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[lang_nl]R1: Anand verslaat Kramnik[/lang_nl][lang_en]R1: Anand beats Kramnik[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Het Amber-toernooi mag dan bekendstaan als een vriendelijk toernooi, waar het niet om de ratingpunten draait, maar desondanks vlogen de spelers elkaar flink meteen al in de haren. Anand won zijn minimatch tegen Kramnik 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ?.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Although the Amber tournament is known as a friendly event, and there isn't a single rating point involved, the players did show great fighting spirit already in the first round. Anand won his mini match against Kramnik 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ?.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Twee spelers spelen voor het eerst mee bij Amber: Mamedyarov en Karjakin. Beiden begonnen uitstekend want eerstgenoemde hield beide partijen remise tegen Morozevich die als een van de favorieten moet worden beschouwd, terwijl de jonge Oekra?ɬØner zelfs met 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? zijn minimatch won van Gelfand. Topalov versloeg op zijn verjaardag met dezelfde cijfers Leko en Aronian was, in twee zeer boeiende partijen, ook weer met 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? Van Wely de baas. De enige die echt teleurstellend begon (zeker voor de vele fans) was Carlsen; in zijn wit- (en blind-)partij tegen Ivanchuk kwam zijn aanval niet echt van de grond en met zwart kwam hij goed weg in een eindspel met een pion minder.

Blindpartijen: Rapidpartijen:

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Two participants are playing Amber for the first time: Mamedyarov and Karjakin. Both had a satisfying start because the former drew both of his games against Morozevich, who must be considered one of the favorites here, whilst the young Ukrainian even won his mini match against Gelfand 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ?. On his birthyday, Topalov beat Leko with the same figures and in two very interesting games Aronian defeated Van Wely, again 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ?. The only player who started really disappointingly (at least for the many fans) was Carlsen; in his White (and blindfold) game against Ivanchuk his attack wasn't succesful and in his Black game he escaped from what probably was a lost ending.

Blindfold games: Rapid games:



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Author: Peter Doggers

Founder and editor-in-chief of, Peter is responsible for most of the chess news and tournament reports. Often visiting top events, he also provides photos and videos for the site. He's a 1.e4 player himself, likes Thai food and the Stones.


dantl's picture

After 47...e4. 48. Kh4 g5+ 49. fxg5 Kg6 50. Kh3 Kg3 white is lost as it will loose the g4 pawn. But after 48... g5+ white can play 49. Kg3 directly whith a draw indeed. Nice ending anyway.

Lajos Arpad's picture

I think 47...e4 48. Kh4 g5+ 49. fxg5 Kg6 50. Kh3 Kxg5 51. Kg3 is also drawish.

bob's picture

In the Blindfold games, are both players blindfolded or is just one person?

gogomil's picture

Could you please tell if this turnament would afect the ratings since its blind and rapid only?

Amos Sky's picture

Nice coverage, Peter!

Janis Nisii's picture

The tournament won't affect the ratings because for a game to be rated, the FIDE rating regulations require minimum periods in which to complete all the moves, assuming the game lasts 60 moves. This requirement varies according to the precence of at least one player rated higher of 1600 and 2200. In this case the period is at least 120 minutes that can be obtained with different combinations including time controls and increments. As for the blind games, only classic chess games are rated, and this excludes any other chess variation.

Titu's picture

Hi Peter,
Any videos for us of the Kramnik-Anand game?

~~~~'s picture

I'm probably missing something, but why didn't Carlsen play 47. ... e4 in the rapid game? I don't see how white can stop the e-pawn after that.

Lajos Arpad's picture

You are right.
51... Na7 52. a3 Nc6 53. a4 Na7 54. a5 Nc6 and white is in zugzwang. Nice reply by Dantl.

gogomil's picture

thank you Janis Nisii

Martijn's picture

Maybe starting the article with 'Because', instead of 'Although', would be more in line with one of the reasons for 'grandmaster draws', i.e. the fear of losing rating points. Just some small remark reflecting the undefinable feeling I had when reading the first phrase. Having said that, with Corus still in mind I shouldn't complain too much I guess.

Lajos Arpad's picture

Both players. It would be unfair to blindfold only one of the players.

Coco Loco's picture

42...Qf3 was a nice shot from Anand. Strange that Kramnik avoided the queen trade and allowed ...e5.

Edgar Paul Buse's picture

48. Kh4 and picks up the e pawn

Slavmonster's picture

I also thought during the game that 47. ... e4 is simply winning for Carlsen but it turns out Ivanchuk can stop the pawn with 48. Kh4.

dantl's picture

In Ivanchul - Carlsen after 47...e4. 48. Kh4 isn't it possible 48... g5+ ?

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