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[lang_nl]Macauley interviewt Ivanchuk[/lang_nl][lang_en]Macauley interviews Ivanchuk[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Afgelopen zondag had Macauley een gesprek met Vassily Ivanchuk, de superheld van het moment die net het Montreal International had gewonnen.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Last Sunday Macauley managed a little face time with Vassily Ivanchuk, the current super hero who had just won the Montreal International.[/lang_en]

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Ivanchuk is one in a million! I admire him greatly, and i feel pity for the fact that he has to wait for the next world championship cycle. He is an interesting person too.

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It was so great to see Ivanchuk in Montr?ɬ©al!
He sign my chess notebook gave me he's e-mail for future interview for ?ɬ©chec+ , response me when i suggest a move in the post- mortem vs Tiviakov. He plays a blitz with a kid about 12 year old after the blitz tournament because he just ask him!

He was my SuperH?ɬ©ros before i see him and now he is just more of it!

Nice interview Mister Macauley !!
St?ɬ©phane Drolet
Droletsky pour les intimes;-)

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Chucky is just so great: a genius who is friendly and approachable, unlike say Fischer.

I really hope he can maintain his current stuoendous form long enough to win the World Championship.

sg's picture

This guy does not look normal to me. He answers like a 10 year old child. Surely he plays well chess, but man look at him in a suit (moving his head left and right) and later holding his shirt button?¢‚Ǩ¬¶

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Ivanchuk will be number 1 after his victories, does this count?

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Ivanchuk is not normal. He is far above normal. He was surely nervous at the interview, but i think that doesn't matter. I enjoy his games and his person. Yes, he moved his head left and right, but as we can see he was very happy in that moment. I think he was so happy, he didn't hide his feelings. A dream has come true. He surely has the chance to be the nr. 1 on the ratings, even if he missed the chance to become world champion several times. For example his match against Ponomariov. He was the favourite but he couldn't cope with the psychological pressure and he didn't win a single game. Of course Ponomariov is a great player and was a worthy FIDE champion, but i think he was a bit lucky against Ivanchuk. In 2005 he was the absolute favourite in the World Cup to become a world championship candidate, but he failed to pass. Now, with several missed chances at least the "lesser" dream has come true. Even if he is out of the world championship, he can still become number 1 in the world. He is a human being, and a very sensible one, we can see the pressure on him, but he is fighting, and, maybe, some day the greater dream can become true. I whish good luck and salubruty for him.

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Ivanchuk will be number 1 after his victories, does this count?

It doesn't for the Elo rating list: it's a rapid tournament. Pretty impressive though.

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He seems to be very nervous: look how the flowers next to him are moving all the time, probably because his leg is trembling.

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