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[lang_nl]Partijen ronde 3 & Anand-N.N.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Round 3 games & Anand-N.N.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Nadat alle vier de partijen uit ronde 3 in vrij oninteressante puntendelingen zijn ge?ɬ´indigd, kunnen we concluderen dat Dortmund 2007 nou niet het toernooi is dat we ons na jaren nog gaan herinneren. Toch had ik ook vandaag wel lol hier in de perskamer, al monterend aan de snelschaakpotjes van gisteren en tussendoor de legendarische Vlastimil Hort interviewend (daarover later meer).[/lang_nl][lang_en]After all games in round 3 have finished in unexciting draws, I don't think Dortmund 2007 is the kind of tournament we will always gonna remember. Still, I was having fun today in the press room, editing more of yesterday's blitz games and interviewing the legendary Vlastimil Hort in between (more of that later).[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Gelfand had tegen Anand op een gegeven moment een uur minder op de klok, nadat Anand met 13...e5 een lastig nieuwtje op het bord had gebracht (13...c5 was Gelfand-Kasimdzhanov, Elista 2007!). Toen Vishy echter afzag van 18...Lxh2!? 19.Kxh2 De5+ 20.Pg3 Pxf2 was het duidelijk dat hij vandaag met remise tevreden was. Dat gold ook voor Boris, die 21.Da4 Dxf5 22.Txd6 had kunnen proberen. In evenveel zetten was het niet lang daarna Mamedyarov-Kramnik dat remise werd. Net toen het leek dat Kramnik in het voordeel zou komen was het opeens afgelopen. Naiditsch verraste zijn vriend Leko door voor het eerst in zijn leven de Nimzowitsch-Siciliaan (2...Pf6) te spelen. Om alle voorbereiding te ontwijken ging Leko niet in op de hoofdvariant (3.Pc3) en Naiditsch kon daarna vrij eenvoudig remise maken. Carlsen probeerde het het langst vandaag maar Alekseev had voldoende activiteit als compensatie voor zijn minuspion.

Stand na ronde 3:

1-2. Alekseev, Kramnik      2 
3-6. Anand, Leko,
     Carlsen, Mamedyarov   1.5 
7-8. Gelfand, Naiditsch    1.0

En... hier een tweede filmpje van de show van gisteren. Een partij die we maar "Anand-N.N." zullen noemen.

Stay tuned, want er volgen deze week nog potjes van Kramnik, Leko en Carlsen![/lang_nl][lang_en]At some point Gelfand was an hour down on the clock against Anand, after the Indian had played a nasty novelty with 13...e5 (13...c5 was Gelfand-Kasimdzhanov, Elista 2007!). But when Vishy refrained from 18...Bxh2!? 19.Kxh2 Qe5+ 20.Ng3 Nxf2 it was clear that today he was satisfied with a draw. And that's what Boris must have been thinking, because he could have tried 21.Qa4 Qxf5 22.Rxd6. In the same number of moves, soon after that Mamedyarov-Kramnik ended in a draw. Just when it looked like Kramnik got some advantage it was suddenly over. Naiditsch surprised his friend Leko by playing the Nimzowitsch Sicilian (2...Nf6) for the first time in his life. To avoid all preparation, Leko didn't go for the main line (3.Nc3) and so it was easy for Naiditsch to get the desired draw with Black. Carlsen tried the most, today, but Alekseev had enough activity for his small material deficit.

Standings after round 3:

1-2. Alekseev, Kramnik      2  
3-6. Anand, Leko,
     Carlsen, Mamedyarov   1.5 
7-8. Gelfand, Naiditsch    1.0

And... here's a second clip from yesterday's exhibition: a game which we'll call "Anand-N.N."

Stay tuned, because more videos with Kramnik, Leko and Carlsen will follow this week![/lang_en]

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@mynameis: it's a time-odds game. from the beginning of the video, probably 1min vs 5min.

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@mynameis: maybe he just wanted to be able to say that the only reason he lost to Anand was because he ran out of time :P

Btw is there a way to watch the movies full screen?

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Thanks again. For some reason I can watch these all day long. It is like watching a suspense movie.. plus you usually know who is going to get killed at the end...


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Thanks again,

But the video in Flash is much better than WMV, why the change?

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I think Anand's opponent thought he had more like 15 minutes on the clock. He sure was taking his time!

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