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[lang_nl]Live verslaggeving: ronde 12[/lang_nl][lang_en]Live reporting: round 12[/lang_en]

[lang_en]Last update: 18.40 CET (video online!)

The most important round of the tournament has started. Of course, all attention is focused on the game Topalov-Kramnik. Before the game there was some speculation about whether there would be a handshake or not. We've got it on tape: there wasn't. (Video is uploaded as soon as possible.) It's total craziness in Wijk aan Zee at the moment, with press, television crews all over the place. More about that later.
What about the game itself? Kramnik surprised many by playing the Queen's Gambit Declined (instead of Slav/Meran Defence like in recent the Topalov-Kramnik WC match). A very sharp position with opposite castling is now on the board. There's not much theory about this line, so we'll see what the players come up with.
Carlsen-Karjakin is a theoretical discussion in the Open Ruy Lopez. Navara-Pono seems to be about equal. Svidler played his beloved Grunfeld defence against Loek van Wely, who also knows the opening very well. We predict a draw ;-)
Radjabov again shows great faith in the King's Indian Defence. Motylev tries to break it with gentle means, but the current position is very unclear. Tivi plays safety first again. Aronian has solved all his problems in the anti-Marshall. More later.[/lang_en][lang_nl]Laatste update: 18.30 uur (filmpje online!)

De belangrijkste ronde van het toernooi is begonnen. Natuurlijk alle aandacht gaat uit naar Topalov-Kramnik. Vooraf waren er speculaties of men de handen zou schudden voor de partij of niet. En we hebben het op video (binnenkort).. Geen handenschudden. Het is gekkenhuis in Wijk aan Zee op het moment door de enorme media aandacht. En de partijen? Kramnik verraste iedereen door het Orthodox Damegambiet te spelen in plaats van het Slavisch/Meraner die hij speelde tijdens de WK match. Een scherpe stelling met tegengestelde rochades, weinig theorie dus interessant moet het zeker worden.
Carlsen-Karjakin is een theoretische discussie in het open Spaans. Navara-Pono ziet er gelijk uit en Svidler speelt zijn favoriete Grunfeld tegen Loek van Wely, die ook wel kaas hiervan gegeten heeft. Wij voorspellen remise ;-)
Radjabov spreekt wederom zijn vertrouwen uit in het Konings-Indisch. Motylev pakt het vooralsnog rustig aan maar de stelling is zeker onduidelijk. Tivi gaat weer voor zekerheid en Aronian heeft geen openingsproblemen in deze anti-Marshall. Later meer.[/lang_nl]

[lang_nl]Update 14.47 uur: De nu al historische beelden van het begin van Topalov-Kramnik!

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Update 14.47 CET: We present you the (already historic) footage of the start of Topalov-Kramnik!

[lang_nl]Update 15.52 uur: Loek heeft gewonnen! Onze voorspelling is dus bepaald niet uitgekomen, maar uiteraard maakt ons dat eventjes niets uit :-) Tiviakov heeft remise gespeeld, we kunnen nu al spreken van de verrassing van de dag... (Natuurlijk is remise tegen Anand gewoon goed.) Erg spannend is de partij van de supertalenten Karjakin en Carlsen. We hopen beelden van de persconferentie van Loek snel online te hebben! ...Zwarts Lxh6 was volgens Loek in elk geval fout.

Update 17.10 uur Het lijkt erop dat Kramnik en Topalov nu toch echt de handjes kunnen schudden, figuurlijk gesproken dan. Hetzelfde geldt ongetwijfeld voor Karjakin en Carlsen. Bij Motylev en Radjabov moet de strijd nog beginnen, en Ponomariov gaat nog een hele onaangename middag tegemoet. Curieus was trouwens ook de remise tussen Atalik en Werle, alle 16 pionnen stonden nog op het bord en de stelling was potdicht.

Update 17.28 De persconferentie van Loek van Wely staat online. Klik hier om Loeks verhaal te bekijken. Inmiddels heeft Radjabov trouwens gewonnen.

Update 18.10 De remise tussen Topalov en Kramnik kwam op volstrekt bizarre wijze tot stand. Na zet 44 was het duidelijk dat de stelling potremise was. Wat zou er gebeuren? In een overvolle speelzaal werden honderden toeschouwers minutenlang in spanning gehouden. Topalov dacht na, Kramnik liep rond. Wie zou het eerst de handdoek in de ring werpen? Er werd een stel paarden geruild. Kramnik keek een seconde lang op. Topalov knikte. Kramnik pakte zijn notatieformulier en zette een handtekening. Terwijl de wedstrijdleider de koningen in het midden van het bord neerzette, werden notatieformulieren ondertekend. Kramnik verliet direct het pand, Topalov werd door een legertje journalisten opgevangen. Hij beantwoordde wat vragen (waarvan spoedig beelden), toen verliet ook hij, Met Cheparinov maar zonder Danailov, de Moriaan. Een historisch moment!

Update 18.40 CET Een korte reactie van Topalov direct na afloop van zijn partij tegen Kramnik

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Update 15.52 CET Loek has won! Our prediction clearly didn't come out, but of course we don't care for the moment :-) Tiviakov has played a draw, this is obviously the surprise of the day... (Of course, drawing Anand is actually quite good.) The game between supertalents Karjakin and Carlsen looks very exciting. We hope to have the movie of the press conference by Loek van Wely online soon! According to Loek, Black's ..Bxh6 was wrong in any case.

Update 17.10 CET It seems Kramnik and Topalov can start shaking hands any minute now (figuratively speaking). The same is happening with Karjakin and Carlsen, who just drew. Motylev and Radjabov are yet to begin the real game, and Ponomariov will face a tough afternoon. By the way, very curious was the draw between Atalik and Werle, all 16 pawns were still on the board.

Update 17.28 CET The press conference of Loek van Wely is online. Click here to check out Loek's story. In the meantime, Radjabov has won.

Update 18.10 CET The draw between Topalov and Kramnik arose in a completely bizarre way. After move 44 it was clear the position was dead drawn. What would happen now? Topalov was thinking, Kramnik was walking around. Who would be the first to call it a day? A pair of knights was exchanged. Kramnik looked up for a second. Topalov nodded. Kramnik took his scoresheet and signed it. While the arbiter was putting the kings in the middle of the board, the scoresheets were exchanged. Kramnik immediately left the building, Topalov was caught by a number of journalists. He answered some questions (images soon to be uploaded), and after that he too left 'De Moriaan', with Cheparinov, but without Danailov. A historical moment!

Update 18.40 CET A quick reaction by Topalov straight after the game in this video:


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Arne Moll's picture
Author: Arne Moll


R.Mutt's picture

Following up on the article in the S?ɬºddeutsche Zeitung, perhaps it would be an interesting idea for the chessvibes cameramen to follow Mr. Silvio Danailov today. Later on we can then try to crack the code, and see what exactly Danailov is signalling to Topalov by taking his glasses off and putting them on again, by biting his thumb, or by scratching his ear three to six times.

Ernesto's picture

Not a nice example for the rest of the chess players, indeed, when the two top seed of the world do not shake hands before the game. Shaking hands is not about people, I think, it's about the game itself. Also a bad sign about the possibility of a re-match, but who knows, money makes the world go round.

I bet these guys have already made many people missing Kasparov, who by the way is now following games on-line in a PlayChess server. One always finds one's burden again, they say. A pitty he has been very quiet so far, with no kibitzes.

Jeroen's picture

Karjakin - Carlsen: this looks good for white after 26.f5!

Tiviakov - Anand: probably a quick draw, I predict.

Van Wely - Svidler: intersting Grunfeld, white has the better centre and perhaps some play at the king side, but black is solid and has a pawn majority on the queen's side to boost on. BTW, white might have some Ne2-f4-h5 tricks.

Shirov - Aronian: indeed no problems for black here.

Motylev - Radjabov: opposite castling, always interesting! Now who is going to break where!?

Navarra - Ponomariov: I like white after 15.Rad1, white definitely has pressure against the black queen's side.

Topalov - Kramnik: the ending appears to be more comfortable for white, but I think it might be pretty difficult to beat Kramnik in such positions. I just hope Topalov will give it a try!

forest's picture

Here is the cameraman: I can tell you, there are 500 people standing in front of the players.. Impossible to come near the players...

Jeroen's picture

Van Wely - Svidler: for example 19... Rfc8? would allow 20.Nf4!But Svidler's 19... Bg4 also appears to be wrong, isn't 20.Nf4! very strong now?

Bart's picture

Het 'jongens, jongens, jongens rustig an,' van de arbiter is om in te lijsten.

gogo milev's picture

I agree with R.Mutt - this could be a joke , even not very funny. Lets concentrate on the games. I wish Jeroen (which i admire) could talk about topalovs position -looks dangerouse on the Qs site?

gogo milev's picture

i mean in danger ,sorry :]

R.Mutt's picture

Thank you for the historical footage, Forest.

According to the German reporter, Danailov prefers a corner where he can't see the board or the monitors but can have eye-contact with Topalov. Is it as crowded there?

Jeroen's picture

Van Wely has played 20.Nf4! and it appears Svidler is in big trouble now!

Topalov is a little better after f.e. 18.f3. Some plans could be moving the kingside pawns, challenging the d-file (Rd1), or going after the pair of bishops with Na5!?

R.Mutt's picture

(I agree that it is probably all nonsense, of course)

R.Mutt's picture

18.f3 played. Kramnik's pieces are not exactly harmoniously placed...

Pounamu Knight's picture

Wow- a media frenzy, somewhat! At the risk of sounding a little prudish, with all that flashing, whirring, & bustling around the table, it looked a bit like a tiny little Vegas boxing ring & not a chess game.

Stunning footage! Thanks, Chessvibes!

Nas's picture

19.Bc7 played, i wouldn't wanna be black.... come on Kramnik show em who the world champ is!!!!!

Indeed with all the cameras around you... it's not top chess-filosophy. But i suppose they don't need to think a lot untill move 8,9 or 10. "It's all theory" :P and journalists leave after 5min or so right?

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

isn't Bc7 waste of time after Rc8 can someone explain why not Bd6 in Topalov game

Nas's picture

well i suppose you don't want to be trading off material when you have a spatial advantage, it releaves the pressure on blacks side who is not well organised, i suppose.

Goro's picture

Will someone follow Kramnik and count his visits to the WC today? (Water Closet meant, and not World Champion)

Ogard's picture

I like black's knight on d8 :D

Ogard's picture

Topalov outplays positionally Kramnik so far in the game!

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

probably it was the idea to move the Rook to c8 and after Be5 f6 to play Bd4 attacking a7. That's obvious that you don't want to trade material but it's not posible I guess in that position. It could be a psychological move just to show him that is playing for win i don'n know.

R.Mutt's picture

Now the point of Bc7 is clear: only with a rook on c8 21.Nd6 was possible.

Niko Kitov's picture

Nas the real world champion is only one and this is Topalov. He is going to prove it in the re-match in Sofia. And as you can see from this tournament Kramnik is not more than a middle-class player.

Rodolfo's picture

No se dieron la mano!!, no se miraron, la tension fue alta!! y las camaras de foto, solo de foto con esos flashes incomodaron a Kramnik, ni que decir de los movimientos iniciales decisivos para la partida. Camaras sin flashes y se tiene que reducir el tiempo, mucho cuidado.


Goro's picture

Kramnik's Nd8 and Ra8 are extreamly active!!! Just like Kramnik: run and hide in the mouse pit!

pcw's picture

Interesting to see all these contenders for first prize playing the black pieces. Could be some hairy dramas ahead. :)

Rodolfo's picture

alguien esta siguiendo esta partida con los programas Ribka y Fritz? que dicen son igualitas?...sinceramente Yo creo que nunca hubo trampas entre Topalov y Kramnik y menos de Topalov en Argentina, pero no esta de mas sugerir como otros que sigan cada movimiento de cada equipo para comprobar lo que digo.

TMJ's picture

great play from Van Wely....wonderfull, the last knight of the Gruenfeld now shattered down on his own playgrund

Bert de Bruut's picture

Svidler knocked out of the race in a mere 22 moves, GG King Loek!

Ernesto's picture

There is another possible interpretation of the Top-Kram game. Let's suppose the game ends in a draw (which is not an unlikely result, by the way). Then Kramnik may argue that he was able to draw Topalov with such moves as Rc8, Ra8, Ne8 and so on, and without even have to put a piece beyond the 4th rank (apart from the rook exchanhe in move 13). This is equivalent to say "I can hold a game with you with the black pieces anytime as easy as falling off a log" even against the best and most prepared Topalov.
You know things can be interpreted in many different ways.

Rodolfo's picture

Que cosas, tan sencillo y tan terriblemente pierde Svidler?...

Jeroen's picture

Round uo 16:00:

Van Wely has won, good show Loek!

Tiviakov - Anand: draw as predicted.

Topalov - Kramnik: still a slight edge for white, but no weaknesses in black's position. Probably this is going to be a draw.

Karjakin - Carlsen: exciting stuff, now Carlsen's king looks the more exposed one.

Navarra - Ponomariov: white is a pawn up and should be winning.

Motylev - Radjabov: Radja is the first to break with f6-f5, but all 3 results are still possible. Tough fight coming up, I expect.

Shirov - Aronian: black has the advantage here, so watch out: Aronian might be a favourite to win Corus this year!

Nas's picture

haha do you think they will sit down playing a post-mortem after the match??

Niko Kitov's picture

Hey is there a toilet near Kramnik. If there is none what will he do? He is lost :)

AlonzoMosely's picture

Niko Kitov, if Kramnik were only a middleclass player, how could a rematch prove anything?

Bragollach's picture

He is only lost if Topalovs Manager is near.

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

Kramnik plays only for draw there is no other interpretation remember Petrof that's the reason
Vesko plays only d4 with Kramnik but nevertheless
Topalov has centralized King space advantage so lets hope Topalov will be able to convert it to
a wining position.

philip's picture

The Germans are notorious for their sense of humor indeed :) I wonder what does it mean when Danilov scratches his balls :)
Can you guys hunt all of us rybka-less fans how does the game look on the theoretical side?

BRUZ_LEE's picture

Hand-shake or not, I am happy that there is -at last- exitement and tension on and especially around the chessboard back again. The Championship 1972 became famous because of the things going on around the chessboard, not (just) because of the quality of the play. Look at the media interest at the start of the round!
That is really good for chess. I like that.
And speculating about somebody maybe cheating with a computer today is in my opinion at least as a serious matter as investigating the opponent?Ǭ¥s chair for negative vibes back in 1972.

ortanak's picture

Sometimes there just like childs

Jeroen's picture

Topalov - Kramnik: many pawns are coming off. 31.gxf6+ looks logical and how will black take back the pawn? 31... gxf6 is obvious, but maybe 31... Nxf6!? is possible as well, to use the 8th rank for the rook.

Niko Kitov's picture

Topalov - Kramnik: I consider 28.g2-g4 to be the most logical move .But maybe Topa is giving it such a thought because of 28. ...Rd8.

Jeroen's picture

Ah OK, so 31.gxf6+ Nxf6 being played! 32.Rg1 is strong, I like white's position! Karpov used to win such endings in the past, but is it really enough to beat Kramnik!?

Jeroen's picture

In group B the game Atalik-Werle is a funny position. Maybe it is going to be a draw because of the 50-move rule, while all pawns are still on the board! A nice one for Tim Krabbe's chess curiosities :-)

famaral44's picture

Rybka 2.1: 33.Rg6, Kf8 34. Bf3, Rh8 (+/- 0.29)

Jeroen's picture

Very interesting moment in the Topalov-Kramnik game: Rybka didn't like Kramnik's 33... Bb7, because it weakens the b5 square. 34.a4 returns the favour, however. 34.Bd3! might be a nice white advantage. Now 35... Nf7 threatens g5! and I think it is going to be a draw....

Jeroen's picture

Topa might go 36.e5!? still with an edge!

Jeroen's picture

Hm, after 36.a5 g5! it really looks drawish now....

MedPsycho's picture

Topalov is the best (active) player in the world, get it? He is not cheating and he plays way better than Vlad "King of Draws in 20 moves" Kramnik. Look at his other wins without Danailov, he does not need that. Come on! We are talking about a guy that has beaten Kasparov many times since he was like 20 or so... TOPALOV IS THE BEST!!

koko's picture

thx peter for these great videos ,bravo!

Niko Kitov's picture

It is most likely a draw now . But people can see the game and decide for themselves who is the better player. Topalov is No1.


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