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[lang_nl]Kramnik en Carlsen analyseren[/lang_nl][lang_en]Kramnik and Carlsen analysing[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Rustdag... Dus geen videootjes op Chessvibes? Help! Maar wees gerust, de bijna volledige analyse van Vladimir Kramnik en Magnus Carlsen hebben jullie nog te goed van ons! Ontzettend goed om te horen dat ook de wereldkampioen zich wel eens verrekent! Er is nog hoop :) Veel plezier bij deze 25 (!) minuten durende analyse![/lang_nl][lang_en]Restday... so no videos on Chessvibes? Help! But don't worry, we have captured the post-mortem between Vladimir Kramnik and Magnus Carlsen for you. Really good to hear that even the world champion miscalculates every now and then! So there is still hope :) Enjoy this 25 minute long post-mortem![/lang_en]

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Deel 3

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Part I

Part II

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Author: forest


Yuri's picture

Mooi werk! Dit ga ik eens rustig bekijken thuis met een bokbiertje erbij!

john smith's picture

carlsen seems to be so disinterested in this post mortem

Charley's picture

I wouldn't say he was uninterested ("disinterested" is something different). He was probably quite tired after a hard game.
And, of course, if Kramnik explains such positions to you, it is wise to pay attention, even if you are a young star. And he did contribute to the analysis whenever he had an idea he thought worth looking at.

FP's picture

Kramnik loves to hear his own voice. I bet he sings in the shower.

thenewone's picture

Karlsen is not tired, he wants to play blitz in ICC :)

rumbata's picture

It's like a PR movie for Kramnik in which Karlsen is not happy to participate at all, but has to ;)
It all looks like Kramnik is teaching a kid (Karlsen) to play chess but the truth is that they just drew a game in which Karlsen had the black :)

rumbata's picture

I couldn't hear carlsen's voice :) it is a monologue:) by Kramnik... As if he is talking to himself ;) But how is he able to talk and think so much without going to the toilet?

Radhakrishnan's picture

Analysis is good. In a match due to pressure one may not have given his best. But in a post match analysis with relaxed mind, the quality of thinking will improve.

TrapArecev's picture

Of course Carlsen mostly listens to the Worldchampion; he is a well-mannered kid (and no doubt eager to learn a thing or two).

Brago's picture

Hey rumbata let me guess... from Bulgaria? :)

john smith's picture

but it also seems like carlsen is not really paying much attention but then refutes some of kramnik's lines

John Hamer's picture

It loos as though Carlsen has gone off the boil a little bit John

Xmas's picture

I'll go against the trend here. I think it is only a difference in style and generation - it is well known how Kramnik treats positions considering subtle positional ideas which cannot be expressed on a board with concrete variations but only in words; while Carlsen is the product of a generation which works with computers and highly tactical and concrete. Carlsen always takes that pose even during games so it's not like he is uninterested, sleepy or whatever. In addition, there is the language barrier. Carlsen is still not that fluent in English (he is still a kid so I'm not blaming him or anything), so maybe he feels uncomfortable expressing ideas in English. It may also be some form of respectly.. many times when I analyze with people I am not too familiar with who are much stronger than me (say visitors with whom I played a casual game) I too kind of keep back, between respect and between unfamiliarity.

mark's picture

I wish someone would have told those loud yakkers in the audio background to take it somewhere else! :)

I can't understand a word of the post-mortem.

Alex's picture

Nice audio! I think I heard the word "the" in there somewhere.

Oyvind's picture

can you improve the sound quality, buy a microphone or anything?

Thibault's picture

Quite hard to follow, but that's great to see games analysis from these tournaments. Thanks & keep up good work.

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