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[lang_nl]Kasparov bij Maher[/lang_nl][lang_en]Kasparov at Maher's Real Time[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Vrijdagavond was Kasparov voor de tweede maal binnen een week op de Amerikaanse televisie te zien. Dit keer werd hij via een satellietverbinding ge?ɬØnterviewd door Bill Maher in zijn show Real Time. Het is een wekelijkse talkshow van de zender HBO dat gepresenteerd wordt door de (politieke) comedian Maher. Hij wordt geassisteerd door een panel van gasten die recente ontwikkelingen in de politiek en de media bespreken. Hieronder het Kasparov-fragment van vrijdagavond.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Friday night, for the second time this week, Kasparov was on American television. This time he was interviewed by Bill Maher through a satellite connection in his show Real Time. It's a talk show that airs weekly on HBO, hosted by comedian and political satirist Maher who's assisted by a panel of guests that discuss current events in politics and the media. Here's the Kasparov fragment from last Friday.[/lang_en]


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I've read Kasparov's new book and I have to say you are wrong. It is a very well tome.

How can you judge his book without even reading it?

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Don't forget what important fight he is taking.
Good job Kasparov!

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dear Paolo

actually, I've read this book and I don't like it. Neither do I think it's a good chess book nor do I like this chess/life analogy. Chess is not life, and life is not chess. Can we agree on that?
What's more, I'm quite convinced that Kasparov recycled certain passages in this book that he originally intended to publish in My great predecessors. But that's just a suspicion.
Finally, if you're looking for philosophers capable of explaining life and its pitfalls maybe you should turn to Gracian, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, the Hagakure, or simply Donald Duck. It's up to you.

Never mind

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I have always doubted that Kasparov could really do something to change the political situation in Russia and I'm quite sure that his new book is neither "important" nor "well written".
BUT: listening to this interview and his critical words on the current Bush administration I have to admit that he's got real convictions and is more than just an American puppet. The guy at the end of the clip used the word sophistication - quite fitting.

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