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[lang_nl]Interview Magnus Carlsen[/lang_nl][lang_en]Interview Magnus Carlsen[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Dit interview met Magnus Carlsen werd vlak na Linares, waar hij gedeeld tweede werd, op de Noorse televisie uitgezonden. In de stijl van Jay Leno/Robert Jensen. Ondertiteling in Engels.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Right after Linares, where he became shared second, this Norwegian tv interview with Magnus Carlsen was broadcast. The Jay Leno/David Letterman way. Subtitles in English.[/lang_en][video][/video]

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Awesome video -- both of them were great!

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Carlsen's got a very good sense of humor indeed!

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That was hilarious. It is good to see Magnus get into the spirit of the interview. It is more fun than the dry post-game interviews common in the major events.

Really, the similar type of light-hearted banter was what I enjoyed about the Leko-Aronian interview, and I prefer that to the post mortems, where everything is happening so fast and few of us watching can follow.

Sandra's picture

As they say up north - VERDENSKLASSE (world class)

Nas's picture

GREAT!!! hahahaha Magnus turns out to be a cool guy indeed!!

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Funny guy indeed. "He prefers to take bishops instead of rooks"!! Do they prepare for this show? If not then Carlsen has really natural talent for humour.

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funny guy.

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I'm sure Magnus was nervous. But this was much better for him (and probably more fun) than most of his interviews where he gets asked the same chess and prodigy questions.

He was given an opportunity to show his own personality, not parrot off some one line answer. And it was on home turf, which helped. I'm glad the interviewer didn't press Magnus on his opinion of Topalov in general, considering Magnus signed that letter of support for Kramnik.

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