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[lang_nl]R9: Aronian gaat dit toernooi winnen[/lang_nl][lang_en]R9: Aronian is going to win this one[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Nadat hij vandaag Morozevich met 2-0 opzij zette, is Aronian bijna zeker van het winnen van Amber 2008. Carlsen ging met 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? onderuit tegen Kramnik en Anand verloor met dezelfde cijfers van Ivanchuk.[/lang_nl][lang_en]After he beat Morozevich 2-0 today, Aronian is almost sure of winning Amber 2008. Carlsen lost 1?Ǭ?-?Ǭ? to Kramnik, and Anand also went down, against Ivanchuk.[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Morozevich is zijn touch een beetje kwijt in de blindpartijen. Gisteren was hij al in grote problemen tegen Gelfand en vandaag raakte hij helemaal de weg kwijt tegen Aronian in een eindspel. Hij had natuurlijk gewoon 32.exd4 moeten doen waarna er weinig aan de hand is. In de rapidpartij ging het ook lange tijd redelijk maar Aronian had veel minder tijd nodig en dat kostte Morozevich de kop.

Kramnik speelde in de blindpartij 18.Lxb6 'om wat lol te hebben'. Het leverde inderdaad een interessante partij op waarin Carlsen zich goed verdedigde maar uiteindelijk door zijn vlag ging omdat hij zich vergiste met het invoeren van een zet. Jammer, want zwart stond iets beter. In de zwartpartij had Kramnik lange tijd een beter eindspel maar Magnus hield het netjes remise.

Bij Anand lijkt de kaars een beetje gedoofd inmiddels. Met wit bereikte hij niks tegen Ivanchuks Pirc en met zwart was hij echt zichzelf niet getuige de vreemde zet 17...Lg4? waarmee zwart op wel heel eenvoudige wijze een pion verliest.

Mamedyarov moet nog wat wennen op het Amber-toernooi. Tegen Loek miste hij het nodige en werd langzaam weggetikt in het eindspel. Wel leuk dat hij opnieuw de Boedapester van stal haalden (en opnieuw ging het niet verkeerd).

Gelfand-Topalov waren vandaag redelijk aan elkaar gewaagd en dit leverde een boeiende 1-1 op. Hetzelfde bij Karjakin-Leko, hoewel de Hongaar in de rapidpartij groot voordeel uit handen gaf.

Morozevich moet zijn koppositie in de blindsectie nu delen met Aronian en Kramnik. Aronian leidt het rapidtoernooi met twee punten verschil (een indrukwekkende 7/9) en het algemene toernooi zelfs met twee?ɬ´nhalf punt (12,5/18), voor Kramnik, Leko en Carlsen, die op 10/18 staan.

Blindpartijen: Rapidpartijen:

[/lang_nl][lang_en]Morozevich seems to have lost his blindfold touch. Yesterday he was in big trouble against Gelfand and today he completely lost track against Aronian in the ending. White should have played 32.exd4 of course. In the rapid game Moro was doing OK but Aronian had needed much less time on the clock and this proved decisive at a later stage.

In the blindfold game, Kramnik played 18.Bxb6 "to have some fun". Indeed it made the game quite interesting and Carlsen was defending very well, but then he lost on time because he was mistaken about a certain move he wanted to enter, and then he was a split second too late to enter another one. Too bad, because Black was slightly better in the final position. In the rapid game it was Kramnik with a slight advantage in an ending, but Magnus kept on defending accurately.

Anand seems to have lost his appetite for chess a little. With White he got no advantage against Ivanchuk's Pirc, and with Black he really wasn't himself, playing the strange 17...Bg4? losing a pawn for nothing.

Mamedyarov needs to get used to Amber some more. Against Loek he missed different moves and was slowly outplayed in the ending. But it was nice that he went for the Budapest Gambit again (and again, quite successfully).

Gelfand-Topalov were equally matched today and fought an interesting 1-1. The same with Karjakin-Leko, although the Hungarian threw away a big advantage in the rapid game.

Morozevich now shares his lead in the blindfold section with Aronian and Kramnik. Aronian leads the rapid two points clear (an impressive 7/9) and the combined even two and a half points clear (12.5/18) of Kramnik, Leko and Carlsen, who are all on 10/18.

Blindfold games: Rapid games:



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Lajos Arpad's picture

Lucasio is right, the others don't have chance any more, Aronian is the winner, after a fantastic effort.
"I guess Levon is ready to join the club of Classical World Champions and to become another Armenian chessplayer after Petrosian and Kasparov to hold this title."
I agree, he is ready. But is his chess ready?

Lucasio's picture

Aronian is already the winner!

VaHug's picture

And... Lajos, I caught sight of these diacritical marks that you put above Peter's last name. In French they are called accent. This detail is to indicate that you are Hungarian and a Leko fan?

Lajos Arpad's picture

Aronian is very close to a great success, but don't forget, the tournament is not over yet. He can still collapse. He has to play with L?ɬ©k?ɬ? and Kramnik, two of the greatest rivals, he can still lose the track. I agree, he played very well so far, and he is the favourite now, but the tournament is not over yet.

Vahag's picture

Aronian?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s play is very impressive. I would even say, that the ?¢‚Ǩ?ìstormic?¢‚Ǩ? way he crushed all of his rivals makes of Amber a one-player-tournament. This doesn?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢t mean at all that the others are weaker or less interesting players, but still?¢‚Ǩ¬¶ world champions and superplayers like Kramnik, Leko, Carlsen are 2.5 (!) points behind , Topalov and Ivanchuk - 3 points, Anand -3.5 and etc. And it really sounds silly, when people say, ?¢‚Ǩ?ìwell it?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s nothing, they r playin?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ 4 fun?¢‚Ǩ?.

Vahag's picture

Yep, with one round to spare, Levon became the Champion of the Amber with a 2.5 -point lead over his closest pursuers. Not bad huh, takin' into consideration the number of champions (former and present) and challengers.
My congratulations to the admirers of Aronian's talent. I guess Levon is ready to join the club of Classical World Champions and to become another Armenian chessplayer after Petrosian and Kasparov to hold this title.

Lajos Arpad's picture

Vahag: He is a genius, but we've seen him collapse in 2007 Mexico. He is a fine tournament player, but i think he is not yet as good as Kramnik, Anand, L?ɬ©k?ɬ? or Topalov in serious fight (Wijk aan Zee is serious too, but not as serious as Mexico 2007). I think he belongs to the absolute elite, but he is not as good as the very best yet. I realised already at your last comment that you are probably Armenian, so i understood your enthusiasm.

Uddipan's picture


Fact 1: Success or failure in Amber has no bearing on qualifying the genius of the player. If it did, then it would be included in the ratings.
Fact 2: It is also well known that the top players play Amber "for fun". Actually, classical world champions have often struggled to win it!
Fact 3: Winning it once or even twice does not mean that the player is a guaranteed world champion, as a player can be in top form during a certain period of time. It only shows potential to be in the absolute top flight. Period.
Fact 4: Fact is also that in classical chess, when Anand and Kramnik are in reasonable shape (as opposed to top form), it is virtually impossible for humans to beat them. Not so, as yet, with Aronian.

Agree that Aronian has potential, but he is still some distance from being considered a real challenger to be the classical champion.

Real champions need the ability to play and win **classical tournaments** consistently. Let Aronian win a few more and we can then celebrate the coming of a new champ

VaHug's picture

In a nutshell - I do believe Lajos that it's useless to try to change somebody's opinion, especially since your remarks are questionnable and suffer from subjectivity . Bye!

Lajos Arpad's picture

Dear Uddipan,i mostly agree with your remarks, with all my "subjectivity". Aronian plays very well, as we could see in his great successes, but he is not the best yet.

Lajos Arpad's picture

"i can see that you try to minimize his achievements"
That's not true, i admire his play, i just say that he is not yet in the same class as the best players. He plays very well these days, that is true, but i don't think he could beat Kasparov in a match. His chess is just not ready for something like that in my opinion. I admire him, but Kramnik or Anand are far better now than him.
"that people like chess without any reference to their being Armenian, Russian, American or French."
I like chess, but can hope for successes for one sort of people, don't i?
Don't judge me without knowing my personality, please.
"that you are more enthusiastic in denying his readiness to be a Champ, than me just saying that he is ready to become a challenger."
Not true either. I would be happier to see him as champion, than seeing Anand, although i like Anand too, but this doesn't mean that he is that good in this moment. After a few improvements in opening repertoire and hard work he would have more chance.
"Lajos, I caught sight of these diacritical marks that you put above Peter?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s last name. In French they are called accent. This detail is to indicate that you are Hungarian and a Leko fan?"

Mark's picture

I have always thought Aronian was very very good in rapid chess, but here he is showing his class in blindfold chess as well. I feel he only needs to improve his game @ classical chess (time controls) before he can be a worthy contender for the world title.

VaHug's picture

I guess my nationality has nothing in common with the a perfect play of Aronian. I am Russian in fact but this is not an obstacle to respect Armenians as a very talented nation. So nationalism is not my hobby lol. And i'm pretty sure and this may surprise you, that people like chess without any reference to their being Armenian, Russian, American or French.
So I try to be more or less objective in my judgements, and if u read once again my comment you can hardly find there anything about his being the Best of the Best. I was just saying, that he's ready to join the club of the Champions. That's all! As for you, i can see that you try to minimize his achievements, when saying "well, yes, that's ok, Corus, Amber, Linares, World Cup, Olympic Champion, Fisher Random Chess, but ... remember his collapse in Mexico" and you compare him with Topalov or Leko or even Kramnik, as if they win more tournaments than he does. So let me say, that you are more enthusiastic in denying his readiness to be a Champ, than me just saying that he is ready to become a challenger.

Vahag's picture

Lajos, i wonder how else he can join the club if his chess is not ready lol? The first part of your comment - "fantastic effort" and a hesitating question of the second come into conflict with each other. Are you ready to clarify your question lol?

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