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[lang_nl]Persconferentie: Topalov weer[/lang_nl][lang_en]Press conference: Topalov again[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het wordt eentonig, weer een persconferentie van Topalov? Ga je mond spoelen. Een speler met de duizelingwekkende rating van 2783 achter zijn naam die aan het uitleggen is wat hij goede zetten vindt en wat niet, waar hij wel en niet over nadenkt, en welke zetten hij verwachtte, dat verveelt nooit. Hij staat nu een punt los van de rest, maar heeft wellicht het sterkste eindprogramma van iedereen: Svidler, Kramnik en Radjabov waarvan twee keer met zwart. We gaan het zien. Maar eerst de schaakles van Veselin![/lang_nl][lang_en]O well... the same story again, another press conference by Topalov? Go and be silent. A player with a dazzling rating of 2783 behind his name, explaining what he thinks are good moves and which not, what he does think about and what not, which moves he expected, this never starts to bore. He's now one full point above the rest of the field, but he's got probably the toughest finishing schedule: Svidler, Kramnik and Radjabov, with two times the black pieces. We'll see. But first the chess lesson by Veselin![/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Deel I

Deel II

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Part I

Part II



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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


Christian's picture

Can't watch after 1:13.

kleo's picture

Congratulations to Topalov for trying b4! and also for playing in every game with a dynamic way by trying to find new moves and improving his play. I think he will draw the games with Svilder and Kramnik and he will me sure for the first place. And in the final round we will see a great fight with Radjapov to saw him that he is not yet the best! :)

Michele's picture

Of course Topalov will not explain moves like 15...Re8, because then he will give his opening preparation away (or that he didn't have any..). But black seems fine indeed after 16.Be2 f6 17.Bf4 Ne5 18.Nxe5 fxe5 19.Bxe5 Qe4

In?ɬ°cio de Freitas's picture

I think move 15 must be explicated, in fact; but Mr. Topalov should do it? We will do it?...
I don't think so.

On the other hands, i don't think "Topa" will play for a draw, against Kramnik. Mr. Topalov knows, very well, that a win against the "new" World Champion will improve his chances to obtain a revanche match. All the world will claim for a rematch, if Kramnik to fall, in front of V. Topalov.

For all that reasons, i guess the bulgarian will play to "kill" the "boy from the Black Sea"...

From Brasil, In?ɬ°cio de Freitas.

In?ɬ°cio de Freitas's picture

Still in respect of Kramnik and Topalov, it's strange this "rotine": Kramnik seems haven't the strength ou the wish to play his best chess, after beat his opponents in World Title disputes.

After to beat Kasparov, Kramnik did not got to reach the top of the FIDE Rating List, nor win Kasparov on the other meetings (in example, Linares).

Someday, maybe Mr. Kramnik can to explain this...

Goodbye {from Brasil}.

mbuli's picture

There is another get player call moshitano why are you not talking about him he can beat Topalov, Kramnik and all those guys with oout thinking so lets talk about the great mo for once guys he has won 4 tournament in a row. come one guys what do you have to say about that and he has defeated world number 4 i am not joking this is the best you can find so guys forget those players and talk about mo for once

kaspy's picture

Wow mo you are fantastic i heard about you once i really respect you good like i hope you show them how great you truly are

general's picture

Mo the legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nosyut's picture

Respect Mo fantastic mo wonderful mo great mo out standing mo Yes general he is a legend ?????

mbuli's picture

guys you are finally getting the picture good boys

great mo's picture

Thanks Guys!!!

I really appreciate your vote of convidence in me :)

However, I must correct your slight error mbuli.. you see, I actually won 5 tournaments in a row.. not 4. Also i beat all top players.. world no1, no2, no3... no10 etc...

They sent invitation to me this year.. but i decline playing in Corus..because I currently buying the Corus company. Read the newspaper.. soon i own Corus.

Next year I will play in Corus. I will make it a blindfold tourney.. so i can sleep and play... i will wake up every 15mins to make move... it will be relaxing :)

Best Regards,
great mo

Jean-Michel's picture

Anybody know why Carlsen needed to sacrifice the knight on c5? I thought Topalov would explain this in his press conference but maybe I am the only one who didn't understand this move.

rado's picture

I think that was the easiest win for Topalov so far, Carlsen was really outplayed.

topi's picture

But, great mo, I'm not planning to sell the company.

Joris van Vuure's picture

Sometimes it looks so easy

philip's picture

I suppose Carlsen was trying to keep up the pressure instead of defending against the comming action, but certainly overvalued his chances. Topalov once again proved he is the one who plays the most dinamic and interesting chess... in comparison with others who prefer drowing at the 17th move...
I wish Topa luck and inspiration for the last three games!

great mo's picture

it will be a hostile takeover.. :D

Schybbe's picture

Your video clips are absolutely excellent, especially when Kramnik or Topalov explain their games!
However, Topalov?Ǭ¥s game against Carlsen keeps stopping after a few minutes of part one... Can?Ǭ¥t you fix this problem, please?

Yours, Brian Schyberg, Denmark

peter's picture

It doesn't here, so it must be the internet connection. Try pushing Pause, wait for a while, and push Play again.

TOPALOV FANCLUB!!!'s picture

I am from Bulgaria and I am one of the biggest fans of Veselin!!!In my opinion he is the best in the world because his playing style is dynamic,attacking and not boring!!!Despite hiss loss in the 11th round I think that he is still the favourite!!!I am looking forward to seeing Kramnik well-beaten by Veselin on Saturday!!!I also hope that there is gonna be a re-match for the World Title in Sofia!!!Kramnik-YOU CAN BE SURE THAT IN SOFIA YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO USE INTERNET IN THE TOILET!!! GOOD LUCK, VESKO!!!YOU ARE THE BEST!!!BULGARIA LOVES AND STANDS BEHIND YOU!!

Steven (Belgium)'s picture

It is quite noble, but is it also appropriate
to let narrow minded, even mentally disabled
"Topalov Fanclub" members publish their filth
on this site ?

TOPALOV FANCLUB!!!'s picture

this is not important!!!bulgaria loves his world champion and wants to show it!!! I am just a big fan of his and if you like i will not write myself as TOPALOV FANCLUB!!

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