Elnur's picture

T?â‚Ñ¢?Ö???â‚Ñ¢kk?ɬºrl?â‚Ñ¢r Teymur
Bravo Teymur...
You are the best

Aurelio Haber's picture

Hi! to all thanks for chess vibes and i's holding and giving chess fans and enthusiast time to cover live chess games analysis by famous and champion caliber player... in the Curos Chess championship..2007!
I'm glad to be one to learn more about chess and later covet the Fide elo rating even on online by palying at
Godblest to all!

Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

Manolo's picture

Congratulations and thanks for these videos!

Emil  baku's picture

Pozdravlyayu tebya zemlyak.Sukani bele saxla .Halal olsun Sene .Yashasin Azerbaycan

Jumma Ahmed's picture

nice website we hope to see videos of Linares and other tournaments
Our support to chess

Vasko's picture

It would be awesome if you can cover the same way the Linares Tournament! I hope it's possible! Great job for the Corus Tournament :) !

Armen's picture

Levon is Champion!!!

Mahesh Motiramani's picture


Nowadays you don't need to go to these chess tournaments, provided they are organised and lead in the way Corus did it. Really great. I had partly the impression I was there, altough I sat at home.
I hope that Corus becomes an example for all big tournaments to follow.
Radja and Toppi were really great, but the next big player to come ist Aronian, he will overtake both.
It's strange, that the world champion couln't reach a higher position, not to speak about his Elo-quotient. But that seems to be possible only in chess.
A little bit sad for me: Anand was not in his best shape. He could have played better.

Thank you Corus!!!

Azer's picture

Radjabov the Best!!!

ZLOY_NL's picture

Congratulations to Teymur Radjabov.
Thats was great of you.
Yeri var qaqash
Good luck!

Teymur's picture

160 rules !

Teymur - chempion mira !

Go on !

Dinara's picture

Teymur, we are proud of you!

Ahmed ekram's picture

We really enjoyed this tournament and thanks for the vedio replay that motivates up to play chess more and more :)

By the way , for Topalov all the moves are "critical" try to count how many times he say critical in his analysis :) anyways good luck for both of the champions.

Stevo's picture

Off topic question: Does anyone know where to get a demo board like the one used in this video?

Cheers . . .

peter's picture

Well, I wouldn't know. You might email the Corus organisers, to get in touch with their carpenter ;-)

Stevo's picture

LOL, yeah I've already sent an email to Corus - no reply as yet.

Santi's picture

Spectacular!I,m so amaze...

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