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[lang_nl]Lekker lang interview met Viktor Korchnoi[/lang_nl][lang_en]Big long interview with Viktor Korchnoi[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Even wat cultuur van de bovenste plank. We maken ruimte voor de enige echte levende legende die we nog hebben (Smyslov en Lilienthal even niet meegerekend want die schaken niet meer): Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi. Zo vaak geeft hij geen interviews meer maar hij ging ervoor zitten met Europe-Echecs, die in korte tijd een indrukwekkende cv hebben opgebouwd daar in Moskou. Geniet van een twintig minuten durend interview met een van de grootste spelers op aarde. Een must-watch![/lang_nl][lang_en]It's time for some chess culture. Time for the one and only living legend that's left (leaving out Smyslov and Lilienthal, who don't play anymore): Viktor Lvovich Korchnoi. He doesn't do that many interviews anymore, but this week he sat down to talk to Europe-Echecs, who have built up an impressive resume in a short time, there in Moscow. Watch and enjoy this 20 minute-interview with one of the greatest players alive. Not to be missed![/lang_en]

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Bruce: I think he just says Kramnik's style isn't very attractive.

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Thank you for providing this great interview. I am almost the same age (74) and he has always been one of my chess heroes.

Huracino's picture

Very nice to see and hear one of the giants in chess. Thank you.

Tylo's picture

much thx great interview

thegreatbakker's picture

Leuk om te horen. Misschien moet ik voortaan ook maar caviaar eten, zal eerst even loonsverhoging vragen dan :-)

joe justice's picture

It is kind of sad for this great chess player. In his prime, he was always second best. Unfortunately, he still doesn't acknowledge that Karpov was superior to him in the 3 matches they played. In 1982 Karpov crushed him and it was all over for him since then.

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Thanks for sharing this interview!!'s a treasure to be able to hear and see interviews with the living legends. Could not make out his final comments about Kramnik?? almost seemed like he was NOT impressed with Vlad's play?...any help would be appreciated...thanks again!!

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Excellent ! I love listening to Victor.

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He is one of the greatest. Don't forget he won the Marx Gy?ɬ?rgy memorial in Paks, Hungary ahead of Sasikiran, Alm?ɬ°si, Berkes, Acs 2 years ago. He is playing fantastic chess even now. I'm happy i've seen an interview with him. Maybe an interview with Smyslov would be even more interesting. Great job, chessvibes.

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An outstanding man. What is the most attractive in him - he is only getting wiser with his age. Listen: "it would be simpler to say that Brezhnev didn't allow me to win, but (speaking about the last game)... Karpov was just playing well". Indeed. Have a look. Softly, no emotions. Viktor respects others and and that is why I deeply respect him. Long life, Viktor the Great!

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Great interview.

joe justice - "it was all over since him since then". Easy to say for non-entities like you or me. He's done more since then than you or I can ever dream about.

By the way, get your facts right - Karpov crushed him in 1982, not 1981.

Douglas Griffin's picture

That should of course have said "1981, not 1982"!

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