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[lang_nl]Ivanchuk verslaat Leko na snelschaken[/lang_nl][lang_en]Ivanchuk beats Leko after blitz playoff[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Leko was uit het graf opgestaan en had de stand van 5-3 in het voordeel van Ivanchuk nog weten gelijk te trekken. Zo kwam de eindstand nog op 6-6 maar uiteindelijk was het toch Ivanchuk die als winnaar uit de strijd kwam nadat hij de snelschaakplayoff met 0,5-1,5 in zijn voordeel had beslist. De twee super-GM's speelden dit weekend een rapidmatch van twaalf partijen in de West-Oekra?ɬØense stad Moekatsjevo.[/lang_nl] [lang_en]Leko had returned from the grave, levelling a score of 5-3 in Ivanchuk's favour after 8 games, to put the final score on 6-6. But in the end it was still Ivanchuk who went away with the victory after winning the blitz playoff 0,5-1,5. This weekend the two super grandmasters played a 12-game exhibition rapid match in the western Ukrainian town of Mukachevo.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het evenement was ontstaan uit een initiatief van de president van Universal Event Promotion, Josef Resch, die dit jaar zijn vijftigste verjaardag vierde. Resch had bedacht dat hij dit wilde vieren met een bijzondere schaakhappening. Het speeltempo was tien minuten plus tien seconden per zet; in de twee snelschaakpartijen was het vier minuten plus twee seconden. De match werd gespeeld tussen de nummer ?ɬ©?ɬ©n van Hongarije en de nummer ?ɬ©?ɬ©n van de Oekra?ɬØne en de strijd ging zo gelijk op als de landen naast elkaar liggen.

De locatie:

De resultaten:

De partijen:

De plaatjes:

De hoofdstraat van Moekatsjevo

De match werd genouden in het cinematheater 'Peremoha'

Josef Resch

In actie

Peter Leko

Vassily Ivanchuk

Foto's: Sergej Volkov[/lang_nl][lang_en]The competition was originated by the initiative of the President of Universal Event Promotion, Josef Resch, who celebrated his 50th birthday this year. On the occasion of this anniversary the idea of an extraordinary chess event was implemented. The time control for each game was ten minutes plus ten seconds per move. In the two blitz games it was 4 minutes plus 2 seconds per move. The match was played between the number one of Hungary and the number one of the Ukraine and the call was as close as the countries are.

The location:

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The main street in Mukachevo

The match was held in the Cinema Theatre "Peremoha"

Josef Resch


Peter Leko

Vassily Ivanchuk

Photos: Sergej Volkov[/lang_en]

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Yes, it was held in the final week of August. Bartosz Socko and Yur Kuzubov shared the first place but Socko won in tiebreak . Turkish Chess Federation web site had an extensive coverage. I also know that it was organized in previous years. Maybe, it did not have extensive international coverage. Probably, there are some open categories of the event.

Greetings, Ozgu

Philip's picture

Thank you:)
I'm glad to read the tournament is still going on, this strengthens me in my quest to find something in english which I can read.

Philip's picture

Absolutely irrelevant, but I'm wondering...
Does anyone know if the Rubinstein memorial in Polanica Zdroj is still being held?
I participated in '98 and '99 and I intent to do so again next summer.
Unfortunately I can't find any news about the tournament more recent than 2002?
Thank you.

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This is the first time i ever heard the name Mukachevo. I always thought the name of the city is Munk?ɬ°cs. Anyway, the match was nice, between two great masters.(GM-s)

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