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[lang_nl]Kasparov bij Stephen Colbert[/lang_nl][lang_en]Kasparov at The Colbert Report[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Gisteren was Garry Kasparov op de Amerikaanse televisie. Hij was te gast in de comedy show The Colbert Report, een satirisch tv-programma over politiek dat vrij populair is in de Verendigde Staten en wordt gepresenteerd door (politieke) grappenmaker Stephen Colbert. Kasparov is op dit moment door de VS aan het toeren om zijn boek How Life Imitates Chess te promoten. Meer info vind je op Migs blog; hier kun je het televisiefragment met Kasparov zien.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Yesterday Garry Kasparov appeared on US television. He was a guest in the comedy show The Colbert Report, a satyrical tv program about politics that is pretty big in the United States and is hosted by political humorist Stephen Colbert. Kasparov is on a tour in the US right now, promoting his book How Life Imitates Chess. More info at Mig's blog. You can watch the Kasparov fragment here.[/lang_en]

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Rob Brown's picture

Garry actually looked a little upset at losing the rock'em sock'em boxing match. What a competitor!

Joe Justice's picture

I am sure that Mr. Kasparov will fix Russian politics like he fixed Chess politics!?

JP's picture

This draw will cost Garry several precious Elo points.

Tylo's picture

With this fun don't forget what he is fighting about!

Garrick's picture

Bests chessplayer ever!!!

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