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[lang_nl]Persconferentie Svidler[/lang_nl][lang_en]Press conference Svidler[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]En nu dan ook nog Peter Svidler. Een genot om naar te luisteren. Hij is een kenner van de Britse literatuur en dat merk je alleen al aan zijn mooie uitspraak. "Great", zei ik, toen hij de perskamer kwam binnenlopen. "No no, it wasn't great", antwoordde hij natuurlijk, aangezien hij ergens verloren had gestaan. "It's great that you're doing the press conference", zei ik daarop, want ik was erg benieuwd naar hoe hij dat zou doen. En we werden niet teleurgesteld. Veel plezier![/lang_nl][lang_en]So now also Peter Svidler. A joy to listen to. He's an expert in British literature and this you notice just by hearing his nice pronounciation. "Great", I said, when he entered the press room. "No no, it wasn't great", he replied of course, because at some point he had a lost position today. "It's great that you're doing the press conference", I then said, because I was very curious about how he would be doing it. And we weren't disappointed by him. Have fun![/lang_en]

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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


zaur's picture

very articulate guy... i like svidler... but topalov gave away this game... he should have easily won it.

Brago's picture

But Topalov hasn't won it. Chess is not only about nice attacks, but also about not blundering away your edge. Svidler deserved his win.

krish's picture

This guy is awesome; thinks so clearly and speaks so precisely! Very interesting.

joeee's picture

this guy cannot think properly... just follow his thoughts, it is a disgrace that he won and u can tell this from his explanaitions, and we are not talking about the fact that he is the puppy of kramnik and his announced "nice pronounciation" is hell bad - no offence to the russian way of speaking

Bill's picture

Always enjoy the comments.
Why don't they buy a magnetic chess-board ?!

azzido's picture

what is the idea to play pawn on 10... h5?

bugaz's picture

Svidler is a ... lox.

C.Pieters's picture

Marvelous to see Svidler still high on adrenaline after his narrow escape, but strongly played endgame. I also would like to say that he's a great entertainer isn't he? And when it comes to the recently asked question on this site about who is the biggest suprise on this tournament.... I would like to suggest that chessvibes managed to achief something every one was wating for and therefor all the credits should go to you Peter and co-workers....Chapeau!!!

Izzy's picture

I agree with Bill. Magnetic chess board should be the winning move, as this chess board induces disturbing situations (BTW Aronian was the only one who won the strugle with this chess board).
Funny guy, Svidler ( Topalov should win this game is not my problem...).
Thank you, whoever puts this videos on the net.
Keep up the good job!

Charley's picture

joeee, I am sure that GM Svidler, in sharp contrast to you, can spell "explanations" and "pronunciation" correctly.
In fact, I doubt that you can ever hope to emulate his command of the English language.
I hope (but do doubt) that there is another language you *can* use with Svidler's facility.

branche's picture

it's a pleasure to watch this guy and listen to him ... then, i just notice that topalov's fan are like their master ... hysterical !!!

Ben van Vlierden's picture

Magnetic pieces are also subjected to gravity, so I'm not convinced that a magnetic board would be such an improvement.

Presenting videofootage of a chesstournament this way is, as far as I'm aware, a novelty. It gives a new and exciting dimension to the coverage for which I'm very grateful. Many thanks to Peter and his crew!

Centercounter's picture

Magnetic pieces in an anti-gravity room?

It is a pleasure to listen to Svidler - not only is he entertaining, but he speaks clearly and loudly enough to be heard. After what I found out about him not feeling well earlier, I'm glad he seems to have at least one bright spot in this event.

Nowshad's picture

Svidler should get a prize for the best video-analysis ever in a tournament. What a pleasure it was to listen to him. He just won me over as a fan. He is an honest, non-pretensious, fun guy. I hope he wins more games so we can hear him again. He blows away Kramnik and Topalov and others in video analysis. His chess thinking was clear, honest and his presentation is entertaining. Thanks Peter.

Frank Str?ɬ§ter's picture

Another great day for Chessvibes. First the charismatic Aronian and then the highly entertaining Svidler. Keep up the good work!

Sam's picture

Svidler is a really great guy. I'm a huge fan.

He has excellent endgame understanding and technique, and absolutely no illusions about his game.


Deadbob's picture

To bad Topajoeeeeeee has SFB syndrome.

Norwegian's picture

Finally a chess-analysis by a GM that an awerage player can somewhat understand! : )

joeee's picture

ook, maybe i am insane but i really do not find that: 1) his way of thinking is good... there is not even a lot of intuition but avoiding the discomfort and fear. My opinion. I mean he does not follow the sequences when choosing a move, we do not expect decision based on "the queen didnt look good on g1" or "suddenly i found that there is no place for the queen"... it was smth like this in the video.. (i am not going to watch it again to find the exact quotes). The way he thinks brought him to not giving up after Qa5 that he had to do and finally to the victory... maybe... And maybe the blunder Bb1 was not because of the zeit but because topalov was too cocksure and arrogant... this for sure is his weak place on the board it spoils - this time - his manner of thinking. 2) I do not give a sh about my spelling as I am not glorified as an expert of the brit literature however am I the only one whose ears are entered by this huge russian accent? fcourse it doesnt matter how a gm speaks english and fcourse accent is not smth bad who cares about it... except of the conferencier but ok boys u cannot tell that the white is black... just concentrate on other virtues of svidler. And pls - do u really like the way he came to his move decisions?

Whitey's picture

Once again, well done U tube for allowing us to see GMs demonstrating the nuances and subtleties of the game. Svidler is very honest- he SHOULD have lost this game but that's sport, anything can change and the tables turn. It will be interesting to see how Topolov reacts in his next match.

TOPALOV FANCLUB!!!'s picture


Douglas Griffin's picture

The following study-like variation was pointed out by Konstantin Landa on - 47.d7 (instead of 47.Rd2 as played by Svidler) Rd1 48.Kc6 Kf5 49.Re8 Kg4 50.Re6! (threat 51.Rd6) Rxd7 51.Kxd7 Kxh4 52.Rg6! a5 53.Ke6 a4 54.Kf5 a3 55.Kxf4 a2 56.Rg3 (threat 57.Rh3 mate) g5+ 57.Kf3 g4+ 58.Kf4 a1=Q 59.Rh3+!! gxh3 60.g3 mate.

gogo milev's picture

it looks prety normal behavior after all, piti thou for topalov.every time he looses such game i hope next time he accepts that 1/2 point is bettere than 0,even whe you miss the hole

paisita's picture

Great, Svidler expalins every thing clear and understable for every body. In each game you always have a chance to winning, in chess a single mistake can trast every thing.
Thanks chessvibes.

joeee's picture

ok, after today mare no more comments about svidler

jussu's picture

A rare clarity of explanation, spiced with charming personality. After watching this video, I decided to officially become a Svidler fan :)

Niels van der Mark's picture

Fantastisch werk Peter & Co. Ik kom gewoon tijd tekort om alles bij te houden. Te zien aan alle reakties groeit de internationale belangstelling ook aardig.

Phil Harris's picture

Svidler is a class act, I have had the pleasure of two conversations with him. Once in Calvia in 2004 at the Olympiad, and again on Wednesday at Corus.

The thing that amazed was that he remembered every detail of the chat we had two and a half years earlier...Even my occupation and favourite England batsman.

I am not anyone he needed to recall for any reason at all, simply a chess tourist.

His good manners and extraordinary memory were most impressive to say the least.

His English is probably better than mine too.

Stijn's picture

What a wonderful presentation by Svidler: He won me over as a fan.

Thanks a lot to the people who put these press conferences online: It is wonderful to see the players present their thoughts, and as the tournament progressed I more and more started to look forward to the beautiful things that would appear on this site. Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

Russian's picture

Nice person,nice English,great commenting manner.It is really amusing watching a joeee mentoring one of the world's gratest players when one must resign and what the way of thinking must be.

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