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[lang_nl]Hoofdkantoor Global Chess BV bij het Max Euwe Centrum - interview met Bessel Kok[/lang_nl][lang_en]Head office Global Chess at the Max Euwe Center - interview with Bessel Kok[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Gisteren werd het contract getekend tussen het Max Euwe Centrum en Global Chess BV, het nieuwe bedrijf dat verantwoordelijk zal zijn voor vele FIDE-toernooien en ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äúmatches en voor de marketing van schaken in het algemeen. Het betekent dat Global Chess BV haar hoofdkantoor zal hebben in hartje Amsterdam. ChessVibes had interviews met Bessel Kok en met Geoffrey Borg over de samenwerking met het Max Euwe Centrum en vooral over de plannen van Global Chess BV.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Yesterday a contract was signed between the Max Euwe Center and Global Chess BV, the new company what will be responsible for many FIDE tournaments and matches as well as the marketing of the game of chess in general. It means Global Chess BV will have their head office in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ChessVibes had interviews with Bessel Kok and with Geoffrey Borg, about the cooperation with the Max Euwe Center and especially about the plans of Global Chess BV.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Hieronder het interview met Bessel Kok:

Enkele uitspraken van Bessel Kok uit het interview:

"Met de overeenkomst met het Max Euwe Centrum slaan we twee vliegen in ?ɬ©?ɬ©n klap. Global Chess heeft de ideale locatie gevonden voor haar hoofdkantoor en tegelijkertijd zal het MEC financieel profiteren."

"Global Chess zal een aparte onderdeel zijn, onder aparte leiding, dat in de toekomst het wereldkampioenschap gaat organiseren en verantwoordelijk zal zal zijn voor de marketing van het schaken, het aantrekken van sponsoren en betrokken zal worden bij een aantal schaakgerelateerde projecten."

"Onze verantwoordelijkheid begint onmiddellijk zodra we de licentieovereenkomst tekenen met de FIDE. De FIDE-president heeft al akkoord gegeven maar het definitieve akkoord moet komen van de FIDE Presidential Board en zij gaan half juni stemmen."

"Er staat een reeds geplande match op stapel, een soort van rematch. Dit is een onderdeel van de erfenis van de FIDE. We gaan niet discussi?ɬ´ren over de vraag of deze rematch terecht is; het is besloten en we zullen er een rol in spelen. Vanaf dat moment moeten we een nieuwe cyclus gaan cre?ɬ´ren en de FIDE ervan overtuigen dat er een betere manier is om te cyclus te organiseren dan hoe het nu gepland is tot 2009."

"De juiste weg is terug te gaan naar een echte Grand Prix. De Grand Prix zal een serie zijn die tot kwalificatie leidt. We zullen de WK-match behouden als de ultieme manier om het wereldkampioenschap te bepalen."

In het interview vertelt Bessel Kok vertelt ook meer over hoe Global Chess precies van plan is meer commerci?ɬ´le sponsoren aan te trekken en gaat hij in op hoe het gekomen is dat de voormalige opponenten Kirsan en Bessel nu min of meer samenwerken.

FIDE-vice-president Geoffrey Borg zal Global Chess BV gaan leiden. Hij gaat meer in detail over de manier waarop Global Chess wil gaan samenwerken met de FIDE en met grote bedrijven wereldwijd.

Ten slotte geeft Jan Nagel, de voorzitter van de Stichting Max Euwe Centrum, kort commentaar op de samenwerking met Global Chess BV. Het filmpje begint met wat beelden uit het museumgedeelte van het MEC.

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Here the interview with Bessel Kok:

Some excerpts from the interview with Bessel Kok:

"The agreement with the Max Euwe Center means 'hitting two flies with one stroke'. Global Chess has found the ideal location for their main office and simultaneuosly the MEC will benefit financially."

"Global Chess will be a separate arm under separate leadership that will in the future organize the world championship cycle and that will try to market chess, to attract sponsors, and to be involved in a numer of chess projects."

"Our responsibility will start as from the moment we sign the licence agreement with FIDE. The FIDE President has already approved but we need approval from the FIDE Presidential Board and they're going to vote on it in mid-June. We have good hope. It means we will take over a number of the activities of FIDE and we will pay FIDE royalties."

"There is an already commited match, a kind of rematch, already scheduled. This is part of the legacy of FIDE. We don't wanna discuss if a rematch is correct; it's decided and we will get a roll there and from there on we have to create a new cycle and have to convince FIDE that there are better was to organize the cycle, than the way it's planned until 2009."

"The way to go is to go back to a real Grand Prix. The Grand Prix will be a series which will lead to qualification. We will keep the match as the ultimate way to decide the world championship."

In the interview Bessel Kok also tells about the plans of Global Chess for chess to attract commercial sponsorhip and explains how the former opponents Kirsan and Bessel got into working together.

FIDE Vice President Geoffrey Borg will be the CEO of Global Chess BV. He speaks in more detail about the way Global Chess will try to work together work with FIDE as well as big companies worldwide.

Finally, the chairman of the Max Euwe Center Foundation Mr Jan Nagel comments on the cooperation with Global Chess BV. The video starts with images from the museum part of the MEC.


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I think the Grand Prix idea is a great one. Instead of confusing points, just use the money won as in pro golf. This will make sponsors pay more if they want the most influential event and simplify chess publicity. Given all the cheating and corruption, apparently at all levels of chess, we need to make every effort to be transparent and present chess as equivalent entertainment for the web, TV and other media. Good luck, thanks for your time, Bessel.

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I would also add, get rid of increments and silly time controls. Classic chess is the only avenue for multi-million dollar world title events, that I see. If the game has advanced past move 60, then consider a 10 or 15 second increment, otherwise the clock is too confusing, imo, and detracts from the rich history of chess. If we want a new and exciting time control, we should go back to playing with hourglasses, where time management is super critical. There is no need to have to have a computer or fancy clock to play chess!!!

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i have my own chessclub in Angola but this people here they don't respect the chess we have no sponsor we have sometime to travel for other chess competition is necessary to sale anythings very important like your car or television,only to travel to so many competion,now i hope you guys there can send any appeal in Angola federation to respect more there chess players one of them is International Master ALEXANDRE DO NASCIMENTO is full of corruption ask money to players go to play for international competition please this man think the chess is business he make like is own propriety please the chess in Angola is going down i love chess that why i cry for help i have more than 100 chess players in diferent school but this people make like we not exist i know you guys like and love chess try to feel like in my side and try to appeal so many chess players to help Angolan chessplayers please please help help help...
Kind Regards

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30.08.08O bus?ɬ?lis dos convites encalhados
Depois do GM Henrique Mecking, o Mequinho, ainda que a quil?ɬ¥metros de dist?ɬ¢ncia, a personalidade do xadrez brasileiro mais conhecida internacionalmente ?ɬ© o MI Herman Claudius van Riemsdijk, holand?ɬ™s naturalizado brasileiro, campe?ɬ£o nacional em cinco oportunidades (salvo engano), recordista de participa?ɬß?ɬµes nessa competi?ɬß?ɬ£o, ?ɬ°rbitro internacional, ex-presidente da Federa?ɬß?ɬ£o Paulista de Xadrez e do Clube de Xadrez S?ɬ£o Paulo, redator durante d?ɬ©cadas de uma coluna de xadrez no mais importante jornal brasileiro.

Esse superstar de uma modalidade quase secreta no pa?ɬ?s chega aos 60 anos, com muita sa?ɬ?de. Para comemorar, obt?ɬ©m um patroc?ɬ?nio internacional e faz, aqui na capital paulista, na sede do Clube de Xadrez S?ɬ£o Paulo, um torneio denominado Internacional da Amizade. Atribui uma premia?ɬß?ɬ£o de $ 10 mil reais, que para os padr?ɬµes brasileiros ?ɬ© excelente.

Elabora uma extensa lista de convidados, faz o indefect?ɬ?vel torneio fechado simult?ɬ¢neo e registra-o na Federa?ɬß?ɬ£o Paulista de Xadrez, CBX e Fide.

Aparentemente, tudo para ser um sucesso. No entanto...

Eis que menos da metade das vagas dispon?ɬ?veis foram preenchidas; das 30 reservadas a estrangeiros apenas uma foi ocupada.

Onde estaria, ent?ɬ£o, o bus?ɬ?lis do encalhe dos convites?

Estaria ele no sistema adotado de participa?ɬß?ɬ£o por convite, antip?ɬ°tico para uns, enganoso para outros?

Sistema antip?ɬ°tico porque discriminat?ɬ?rio, malgrado a tentativa de explic?ɬ°-lo em ?¢‚Ǩ?ìnota de esclarecimento?¢‚Ǩ? inserida na p?ɬ°gina on-line da FPX, cujas entrelinhas deixou entrever ter sido o crit?ɬ©rio primordial e n?ɬ£o-confessado a exclus?ɬ£o dos eventuais desafei?ɬßoados.

E sistema enganoso tamb?ɬ©m porque, segundo o Houaiss, temos as seguintes acep?ɬß?ɬµes para o termo ?¢‚Ǩ?ìConvite?¢‚Ǩ?:

Convite ?ɬ© ?¢‚Ǩ?ìpresente, d?ɬ°diva; gratifica?ɬß?ɬ£o?¢‚Ǩ?;
Convite tamb?ɬ©m ?ɬ© ?¢‚Ǩ?ìaquilo que estimula; incentivo, est?ɬ?mulo?¢‚Ǩ?;
E convite tamb?ɬ©m ?ɬ© ?¢‚Ǩ?ìbilhete que d?ɬ° direito a ingresso gratuito em um espet?ɬ°culo?¢‚Ǩ?.

Assim, como se pode ser convidado ou estimulado a participar de um evento, se ato cont?ɬ?nuo ?ɬ©-se instado a recolher a n?ɬ£o-m?ɬ?dica quantia de 60 reais aos cofres federativos? Se convite enseja gratuidade, por qu?ɬ™ da participa?ɬß?ɬ£o onerosa?

Talvez o bus?ɬ?lis esteja no enfoque promocional do evento: afora o apoio da p?ɬ°gina on-line da FPX, visualmente confusa, o s?ɬ?tio pessoal do aniversariante, denominado Hiperchess (e da qual se esperaria ser a p?ɬ°gina oficial do acontecimento), h?ɬ° meses n?ɬ£o ?ɬ© atualizado e tampouco esta realiza?ɬß?ɬ£o motivou sua retomada; nem mesmo o s?ɬ?tio do clube que sedia o evento nada informa a respeito. Uma l?ɬ°stima.

Quem sabe, outrossim, o bus?ɬ?lis se encontre na desestimulante distribui?ɬß?ɬ£o concentradora dos pr?ɬ™mios, ali?ɬ°s um vi?ɬ©s recorrente no ambiente federativo?

Mas, esteja o b?ɬ?silis onde estiver, conclu?ɬ?-se que apenas uma verba expressiva vertida ao xadrez n?ɬ£o traz a este esporte, por si s?ɬ?, est?ɬ?mulo e massifica?ɬß?ɬ£o: os recentes exemplos positivos de Registro-SP e Bra?ɬßo do Norte-SC est?ɬ£o a?ɬ? para serem reproduzidos. Desde que haja interesse e seriedade.

(Esste "post" ?ɬ© tamb?ɬ©m reproduzido no endere?ɬßo UOL, onde podem inserir-se eventuais coment?ɬ°rios.)

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Gostaria de saber se este escrit?ɬ?rio apoiou este evento.

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Anyone know any way to get in contact with Global Chess? I would like to be able to coordinate with them regarding what they want to accomplish and the IAGO World Tour.

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