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[lang_nl]Ivanchuk op 4 uit 4[/lang_nl][lang_en]Ivanchuk on 4/4[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]En he did it again: Vassily Ivanchuk staat in Sofia op 4 uit 4 nadat hij vandaag won van Cheparinov. Zo liep hij verder uit omdat Radjabov-Topalov en Bu Xiangzhi-Aronian in remise eindigden.[/lang_nl][lang_en]And he did it again: Vassily Ivanchuk is now on 4/4 in Sofia after he beat Cheparinov today. This way he extended his lead since Radjabov-Topalov and Bu Xiangzhi-Aronian both ended in a draw.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Cheparinov ontwikkelt zich net als Topalov tot een zeer ondernemende speler die geen gevecht uit de weg gaat. Vandaag speelde hij het Konings-Indisch en Ivanchuk koos op zijn beurt voor de oude variant met Pd3 en Ld2, die vooral begin jaren tachtig populair was. Cheparinov was echter uitstekend op de hoogte en zo volgden de spelers 24 zetten lang de theorie. Het ging verder als een heerlijk spannend Konings-Indisch gevecht (hier spreekt een fan) en pas 33...Pxg2? (de zet waar het vaak om draait in de zwarte aanval) was niet goed hier. Verrassend genoeg faalt 33...Pf3 op 34.Pxf4 Pxe1 35.Dc8! maar 33...Phg6! 34.Lf2 Db4 had de strijd nog gaande houden. Toegegeven, Ivanchuks prachtzet 37.Lh4!! is eenvoudig over het hoofd te zien.

Helaas bleef het hierbij qua spektakel in deze ronde. Radjabov koos voor een totaal ongevaarlijke variant van het Catalaans en maakte het Topalov daarmee niet moeilijk, terwijl ook de rustige opzet van Bu Xiangzhi geen enkel probleem opleverde voor Aronian.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Cheparinov seems to be developing himself into a second Topalov by showing similar fighting spirit in almost every game. Today he chose the King's Indian and on his turn, Ivanchuk went for the old Nd3 and Bd2 line, very popular in the early eighties of the last century. Cheparinov was well prepared and so the players followed theory for 24 moves. It continued as a great King's Indian battle (this is a fan writing) and only 33...Nxg2? (often the crucial move in Black's attack) was wrong here. Quite surprisingly, 33...Nf3 is not good either because of 34.Nxf4 Nxe1 35.Qc8! but 33...Nhg6! 34.Bf2 Qb4 continues the fight. But we have to admit that one can easily miss Ivanchuk's beautiful move 37.Bh4!!.

Unfortunately that was about it for today. Radjabov chose a not very dangerous Catalan line against Topalov, making the Bulgarian's life easy, and Bu Xiangzhi's quiet set-up wasn't enough to scare Aronian either.[/lang_en]


[lang_nl]Indeling ronde 5:

Topalov, V - Xiangzhi, Bu
Aronian, L - Ivanchuk, V
Cheparinov, I - Radjabov, T

Video's van Europe-Echecs:[/lang_nl][lang_en]Pairings round 5:

Topalov, V - Xiangzhi, Bu
Aronian, L - Ivanchuk, V
Cheparinov, I - Radjabov, T
Videos by Europe-Echecs:[/lang_en]


Radjabov - Topalov in het aquarium

Vassily Ivanchuk - op weg naar eindelijk weer een overwinning op een supertoernooi?

Levon Aronian - kan hij morgen Ivanchuk stoppen?

Bu Xiangzhi - nog steeds aan het nadenken over zijn 7e zet van gisteren?



Radjabov - Topalov in the aquarium

Vassily Ivanchuk - on his way to finally another super tournament victory?

Levon Aronian - can he stop Ivanchuk tomorrow?

Bu Xiangzhi - still thinking about his 7th move of yesterday?




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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


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In case of a 100% score,

performance rating = average rating opponents + 800.

as indicated by sx above,
This is a quite arbitrary formula of course, for want of a better method to estimate the strength of a 100% performance. If Ivanchuk would have made a draw in the first round, only then a sensible TPR can be calculated, which should indeed increase with a longer winning streak.

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Many things are confused here: first, people who call themselves Jewish vs. people whose parents (or mother) call(ed) themselves Jewish (a big difference). Also, the connection between not working on saturday and being Jewish is a strange and unfair one: as far as I know, this is only valid for Orthodox Jews with rather extreme views. Also, a newspaper can't be Jewish, it can only run by Jewish editors, and even this is a dubious connection: we don't call a newspaper 'male'either just because the editors happen to be male, do we? Anyway, I guess this is not the proper place to discuss these issues, so I'll leave it at that.

pete's picture

Thank God Toppa won too, just to keep the tension alive :)

pete's picture

I ain't no expert, but looks like Ivanchuk is going to his 5th win in a row! ... Aronian is left with a single queen against 2 rooks and a bishop for Chucky

Tom's picture

Expert enough to spot that one pete! Amazing run from Ivanchuk, beating the whole of the field consecutively.

breaking news..'s picture

... I ain't no expert either - but Ivanchuk is on 5/5 as of today! Seems to be on a run - and his opponents seem hypnotized in advance....

peter's picture

Wow. *rushing to the superlatives store 'cause I've run out*

Ron's picture

Kramnik is not jewish but Kasparov is. But does it matter??

Manuel's picture

oh well than i was mistaken. Than i have missed some articles on that day. :(

Thanks for the explanation.

Pues a mi me da igual la religi?ɬ?n de los webmaster de Chessvibes, el caso es que tienen una de las mejores webs del mundo, con una cobertura excepcional de los principales torneos del mundo.
Y supongo que hay d?ɬ?as que no publican porque se merecen un descanso y si tienes otras razones pues me parece bien.
Un saludo Peter.

peter's picture

Your question surprises me, Manuel, since it's very easy to establish that many ChessVibes reports have been published on a Saturday.

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@arkansaw & sx:

Actually, Ivanchuk's performance rating has been dropping(!) at least since the second round:
2/2: +819
3/3: +802
4/4: +790
This is because the 'humble' ratings of Chuky's opponents in rounds 3 and 4 decreased the avarage rating of his opponents.

arkansaw's picture

So 2740 +790 after 4/4? Is it going to hit +1000 with a 5/5?

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The chessvibes reporters are Dutch, therefore atheist :)

Manuel's picture

My question is, are the reporters of ChessVibes Jewish like Kramnik, Reshevski and Polgar? My reason to ask this is because on Saturday, ( Sabbath) there is never a report from you of from what occasion in chessworld whatever. so are you maybe religious and if so, do you make it clear to the world?

Greetings from Manuel :)

Manuel's picture

A Jew told me. And he said Akiba Rubinstein was also a Jew and Emmanuel Lasker too.

steven's picture

Kramnik is not jewish.
It's just an internet rumour, nothing more.
Tell me where to find a trustworthy confirmation of Kramnik being jewish ?!

matthew's picture

"Manuel on 11 May 2008 7:42 PM
My question is, are the reporters of ChessVibes Jewish like Kramnik, Reshevski and Polgar?" is Kramnik jewish? I'm a little surprised i've never heard that since he is my favorite player

sx's picture

-> Arkansaw
Not possible. Maximum according to Chessbase table is +800 compared to the opponents avarage rating. But of course it's not possible to calculate performance rating with 100% or 0 %.

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Yes Kramnik is Jewish and many more, i have to say i am not Jewish but i am strongly influenced by the works of autors like Leon de Winter, Arnon Grunberg and Philip Roth, really i read all the literature of these autors. Had to say a newspaper like The New York Times is Jewish too.

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now that's a surprise, I don't know how the calculation works, but from the way pple keep talking about performance ratings in conjunction with the plus/minus scores, one would intuitive expect a better TPR as the winning streak extends

but at any rate this is truly astounding, normally even a TPR of 3000-ish would be of worthy mention, but this is 3500 @ Cat XX.....simply amazing

doesit matter?'s picture

kasparov is half jewish and half armenian!!!

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