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[lang_nl]Logistiek probleempje voor Vallejo[/lang_nl][lang_en]Slight logistical problem for Vallejo[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]In de eerste ronde van Dos Hermanas won Paco Vallejo gisteren verrassend van Alexei Shirov, en nu heeft hij een logistiek probleempje. Hij plaatste zich voor de finale a.s. zondag, terwijl hij maandag al op het EK in Bulgarije moet spelen.[/lang_nl][lang_en]In the first round of Dos Hermans, Paco Vallejo surprisingly defeated Alexei Shirov, and now he has a slight logistical problem. He qualified for the final on Sunday, but the next day he's expected to play the first round of the European Ch in Bulgaria.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Paco Vallejo, de nummer 38 van de wereld, versloeg gisteren met 3-1 de nummer 12 van de wereld, Alexei Shirov, in de eerste halve finale van het rapidtoernooi in Dos Hermanas.

"Ik kan natuurlijk vermoeidheid de schuld geven na het Russisch Teamkampioenschap, dat inderdaad een zwaar evenement was, maar de eerlijkheid gebiedt te zeggen dat Paco gewoon goed gespeeld heeft", aldus een sportieve Shirov na afloop op de persconferentie.

Na een rustige remise in de eerste partij was het Paco zelf geweest die vuur op het bord had gebracht met een stukoffer in een scherpe Caro-Kann (Doorschuifvariant). Shirov wist het hoofd niet droog te houden in de complicaties die volgden.

Waarschijnlijk be?ɬØnvloed door dit resultaat speelde Shirov waarschijnlijk wat te lang op winst in partij 3, die hij uiteindelijk ook verloor in een eindspel. In de laatste partij was het Vallejo die als eerste afweek van de wilde tweede pot, en na weer een boeiend gevecht eindigde deze in remise.

Zijn triomf resulteerde in een logistiek probleempje voor Vallejo, die maandag al zijn eerste ronde moet spelen op het Europees Kampioenschap in Plovdiv, Bulgarije. "Ik zal mijn reis meteen na de finale moeten starten. Ik heb voor de zekerheid de Bulgaarse organisatoren doorgegeven dat ik te laat kan aankomen, als er iets misgaat."

Vandaag speelt Veselin Topalov tegen Judit Polgar in de tweede halve finale. Livepartijen beginnen om 16.30 uur.


[/lang_nl][lang_en]Yesterday Paco Vallejo, the number 38 in the world, beat the number 12, Alexei Shirov, with 3-1, in the first semi-final of the Dos Hermanas rapid tournament.

"I could probably blame the tiresome Russian Team Championship, which was a very tough event, but the truth is that Paco has played very well", Shirov admitted at the press conference afterwards. After a quiet draw in the first game, it was Paco himself who had put fire onto the chess board with a piece sacrifice in a sharp Caro-Kann Advance. Shirov couldn't save himself in the complications that followed.

Possibly influenced by this result, Shirov might have played for a win a bit too long in the third game, which he eventually lost as well in an ending. In the last game it was Vallejo who first deviated from the wild second one, and eventually this interesting game also ended in a draw.

His triumph resulted in a logistical problem for Vallejo, who has to play his first-round game of the European Championship next Monday in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. "I will have to start travelling as soon as I've finished the final. To be sure, I've informed the Bulgarian organizers that I might arrive late, if something goes wrong."

Today Veselin Topalov plays against Judit Polgar in the second semi-final. Live games start 16:30 CET.


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bob's picture

wow soikins thanks for pointing out something thats been mentioned a million times

soikins's picture

Lajos said: "He is not spanish, he only lives in Spain."

Actually, he lives in Riga, Latvia.

Ricardo's picture

Funny how everyone jumps to correct those who say Shirov is spanish. Have a look at the rest of the countries and their first ten boards. The US, for instance.

Lajos Arpad's picture

Solkings: I didn't know he moved back.
Ricardo: We shouldn't say false things. Shirov is a spanish citizen, but he is latvian. For example Vajda Levente is a hungarian GM, but he was born and lives in Romania. He doesn't like to be called a romanian, but the international press doesn't know a thing about central european people. Let's just respect Shirov as he is: A latvian who plays under the spanish flag.

Lajos Arpad's picture

They are all american citizens. There is no nation in the US, because every nations were wiped out by european serial killers, and after that, many have gone there to seek a better fortune. These chess players have gone there for the same reasons: to seek better fortune.
"Now, when the US team plays in the olympiads, do you hear them mention their birthplaces? Right."
Good point, they should mention it. I totally agree with this.

Lajos Arpad's picture

He is not spanish, he only lives in Spain.

Dimitar Panayotov's picture

Shirov was also Spanish:)))

Ines's picture

Go, Vallejo!!! Make us proud! Dales duro, campe?ɬ?n.

Tampoco es tan importante la bandera que defiende o donde nace la gente lo importante es como juega al ajedrez. Me alegro por Vallejo, creo que este a?ɬ±o puede dar un salto de calidad que debe confirmar en este pr?ɬ?ximo campeonato de Europa. De Shirov decir que, yo soy espa?ɬ±ol, me encanta su forma de juego aunque en los grandes momentos me decepcione.

Lajos Arpad's picture

Ines: I think you have all the reasons to be proud about Paco's performance. He has great potential. Unfortunately Topalov had beaten Polg?ɬ°r. I would be happy if Paco could surprise us against him, just like in his match with Shirov.

Ines's picture

Partidas de ajedrez, yo soy vasca as?ɬ? que los problemas de banderitas y cachos de tierra me los s?ɬ© muy bien. Mis jugadores favoritos son aquellos cuyo estilo me gusta m?ɬ°s, pero cuando veo a Vallejo ganar a uno de los grandes, me hace m?ɬ°s ilusi?ɬ?n que cuando ganan otros, porque es de mi pa?ɬ?s y me toca un poco lo personal, me enorgullezco de ?ɬ©l como si le conociera un poquito m?ɬ°s, es ese sentimiento el que me hace apoyarlo, no un sentimiento absurdo de patriotismo radical. Si a estas alturas no puedo animar a Vallejo s?ɬ?lo porque se va a confundir con pol?ɬ?tica nacionalista, apaga y v?ɬ°monos.

Ines's picture

As Lajos said, Shirov is not Spanish, he is originally from Latvia, and I am proud that he represents our country in the international panorama, but it?Ǭ¥s not the same: in Eastern countries it?Ǭ¥s easier to grow up as a chess player, there are more resources and possibilities: Vallejo is Spanish 100%, he has achieved everything in a country with much less chess tradition.
Vamos, que como he dicho antes: ?Ǭ°?É?nimo, Valle!

The_Anonymous_Person's picture

Looking at the third game, it seems as though Shirov has been struggling a little of late in this Anti-Sveshnikov variation - Kamsky-Shirov, Khanty-Mansiysk 2007 (7.2) was a prime example of this.

Ricardo's picture

Of course, I'm not pretending otherwise. It's just you always hear that kind of stuff with the same few players. Considering the huge amount of people playing abroad... well, it's quite boring having to read always the same well known statements. "Shirov is not spanish", whatever. As I said, pick the first 10 boards in the US:

1.Kamsky: Born in Siberia.
2.Nakamura: Born in Japan
3.Onischuk: Born in Ukraine
4.Shabalov: Born in Latvia
5.Seirawan: Born in Syria
6.Shulman: Born in Belarus
7.Ehlvest: Born in Estonia
8.Akobian: Born in Armenia
9.Ibragimov: Born in Rusia
10.Kaidanov: Born in Ukraine

Now, when the US team plays in the olympiads, do you hear them mention their birthplaces? Right.

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