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[lang_nl]Interview met Sasikiran[/lang_nl][lang_en]Interview with Sasikiran[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Wie had dat gedacht, Krishnan Sasikiran die na zeven rondes met een vol punt voorsprong de eerste plek bezet bij het Mtel Masters-toernooi in Sofia. Toch is het zo. Hij was de enige die won gisteren, na een blunder van Mamedyarov, met wie hij bovenaan stond. Het materiaal van ronde 7 volgt nog; eerst dit interview dat Macauley met Sasikiran en zijn secondant Lev Psakhis had voor Chess.FM na de zesde ronde.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Who would have thought, Krishnan Sasikiran leading the field after seven rounds with a point difference at the Mtel Masters in Sofia. But it's true. He was the only player who won yesterday, after a blunder by Mamedyarov, who was shared first with him. The round 7 material will follow later; first this interview Macaauley had with Sasikiran and his second Lev Psakhis for Chess.FM after the sixth round.[/lang_en]




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Peter congratulations! You are improving all the time. Good luck with your chess in the next tournaments. I wonder what you like most playing or reporting.
Keep up the good work and chess!

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