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[lang_nl]Persconferentie Aronian[/lang_nl][lang_en]Press conference Aronian[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Twee persconferenties dus vanavond. Allereerst nemen we een kijkje in de keuken van het schaak van Levon Aronian. De man die nog niet zo heel lang geleden doorbrak naar de wereldtop, en tijdens de Olympiade in Turijn zijn land Armeni?ɬ´ leidde naar de gouden medaille. Deze man heeft zo zijn eigen manier van uitleggen ?ɬ©n spelen, zo lijkt. Zo zegt hij voortdurend 'dit heb ik niet echt berekend' (maar wij vermoeden anders...).[/lang_nl][lang_en]So two press conferences tonight. First a close look at the way Levon Aronian plays chess. The man who didn't celebrate his breakthrough that long ago, and led his Armenian team to the gold medal at the Turin Olympiad last year. This man has it's own style of explaining and playing, or so it seems. For instance, he keeps on saying "I didn't calculate this" but we're not sure if we should believe this...[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Deel I

Deel II

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Part I

Part II



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Nas's picture

That was sooooo cool!!!!! Even the Great GM's play moves on feeling some times...... at least Aronian does :P hahaha, he look like a great guy, relaxed funny not ashamed to say that he might have had a better move !!!! cool one

Jan's picture

This was really good stuff, he appeared so relaxed there!

It doesnt matter that he missed some good moves, I think he has compensation with his caracter :)

george's picture

i think we have a new great star here. simple, funny, great attacking player. however, the question from this game is whether Bd6 is an improvement on kramnik-anand or not. i think the variation is suffering... aronian played it for the first time (he doesnt play catalan) against its inventor...

C.Pieters's picture

Aronian isn't so small as he apierce after all. He really should be concidered as the comming man

chrisowen's picture

ok, interestingly active if somewhat muttered.

eloy's picture

great!!! levon i am surprise,, you are great

Vazken's picture

Levon, I just wanted to congratulate you for your win today. Thanks for your interview.

Ben van Vlierden's picture

A very layed back and at times almost absent-minded performance, but amazing dexterity with the demonstration board!

galeh's picture

real great game.Mr Aronian is a real cool guy saying his ideas and his FEELINGs in game.
great guy, I hope you do your best.good luck

Rony's picture

Best of luck Levon......From Me.

Norwegian's picture

I think Levon Aronian is a great ambassador for chess in general. He clearly won a lot of fans with this press-conference (me included). In my opinion, a great chess-player should not only play good, but behave well also. Chess is a sport for ladies and gentlemen!

Travis's picture

Well... I think this game was determined by Karjakin's mistakes rather than Aronian's brilliancy, but full credit for Aronian to keep tension throughout the game.

Davit's picture

Levon, that was great! You are outstanding Armenian guy and we all are proud of you!!! Go ahead!!!!

Sergey Khachatryan's picture

My congratulations to the BEST pleyer ever. I'm sure Mr. Aronian'll win the Corus and then become the second Armenian champion of the world after Tigran Petrosian. Wish Levon all the greatness he deserved.

BrianWall's picture

Revolutionary Chess coverage -

Brian Wall

samuel's picture

yes kez srtant im ev entanikis anunit hajoxutyuner em tankanum corus mrtasarum levon djan,asxarhe mer azgin ko pes taxandnerov mardkantov aveli met tcanacum e talis mer azgi masin,ko amen mi haxtanake mer azgi haxtanaknne,sat hpart enk kezanov,harganknerov holandit tygranovner.

Eric's picture

Mr Aronian is extraordinarily calm, relaxed and honnest during his demonstration on the board. We can feel he is human, making mistakes and trying to improve even when questioned in public. That is refreshing for an amateur like me. Now I know him better than from some occasional fights during parties :-) He has definitively become my favorite player.


A great player who should his talent when he won the world junior championship and could lead the Armenian team to victory in Torin 06.
We gust wait and see when Mr Aronian achives the same succes av Tigran Petrosian!


Tankagin Levon...
Du mer jhoghovrdi urakhutyunn u hpartutyunn es. Mot qarasun tari araj, Martiros Saryany Petroyanin heragir er ugharkel, te "Tankagin Tigran, ayd zinvornery, vor araj es brtum, miayn qony chen, amboghj hay jhoghovrdinn en, aynpes vor zguysh varvir nrants het"... Shirovi het partiayi yntacqum menq ahagin tsanr aprumner unetsanq, vor voch voqi avartvets, bayst i verjo MENQ haghtecinq... Apres, sireli Levon. Vortegh el khaghas, du miaynak ches, unez bazmativ yeghbayrner, voronq ankakh taratsutyunits` qo koghqin en.
Grkum enq

petar's picture

Vladimir Aronian is the best!

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