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[lang_nl]Grand Prix komt eraan![/lang_nl][lang_en]Upcoming: Grand Prix![/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het is wat stil geweest in de aanloop, maar nu dat beide websites online zijn, is het hoog tijd voor een aankondiging van het eerste Grand Prix-toernooi, dat maandag a.s. al begint: Bakoe 2008. En: ChessVibes is erbij. Jawel.[/lang_nl][lang_en]It has been very quiet until today, but now that both websites are up, it's about time for the announcement of the first Grand Prix tournament, which starts next Monday already: Baku 2008. And: ChessVibes will be there. Yes yes.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Waarschijnlijk denk je nu: wat? Maandag al? Want inderdaad, er was nogal een langdurige stilte voor de storm. Maar maandag is het zover: dan worden in Bakoe, de hoofdstad van Azerbeidzjan, de eerste partijen gespeeld van een twee jaar durende serie toernooien.

Zondag vlieg ik naar Bakoe, aangezien ik door Global Chess BV ben uitgenodigd om mee te werken aan de website. Samen met drie anderen, onder wie de topcommentator Sergey Shipov, gaan we zorgen voor dagelijkse verslaggeving, foto's, videos en analyses. Het toernooi duurt tot 6 mei.

Een ontzettend leuke job volgens mij, in een beroemde schaakstad, dus ik heb er veel zin in. En het voordeel voor ChessVibes is natuurlijk dat ik bovenop het nieuws zit, daar in Bakoe!

De baai van Bakoe

Grand Prix-serie
Zes keer wordt een identiek evenement gehouden, waarin met hetzelfde tijdschema van zeventien dagen toernooien worden gehouden in achtereenvolgens Bakoe, Azerbeidzjan (april-mei 2008), Sochi, Rusland (augustus 2009), Doha, Qatar (december 2008), Montreux, Zwitserland (april-mei 2009), Elista (augustus 2009) en Karlovy Vary, Tsjechi?ɬ´ (december 2009).

Het totaal aantal deelnemers aan deze eerste FIDE Grand Prix-serie is 21, waarvan er steeds 14 meedoen in ?ɬ©?ɬ©n toernooi. Elke speler speelt vier van de zes toernooien. De spelers gaan met hun eindrangschikking per toernooi punten verdienen (net zoals bij de Formule 1) en eind 2009 wordt van elke speler bekeken wat zijn totale aantal punten is over zijn beste drie toernooien. De uiteindelijke winnaar mag dan de winnaar van de World Cup 2009 uitdagen, waarvan de winnaar weer de wereldkampioen in 2010 mag uitdagen. (Volg je het nog?)

Hoe ingewikkeld het ook allemaal mag zijn, feit is dat zondag de opening plaatsvindt van een zeer interessant toernooi. In de geboortestad van Kasparov, en ook Radjabov trouwens, gaan de volgende spelers spelen:


Meer informatie over het eerste toernooi in Baku vind je op de speciale toernooisite. Ook hebben we deze week een algemene Grand Prix-site opgezet.

Update: Aangezien er in de reacties een gezonde discussie is begonnen over wie de favoriet is, heb ik maar even een poll toegevoegd:[/lang_nl][lang_en]Probably you now think: What? Monday already? Because indeed, it has been quiet for a long time. But Monday it all starts: then, in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, the first moves of a 2-year series of tournaments will be played.

Sunday I'll fly to Baku myself, because I've accepted an invitation by Global Chess BV to cooperate in the tournament website team. As a team of four, among them top commentator Sergey Shipov, we'll take care of daily reports, photos, videos and analysis. The tournament finishes May 6th.

A great job, I think, in a famous chess city, so I'm really looking forward to it. The good thing for ChessVibes is that I'll be right in the middle of everything, and you'll get the news first hand, straight from Baku!

Bay of Baku

Grand Prix Series
Six identical events will be held, with the same time schedule of seventeen days, in Baku, Azerbaijan (April-May 2008), Sochi, Russia (August 2009), Doha, Qatar (December 2008), Montreux, Switserland (April-May 2009), Elista (August 2009) and Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic (December 2009).

The total number of participants in this first FIDE Grand Prix Series is 21, and in each tournament 14 will play. Each individual player plays four of the six tournaments. Their specific final standings will gain them Grand Prix points (just like in Formula 1) and at the end of 2009, the points collected by the players in their best three tournaments will count. The eventual winner gains the right to challenge the winner of the 2009 World Cup in a match, to determine the challenger of the World Champion in a match in 2010. (Still there?)

OK, it's very complicated, but it's a fact that next Sunday a very interesting tournament will be officially opened. The birth place of Kasparov, and Radjabov too by the way, will be the host city for the following players:


More info on this first tournament in Baku can be found at the special tournament website which we've created this week behind the scenes. There's also a general Grand Prix-site.

Update: Since a healthy discussion has started in the comments about who's the favorite, I've decided to add a poll:[/lang_en]

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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


Ines's picture

Well, Radja also wins tournaments, but I agree on Karjakin... Carlsen is just stronger.

Janis Nisii's picture

Humm, I tried to vote but it gives me this error "please choose a valid poll answer". And yes, I had selected a player ;)

Janis Nisii's picture

Okay, it worked, but only from the home page.

xtra's picture

question: I read somewhere that sofia rules would be implemented in this tournament. is this so, and will it be the case in all the six tournaments? are there any other special rules, or is it just the normal stuff?

Alejandro's picture

Well, i think Carlssen is a favorite, even with the rating pressure and all, but he's always played for a win in every tournament, and I remember Kasparov saying he was better than for instance Karjakin or Radjabov because he was actually winning tournaments (wijk ann zee, etc etc etc)

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

Peter that's very nice for you and for us:))) whish you great time there :)))
this tournament will be very interesting Cheparinov is my favorite obviously:)))

Songamonga's picture

Get some money from the FIDE your site is a better propaganda for chess than theirs, they should pay you for the service of amusing chess fans. Regards

evanhaut's picture

wow.. carlsen is leading the pack of wolves!
he needs 7.5 out of 13 not to harm his rating.. should become interesting to see how he will try to do so.

Jean-Michel's picture

Pretty fascinating: this will be the first super-tournament where Magnus Carlsen will start as the favourite, instead of an underdog, thanks to his new rating points. I wonder if the pressure will affect him in any way? It is much different approaching a tournament with the idea that +1 or +2 is a good score compared to one where people are expecting you to win.

He certainly seems to be mentally strong enough to adapt, but will it perhaps take him a few tournaments for him to adjust?

Elkhan's picture

It's the first big chess tournament in Azerbaijan, after the collapse of Soviets. I hope one of our boys will win, and my personal favorite is Radja, because Shakh is out of form recently..

Looking forward to an exciting tournament.

Martien's picture

Gefeliciteerd Peter! Erkenning voor je baanbrekend werk in het filmen!

Eiae's picture

I am quite excited by this tournament. A lot of very interesting players on the list. Rating points out the favorites, of course, but I can't really point to one player and say he got no chance of winning this event.
I only miss one or two Armenian players, but I suppose the region is not yet ready for friendly "neighborship".

Nice to see you get some "official" recognition for your great work with this site, Peter.
Will the games commentary section be a live commentary?

Ines's picture

Ponomariov is attending the tournament as Kamsky?Ǭ¥s second... wonder why he is not there actually PLAYING, instead of, for example, Navara, because OK, Wang Hao?Ǭ¥s or Gashimov?Ǭ¥s rating may be below Ponomariov?Ǭ¥s, but you have to admit they?Ǭ¥re playing amazing games lately (see, for example, their performance in the Russian League), but Navara? Sorry, I have to disagree with that choice.

nick's picture

I will point to Inarkiev as someone who cannot win it!

Also i would rather have Navara in there coz he is a hot & cold player - on form he is very dangerous. Ponomariov's play of late bores me senseless.

The winner will be from Carlsen (best player) Radjabov (home town inspiration) or Kamsky (He's back!)

peter's picture

Poll added, guys! Now at least we'll know who's the favorite among the ChessVibes audience.

SEO Company's picture

sofia all the way throught.
Read 4.4 here.

I am expecting to see Carlsen take this one with 6 wins 5 draws for +4 and 8.5/13. I think Carlsen will loose to either Kamsky, Radjabov, or Svidler and blunder one game away.

Looking forward to more great chess.

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