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[lang_nl]Interview GM Peter Heine Nielsen[/lang_nl][lang_en]Interview GM Peter Heine Nielsen[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Na mijn interview met Loek van Wely, de secondant van Vladimir Kramnik in Mexico, had ik donderdagmiddag vlak na het begin van de twaalfde ronde een interview met Peter Heine Nielsen, die hier secondant is van Viswanathan Anand. We bespraken allerlei zaken, zoals werken met Anand en de sfeer in het team, maar we hadden het ook over Magnus Carlsen en Nielsen als schrijver.[/lang_nl][lang_en]After my interview with Loek van Wely, Vladimir Kramnik second in Mexico, I also had an interview with Peter Heine Nielsen, Viswanathan Anand's second. Thursday, right after the start of the twelth round, we spoke about different things, from working with Anand and the atmosphere in the team to Magnus Carlsen and Nielsen as a chess writer.[/lang_en]



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You are right Zakki! He is saying "Stuff like this", "Sure", and of course "Actually", typical Indian phrases and pronounced almost Indy-Style too. Great observation.

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Zakki make a very good point! Peter does sound remarkably like Vishy. They say that pets take on the characteristic of their owners. The same is obviously true of Grandmaster seconds!

zakki's picture

Heh, sound to me like he has to some degree adopted Anand's accent.
Anyway, another interesting interview.

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Yeah, i noticed too. Another one is listen how Nielsen pronuonced "well"'s sound typical Indian with extra stress on leter "L".

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great idea. a long interview with a second. this is really cool

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