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[lang_nl]Persconferentie Magnus Carlsen[/lang_nl][lang_en]Press conference Magnus Carlsen[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Wat is een verkouden Kramnik waard? Niet genoeg om het droog te houden tegen de 17-jarig Carlsen in ieder geval. Uitleg van een geweldige winnaar.[/lang_nl][lang_en]How much is a Kramnik with a cold worth? Well, at least not enough to survive against a 17-year-old Magnus Carlsen. A lecture by a great winner.[/lang_en]





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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


Hayri Kaya's picture

I am a Kramnik fan but I strongly congratulate Magnus. May be Kramnik was not so concentrated because of sickness but it's something to be forgiven that Magnus wanted to go on to win because that would be first win over a world champion in his career. And I am sure Kramnik understands Magnus' feelings. This was not a shame to Kramnik to loose him, he is a growing star and needs such games for example he could win against Anand, too but he blundered some moves and even could not keep a draw, but Kramnik was not so lucky Magnus did not blunder :)

Anyway sometimes defeats do not make so upset and this was one of them. Congratulations to Magnus and good luck to Kramnik especially against Anand in their match (may be it will be one of the best matchs ever played in classical chess history and I am waiting it surely!)


Paulo's picture

Now I know he won the championship with Aronian! Superb performance! The young players = Aronian, Carlsen, Radjabov, Karjakin are renewing the chess world. Congrats to Aronian and Carlsen winning this Marathon.

j'adoube's picture

There's an almost poetic irony about Fischer dying the very week that Magnus has his breakout tournament. As in "The King is Dead. Long Live the King."

The humility that Magnus displayed at 2:00 of the second video, citing his opponent's cold as the probable reason for the inferior Qa4, is something that I've never seen in any top chessplayer. For that reason only, he will be the worthiest of champions.

The only thing that would have made his Corus victory sweeter: finding Ng3 against Anand. After all, Anand did not have a cold, and Magnus was halfway through a brilliant victory. Beating Anand and Kramnik in successive rounds would have been something special.

Tony Miles's picture

That was the pathetic girlie wuss Nigel Short hunting for tips - the guy is such a bloody shyster!

Robert Atlas's picture

Anand, our current champion, seems to be quite a civilized fellow. I'm pleased to see that Magnus Carlsen, a likely future champion, comes across as comparably decent and thoughtful.

Hayri Kaya's picture

And the last thing is about Anand- Kramnik last round game showed us that both players have enough things to make the upcoming match exciting!

Seeing Anand sacrificed Bishop and Kramnik accepted it fearlessly to face with a Q & R attack in an "open filed game" and managed it very well was instructive, and result was the right of game a "draw"

But this was a beautiful draw I think, and hope to see more exciting games in their matches especially when Kramnik will have white pieces will be deciding moments of the match.

Out of many ideas I don't think Kramnik will be faced to a big pressure when he will have black pieces. He is enough good to play defensive games with black, the important point is that his advantage with white pieces are dominant to his weaknesses with black pieces (because his "so called" weakness with black pieces rarely causing a lost but rather giving him "draws" and a draw is an important thing in especially match games)

Anyway I am currently in the mode of that match as you see :)

shukov's picture

Mr B.

I often see people of limited intelligence put on a facade of snobbish intelligent superiority, I suppose you would think these fakers are very bright because they indeed act the part. Top chess players may not all be wise but they are extremely intelligent. Magnus has no need for a facade, his games speak for themselves. Go Magnus Go Wolfgang Berghorn, Germany's picture

Congratulations at first again to Chessvibes for this marvellous video-conference! Congratulations at second to GM Magnus Carlen for his brilliant play with the black pieces against the former worldchampion Vladimir Kramnik. It is fantastic for chess in general that a GM-draw offered by Vladimir Kramnik was not accepted by Magnus Carlsen in such a position of the game and in such a situation of the tournament. Even more congratulations to the sportsman Magnus Carlsen to have mentioned that Vladimir Kramnik was suffering from a common cold. Great example of modesty from a 17 years old young man who will make his way in chess history. Bravo, Bravo Magnus Carlsen!

earl's picture

magnus is incredible.................some people thought that he's not the guy talk 2 much..........but he really speaks out naturaly................he's ideas are direct to the point ............even though the position sometimes favorable to his opponent....
but ok he really analyzed well his position.....................magnus is great ...he speak when he win or loss................but the important is you learn out of that...................................

Kristian's picture

Last time Kramnik lost a classical chess game with the white pieces was in 2006 against Topalov!!

Visser's picture

Yep, that's Nigel alright

Wolf Gray's picture

So young, but noble and merciful. As for me, it seems Magnus was analyzing the game with regrets; definitely he wanted to defeat (my favorite) Kramnik in Kramnik's best form.

B's picture

For me, he is slow, doesn't look brilliant. I don't know why people think, that chessplayers are extremely smart.

Caissa's picture

"For me, he is slow, doesn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t look brilliant. I don?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t know why people think, that chessplayers are extremely smart."

Well, Magnus doesn't like to talk in front of an audience (most people don't) and his native language is Norwegian (not English), so he seems a bit insecure (do you expect him to talk fluent English perhaps?). Perhaps you mistake this insecurity with being slow? Besides, Magnus isn't just any chessplayer: He's a 17 year old with a 2700+ rating. You have to be pretty smart to get that far at that age. He's also doing well at school, despite the fact that he devotes most of his time to chess and spends less time at school.

Nima's picture

A wonderful game analyzed by a wonderful personality. What a joy to watch. Thank you Chess Vibes and thank you Magnus.

KT's picture

Yes, that sounds a lot like Nigel. :-)

Garrick's picture

Smoesjes!!! Magnus is gewoon een Top A GM. Hij is de toekomst.

Partidas comentadas's picture

Increible lo que hace este chaval de 17 a?ɬ±os
mirar sus paridas en mi web da agusto, ?Ǭ°qu?ɬ© crack!

Michael Starr's picture

What a likable guy, Magnus Carlsen. Wish him the best going forth, at Corus and in tourneys to come.

Paulo's picture

I`ve been watching he`s games the past 2 years and he plays terrifc games. I`m waiting a win over Radjabov in order to get this title. He deserves that. But if now isn`t the time yet, he`ll show us his strenght yet this year. All those who follow his games know he`s the chess Mozart. The affair Topalov x Kramnik was ridiculous!

WTF's picture

To B. What the hell are you talking about? We were discussing chess and not intelligence, no?

But since you bring it up: The guy is shy and 17(!!!!) years old. What he looks like when he is talking to a crowd with a camera in his face means very little. You, though, have revealed yourself as being an ass with very little sense.

His mentor(Agdestein) once said that one of his talents as a player was his overall intelligence. I trust him and not you.

Paulo's picture

He`s behavior before a camera has nothing to do about chess skill. He is a very strong player and a promise, may you want or not. I`m not sure you uderstand chess issues. Repeting Wof Gray: noble and merciful. period!

Magma's picture

Is that Nigel short asking all thos question during the video?

nick's picture

Yes its definately Nigel.
Magnus has a refreshing humility and openess about him, he doesn't have Radjabov's desire give the impression of Genius. No he doesn't talk too fluently, but as was said, he's 17 speaking in his 2nd language to a room full of people and cameras ffs. Im English and 31 years old, but would be less fluent than him.

What is very clear is that within a couple of year, nobody will be able to touch him for many years. He has Fisher's ability to make beating Kramnik with black 'quite simple' !! Bravo Magnus.

Xavier's picture

I am following Carlsen's games for a while now and I really like his play. But to be honest I felt something wrong in the game before knowing Kramnik was a bit sick. I am a fan of Carlsen as I was a fan of Tal but I do think Kramnik was in a bad shape to fight. He had no energy in the game. I hope to see another victory of Carslen vs Kramnik this year...

Good luck for the last game to Magnus, he can do it!

U.S. ChessFan's picture

GM's a super intelligent; the top GMs are geniuses. If anyone has ever played a 9+ round tournament of chess, the person would know the amount of brain power and intelligence it takes. These guys are playing the top chess in the world, in a super chess tournament. Now, put a 17-year old in there (who, by the way, is playing superb chess) and there's no doubt that he is very special.

This is mental art in its highest form.

Brian Wall's picture

The Carlsen family should be equally proud of their son's Chess achievements and his magnaminous personality.

F. A. Olsen's picture

Just a quick word to say that I'm extremely proud of this Norwegian 17-year-old making his way in the world of chess the way he is doing now.
We're 4.7 mill in this country! He's humble, he's rather shy in front of blitzing cameras, but which 17-year-old wouldn't be? He is just a very likable kid.

Dr. F. Craft's picture

Attacking him for his appearance in front of a camera is just so low. Hes shy, maybe hes even got a touch of social phobia due. Its notable that he makes no attempt to glorify his own performance, in stark contrast to the self indulgence many chess GMs demonstrate. He just deals with pure chess, and thats what he talks about with his limited oratory skills. Chess is a measure of analytical skills, memory, visualization in multiple dimensions and along multiple lines of thought. I consider myself an intelligent person, and naively tried to master chess. I studied, played and gave up when i realized the mental skills required to play it really well. Its no doubt the kid has abilities in this field that can only be described as special. Im proud to be your fellow countryman.

jh's picture

"For me, he is slow, doesn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t look brilliant."

Famous last words... :-)

fda's picture

Yes, that's Short asking him questions.

Ana's picture

For me magnus is the best chess player .He is 17 years old !!!!!!

zugzwang64's picture

The first game of Magnus' that I played over was his "Mozart of Chess" brilliancy in the Caro!! Lately I discovered all the Google pages on him, and have immensely enjoyed playing over many of his other games and watching his analysis videos of some of them. How refreshing to have a player to rival Bobby Fischer (or anyone else for that matter) who is so modest yet so gifted, and makes no outrageous demands or scenes at his tournaments and matches. I played serious chess for almost 15 years and barely crossed the Expert threshold, so I know how much work and dedication it takes just to establish a baseline of game knowledge from which you begin to grow. To see such a young player already able to challenge and beat the best players in the world is truly a miracle, and a rare one at that.

To those who see fit to criticize his on-camera personna...I would challenge you to start today...accomplish what he has, and then learn a 2nd language to explain your accomplishments in front of an audience and camera. Good luck with that!

Bravo Magnus, you are an inspiration to me and millions of other players who wish you nothing but the success you so rightly deserve. Cheers!


Wolf Gray's picture

Magnus is an extremely talented player, no doubts. As for the current scores against the World Champion and contesters (all included): Anand-Carlsen: +9-3=8; Kramnik-Carlsen: +4-1=5, Kamsky-Carlsen: +5-2=4; Topalov-Carlsen: +1-4=5 Make your conclusions.

jack's picture

magnus!magnus,best of the best chess player!!

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