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[lang_nl]Interview met Anatoli Karpov[/lang_nl][lang_en]Interview with Anatoly Karpov[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Daar is-ie dan. Het Grote Chessvibes Interview met Anatoli Karpov. Woensdagochtend sprak ik een half uur met hem in Den Haag, alwaar hij 's middags een simultaan ging geven waaraan parlementari?ɬ´rs meededen. (De score was overigens 21 winst en 2 remises voor de ex-wereldkampioen). De vragen die ik hem voorlegde, waren van te voren door jullie, de bezoekers, op de Chessvibes-site ingebracht. (Vanwege tijdsgebrek konden niet alle vragen aan de beurt komen.) Zodoende is het volgens mij een mooie mix geworden van onderwerpen die interessant zijn voor een breed publiek. Veel plezier![/lang_nl][lang_en]There it is. The Big Chessvibes Interview with Anatoly Karpov. Wednesday morning I spoke to him about half an hour in The Hague, where he was to play a simul later that day against members of the Dutch parliament. (By the way, the score was 21 wins and 2 draws for the ex-world champion). The questions I asked him, were put forward in advance by you, the visitors, on the Chessvibes website. (Because we were limited by the clock, not all questions could be asked.) This way I think we managed to make it an interview with a nice mix of subjects that are interesting for a broad audience. Enjoy![/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het kan verstandig zijn om voor dit interview het volume even omhoog te zetten. We proberen zo snel mogelijk voor een echte microfoon te zorgen. ;-)

Klik op de foto om het interview af te spelen:

[/lang_nl][lang_en]By the way: for this interview, it might be a good idea to turn up the volume a bit. We try to get ourselves a good microphone as soon as possible. ;-)

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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


azzido's picture

Is it possible to commit this interview to paper and then place it here?

BadBlue's picture

Great to be able to see and hear my favourite Chess player.

Annemarie's picture

fantastisch dat je dit is gelukt, echt geweldig, groeten je moeder!

Anneke's picture

Top! Wat heb ik nog toe te voegen aan wat je moeder hierboven al liet weten. Hardstikke leuk en een prestatie dat je in zo'n korte tijd "" zo druk bezocht wordt. Een hele prestatie om dit alles op deze wijze nationaal en internationaal op het internet te brengen!

Mark De Smedt's picture

Dankjewel Peter !! It has been a real privilege to watch this interview. The questions & answers were interesting and I'm sure that 'Tolya' also enjoyed it.

Tom Chivers's picture

Anatoly Karpov is an Elvis Presley fan!

& yes, the camera was running :)

Victor's picture

ben wel benieuwd welke 2 parlementariers remise speelden tegen Karpov :-)

Georgie's picture

Good old Karpov, greasy as ever.

DD's picture

That is a pretty good interview, thanks Chessvibes!

The interviewer left the best questions last, the Fischer questions. Too bad the interviewer didn't pursue more deeply when Karpov mentioned he met Fischer twice personally, once in 1976 and yet again in 1977. It begs the question, what were they talking about, specifically?

Frank's picture

What they talked about can be read in detail in Karpov - das Schachgenie by Victor Baturinski. Mostly about the possibility of a match. Fischer said he needed to play against top grandmaster because he had been out of the running for so long. Karpov was unwilling to play for the title. He wanted a match, only not for the title.

I don't know if these texts are published in English. Of course you will need to read between all the soviet propaganda

Michael Starr's picture

Rather disappointing ~ it just shows that you should never send an amateur interviewer to do a professional's job. This interviewer spent more time stammering and shuffling through papers than he did asking questions. Better luck next time.

thegreatbakker's picture

Very nice. Keep on doing the good work.

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

Good job.Thanks.The sound is ok:))).

ivan's picture

Have you ever tried to conduct an interview in a language that isn't your native language? I wish you very good luck when you dare to try it for the first time.

Btw, I loved the interview, both the answers and the questions. Keep up the good work, ChessVibes!!

Harrie Nak's picture

Een enthousiaste reporter die dit hopelijk nog vaak gaat doen.
Mijn sublieme "vinger in de neus" vraag kwam ik niet tegen.
Beide heren kon ik niet goed verstaan.
Ik hoop dat een getiepte versie binnenkort op Chessvibes te lezen is.

zaur's picture

great interview.... interviewer could have been better prepared with his paper work.

Robert Wilkins's picture

Gotta love the comment about a greasy Karpov but considering the SFB source its not surprising. If you want a def of SFB contact me at

Well done Chess Vibes - great at always

Meat Popsicle's picture

How badly would Karpov beat Fischer now? 12 game match? 8-4?

bill's picture

wish there was more talk about fischer; great to see and hear karpov.

SharkBite's picture

Karpov is like a fine wine... appreciation for his achievements and successes in chess will only get better with time.

Mark's picture

Tijd dat je fatsoenlijke boxen koopt :)

edlrr's picture

het is echt jammer dat het nauwelijks te verstaan is

Mike's picture

Karpov would not have beaten fischer in the day. Would have been good to see the young kasparov against the ageing fischer. That would have been a close match. All players in their prime fischer was the best.

Charley's picture

Thank you very much! The last time I heard Karpov speak English he couldn't express himself nearly so well. (That may have been 10 years ago, however.)

I must say, however, that I find the idea of Fischer-Karpov match repugnant.

Rogier H's picture

Doggers meets Karpov. Schitterend!

Arnie's picture

Very poor audio!!!!!

Jan Zvolsk?ɬ?'s picture

Karpov is a legend, and morover he is honest !

Great thing, this interview.

Chess-Live-radio's picture

Very informative. The first time I met Mr. Karpov (Miska) I must say I was impressed. This interview confirms my original speculation.

SABU's picture

what happened to Karpov. once the undisputed king of chess dethroned by the greatest ever chess player who reached the saturation point and retired that is none other than Garry Kasporov (don't forget his Jewish blood - intelligence). even kasporov is not playing now. if he was there Topolov could not have reached this top level. mmmmmmmmm all is fate. Kasporov come back. karpov don't worry . play more . sabu

ruudvancaspel's picture

Hoe kun je zo interviewen? "Ok, next question" (shuffle, shuffle) "Ok, next question" Gebruik dan een robot. Dit was geen gesprek, terwijl je hier de kans had Anatoly Karpov te spreken!
Zovele geschiedenissen, verhalen, Russian silhouettes....
Weet hij dan niet dat schaken niet alleen een sport is -al zou je zelfs Erben Wennemars een betere gesprekspartner toewensen, maar veel meer dan dat. Er is meer literatuur verschenen over het schaakspel dan over enig ander onderwerp..
Het niet dat er slechts materie rest als de laatste analyse is verricht, hier ontbreekt de geest op voorhand. Ik had graag iets aardigers gezegd over de prijzenswaardige poging van de interviewer Anatoly Karpov te laten vertellen, maar dat kan ik niet.
Suggestie: laat zo'n gesprek plaatsvinden tussen Karpov en Genna Sosonko.

Walter's picture

It is a fact that Karpov was one of the greatest chessplayers but I think Fischer was the king between the greatest, in addition that for me Fischer's game style was more audacious and enjoyable.
Walter - Argentina

Centercounter's picture

I just now realized that, 20 years ago, Karpov's voice was much more high-pitched.

On a serious note, speaking only English myself, it is an amazing feat, even with notes, to conduct an interview in a language which is not native to either participant. I do know this is done regularly at almost all super-GM events, but by reporters whose livelihoods depends on that ability.

Also, a one-on-one interview is different in that it's not just a one-shot question-answer, but a conversation.

Don't let the critics get you down - we Americans who generally only know the most impolite words in any other language truly appreciate your hard work.

Joe Justice's picture

Very good and interesting interview. Thank you!
I wish Karpov plays more often in chess tournaments.

James's picture

Actually a nice interview that once again shows Karpov as he is- a very nice guy.

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