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[lang_nl]Topalov in een commercial[/lang_nl][lang_en]Topalov stars in a commercial[/lang_en]

[lang_nl]Als je zoekt op Kasparov dan vind je bij YouTube aardig wat commercials, maar recentelijk is er een commercial gemaakt waarin Veselin Topalov speelt.[/lang_nl][lang_en]If you search for Kasparov on YouTube you'll find several commercials. Recently a commercial was produced in which another former world champion is starring: Veselin Topalov.[/lang_en]



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for me obviously

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Don't do it Veselin! Don't deposit your money at Soci?ɬ©t?ɬ© G?ɬ©n?ɬ©rale!


(I hope you got paid, these guys are busted)

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?ê‚Äù?ê¬æ?ꬱ?ë?†?ë‚Ǩ ?ꬥ?ꬵ?ê¬? - Good day
?ê‚Äù?ê¬æ?ꬱ?ë?†?ë‚Ǩ ?ꬥ?ꬵ?ê¬? - Good day
?êÀú?ê¬??ë‚Äö?ꬵ?ë‚Ǩ?ꬵ?ë??ë?í?ê¬??ê¬??ë‚Äö ?ꬺ?ꬵ ?ë?í?ë??ꬪ?ê¬æ?ê¬??ê¬??ë??ë‚Äö?ê¬? ?ê¬ø?ê¬æ ?ꬥ?ꬵ?ê¬ø?ê¬æ?ê¬??ê¬??ë‚Äö - I'm interested in the deposit circumstances
?ê‚Äù?ê¬? ?ê¬??ê¬??ê¬ø?ê¬æ?ê¬??ë??ꬥ?ê¬??ê¬??ë‚Äö?ꬵ - Yes at your service
?ê‚Äô?ë??ꬵ?ê¬??ê¬? ?ê¬??ꬺ?ê¬? ?ꬺ?ꬵ?ë‚Ä°?ë‚Äö?ê¬? ?ê¬??ꬪ?ê¬? ?ê¬ø?ë‚Ǩ?ê¬æ?ꬵ?ê¬??ë‚Äö?ê¬? ?ê¬??ê¬??ꬵ?ꬥ?ê¬??ê¬æ ?ê¬??ê¬? ?ê¬ø?ë‚Ǩ?ꬵ?ê¬??ë‚Ǩ?ë?†?ë‚Ä??ê¬??ꬺ?ꬵ ?ê¬? ?ë‚Ǩ?ꬵ?ê¬??ꬪ?ê¬??ê¬æ?ë??ë‚Äö - Everyone has
dreams or projects together we change them in reality

i agree the advertisement is stupid but Topalov is number one and the girl is not bad:)))

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I undertood all here... Laughing.

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Danailov was busy so he couldn't help and Topalov lost to this 'girl'.

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In what meaningful sense is topalov number 1?

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Nice commercial, but I am looking forword to Soci?ɬ©t?ɬ© G?ɬ©n?ɬ©rale commercial with Jer?ɬ¥me Kerviel.

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