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[lang_nl]R11: vier delen 1e prijs blindtoernooi[/lang_nl][lang_en]R11: 4 share 1st prize blindfold[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Aronian is winnaar geworden van Amber 2008 maar dat wisten we al. Kramnik is op tiebreak tweede geworden en Leko derde. Aronian won ook het rapidtoernooi (de basis voor zijn gecombineerde overwinning) en samen met Kramnik, Morozevich en Topalov eindigde hij eveneens gedeeld eerste in het blindtoernooi. Veel remises natuurlijk in de laatste ronde maar Topalov-Ivanchuk en Gelfand-Mamedyarov waren nog vrij aardige slotmatches.[/lang_nl][lang_en]Aronian has won Amber 2008 but we knew that already. Kramnik ended second on tiebreak and Leko third. Aronian also won the rapid tournament of course (a major part of his combined success) and together with Kramnik, Morozevich and Topalov he also ended shared first in the blindfold section. Lots of draws on the final day of course, but Topalov-Ivanchuk and Gelfand-Mamedyarov were attractive final matches.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Niemand nam het Anand, Van Wely, Leko en Aronian echt kwalijk dat ze vandaag snel remise speelden. Kramnik en Karjakin deden wat meer hun best maar ook bij hen zagen we twee halfjes. Overigens was hun blindpartij maar liefst dertig zetten lang theorie (31.Dc8 was nieuw ten opzichte van 31.Dc6, gespeeld in Alekseev-Bareev, World Cup Khanty-Mansiysk 2007) en ook hier had wit niet veel. Carlsen en Morozevich, de laatste match die in twee remises eindigde, was een echte vechtmatch. In beide partijen hield Carlsen met moeite remise - iets waar hij echt patent op lijkt te hebben. Topalov-Ivanchuk en Mamedyarov-Gelfand, ook beide 1-1, waren vier beslissingen. Waar Topalov en Ivanchuk nog tevreden mochten zijn over hun overwinningen, werden in Mamedyarov-Gelfand veel fouten gemaakt. "Ik zou de partij niet in mijn verzameling van beste partijen opnemen maar ik ben blij dat hij entertainmentwaarde had," zei Gelfand over zijn winstpartij.

Het is dus afgelopen - bijna dan. Morgen publiceren Macauley en ik allebei nog een laatste video, over de laatste ronde en de prijsuitreiking, dus stay tuned![/lang_nl][lang_en]Nobody complained when Anand, Van Wely, Leko and Aronian drew both of their games quickly today. Kramnik and Karjakin played longer games, but drew twice too. Their blindfold games was no less than thirty moves of theory by the way (31.Qc8 was new; 31.Qc6 had been played in Alekseev-Bareev, World Cup Khanty-Mansiysk 2007) but again it wasn't much for White. Carlsen and Morozevich (two draws as well) was a real fighting match. In both games Carlsen drew worse endings - it's really becoming his specialty. Topalov-Ivanchuk and Mamedyarov-Gelfand, both 1-1 again, were four decisive games. Topalov and Ivanchuk both played one decent game, but Mamedyarov and Gelfand ended their tournament with many mistakes. "I wouldn't include it in my best games collection but I'm glad that it had entertainment value," Gelfand said about his victory.

So it's over, or not quite yet. Tomorrow both Macauley and me will publish a last video on the final round and the closing ceremony, so stay tuned![/lang_en]

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Dimitar Panayotov's picture

yes really great job bravo Peter:)))

pal g's picture

I agree with Tom.. Several comments about well fought or interesting or exciting draws caused me to play through games I otherwise might have missed.

Great job.

Also, can you somehow make available all of the hours of video you shot that did not make it into those production videos? For me the videos provide so much atmosphere...

questio's picture

Why i dont see any pictures from Amber the daughter of mr. Van Oostrum??

Tom's picture

Thanks for your coverage of this event. I particularly appreciate the way your descriptions of the action enable me to decide whether or not a game is likely worth replaying.

JohnA's picture

Excellent job with the coverage! Each round's summary text + pictures + videos were all great!

No ha dejado ni un primer premio, este Aronian es un abus?ɬ?n ;-)

Lajos Arpad's picture

A very nice coverage of this wonderful event.

pal g's picture

You all did a very good job. My favorite video was when Kramnik was discussing his mini-match with Topalov, and even while Kramnik was talking about the rapid game (I think) you cut to a shot of Topalov looking very serious, as if he is hearing Kramnik's remarks. Very funny editing you did there. I did catch that. :)

Great job. More, more, more... and Thanks.


greybeard's picture

Congratulations on an outstanding coverage of the event. You and macauley did really something different this time!
Although i miss a little the full press conferences of the players on their games :(

Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

weldone's picture

You have made an paradigmatic and good coverage of this tournament, Peter!
I disponate it to the better one!

Carlsen, Nice

peter's picture

Because the family (Van Oosterom, btw) prefers it this way.

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